So we had our turkey day yesterday. Nummers! I brined the turkey again this year and seriously folks, if you haven't brined your bird yet, what are you waiting for! SUCCULENT stuff. It's super simple and here is a great recipe to get you started...Gotta love Good Eats! I also made homemade cheesecake, which for some reason made so much, we'll never eat it all. We barely make it through an 8 x 8 pan of home baking and this is more than double that amount. It's all good.

Much to be thankful for. Kia started us off on a little round of thanksgiving at the dinner table and to simplify it...we're grateful for everything, though indoor plumbing and family top the list. I even had a chance to talk to my big brother for a couple hours on the phone last night, and that doesn't happen often enough, so blessings abound.

Today is all about laundry catch up, shed door construction, leftovers and chillin' out. Gotta love Thanksgiving Monday. From our Pj wearing selves to yours...Happy Thanksgiving!

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