I am: woman hear me roar...or some such nonsense
I think: I need to go to the gym
I know: that I am loved
I want: a housekeeper and a gardener
I dislike: laundry (like you didn't all know that)I miss: living in B.C.
I fear: harm to my loved ones and of course having to have eye surgery and getting a needle pocked into my open eyeball and being able to answer the question...What does it sound like when a needle is poked into your eyeball?
I feel: busy, fulfilled, excited
I hear: Cello music, don't we all?
I smell: a banana peel that should go in the composter
I crave: sushi
I cry: when I'm angry, hormonal or broken hearted
I usually: wear jeans and a black T-shirt
I search: for my keys and my cell phone but I really should be searching the scriptures more
I wonder: why my dreams are so ridiculous
I regret: not taking more photos when I was a young adult
I love: candles, chilling out, composting and of course my sweet kidlet and cute husband
I care: if people don't show up
I always: would rather be reading a good book than doing [almost] anything...wink winkI worry: not all that much but sometimes I have unexplained and unreasonable anxiety
I am not: a people pleaser and truly sometimes it takes a major effort for me to be civil
I remember: where I hid a couple Christmas presents around New Years
I believe: the greatest lessons come through love
I dance: in my mind more than in real life
I sing: the Wicked soundtrack weekly and do a pretty darn good Elphaba impersonation
I don't always: compost the things I should (collective shocked gasps)
I argue: and then I'm usually mad, so I cry and then my feelings are misinterpreted
I write: every single day and I guess it could also be added to things I like doing when I'm not reading a good book
I win: at the race tracks and thus should not be allowed to ever go again
I lose: my patience more often than I should
I wish: for selfish things that have little do with money and more to do with time
I listen: to sappy songs like they were a drug
I don't understand: quantum physicsI can usually be found: at home
I'm scared: of Tom Cruise cuz dude, he killed Oprah
I need: trust, love, laughter and spiritual moments
I forget: a great amount of my childhood and most of the witnesses are now dead
I am happy: why yes I am.

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