Don't Shoot!

Russ and I took advantage of Kia's Saturday Achievement Days activity and had ourselves a daytime date. We went out to breakfast and then went shooting. Yes, you read that correctly...we went to the shooting range. Actually this one right here:

Note how open you are to your neighbor. Anyways...I grew up shooting rifles with my dad but I've never shot an automatic pistol. Russ recommended I shoot the smallest gun, a 9mm. Actually one very similiar, if not identical to this one. Russ shot a 40 calibre, which has much more of a kick. It was a very interesting date. I don't think we've ever gone out, paid alot of money and could have literally killed each other.

Trust me, the safety aspect of the range is clearly outlined by the marshall assigned to you, but the entire time I felt the weight of responsibility for what I was handling and doing, while Russ felt the power. I'm like Spiderman's dead uncle. With great power...comes great responsibility.

So I had Russ on one side, this other guy on the other and the fire marshall right behind me. Russ and this neighbour dude are shooting up a storm and I have my gun aimed, and their casings are flying everywhere and some of them keep popping over the panels separating us and these hot empty casings are hitting me. It was wigging me out! I am really not meant for this sort of hobby, name it!

It was definitely a unique date experience!

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