Leafy Life

I have really fallen short lately in the photo department. It seems like all my best intentions are trumped by my schedule, and let us not forget my laziness. So today, I was determined to get outside with kidlet and take some photos in what has truly been the most beautiful Autumn I can recall! Sorry...I just don't have the patience for editing them...so they are au natural, so to say.

Kia is truly my Ribbon Wand model and totally knows it. She always grabs a Ribbon Wand to take out and provide me with photo ops for my business...what a sweetie!
Kia was a real trooper and our little shoot was fairly quick due to a sinus infection she's dealing with, even one of her eyes is swelled up, so not the best conditions for photographs, but she was game and I love that about her. I even let her turn the camera on me and as most of you know this is hard to do! Who knew I had so many chins! lol...sob! But I figured my blogging public won't really care. Right? Right? Right! ;)

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