KiKi turns 9 today, I can hardly believe it. The time goes so fast, I totally get the merits of Neverland. She has big plans for carbing out today: donuts, potato packets, noodles, basically anything loaded with starch, simple sugars, white flour and containing very little nutritional value and made by her Mama, is on her must eat list.

Food is such a funny part of our families birthday experience. On birthdays I'm expected to make everyone's favorite food. It's good in theory if not in practice. It was a tradition and epic work mandate that was taught to me by my Grandma. If I could resurrect my Grandmother for a day, the list of food I would want her to cook for me would be vast. An old country, carb heavy repertoire of perogies, homemade chicken soup, buns, crullers, and cabbage rolls. Her cooking was two fold: an expression of love and a true gift.

So if your reading this, and a part of you is thinking, "Gee I should do this for my family." DON'T. Just go out to dinner like everyone else and let someone else do all the work. Really, it's how I wish I had set it up...it's too late for me...but maybe not for you!

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