Fanfreakingtastic mail day

Have you had the pleasure of an amazing mail day lately? Make it so, Number One. I am in Etsy heaven today. We are preparing for Kia's birthday party. It's a Witch Spa and so we've been preparing well in advance and are filling the goodie packages with the most wonderful handmade treats. First I picked up these at the post office:
Made by the talented Annie's Powder Room Shop at Etsy. So cute and they will be the perfect addition to the bag of Witch friendly spa goodies. But the fun doesn't stop there...then these arrived:I love Mary's shop: The Wytchs Cauldron. She describes the scent as follows: "With the incredable scents of spiced apples, butterscotch, buttered rum, cinnamon, pumpkin and vanilla you will want this all year long." Um...YA! This stuff is killer yummy smelling! A very generous Etsian...She sent some amazing samples along with my order that are definitely inticing me to make a second purchase! doesn't even end there. I finally ordered some family calling cards and they are so fantastic! Made by Danielle at the blue petunia, I altered the cards to have read Workman on the top line, Family on the Second and Kia, Nikki & Russ on the third with our phone number and address on the bottom. To say I love them is an understatement.
I think next week may produce a similar happy mail day...though I wonder if that is even possible. I'm going to go and fight the urge to eat my sugar scrub sample from The Wytch's Cauldron...

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