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Halloween Costume

She's so serious. Like I'm going to guilt you into giving me candy...


KiKi turns 9 today, I can hardly believe it. The time goes so fast, I totally get the merits of Neverland. She has big plans for carbing out today: donuts, potato packets, noodles, basically anything loaded with starch, simple sugars, white flour and containing very little nutritional value and made by her Mama, is on her must eat list.

Food is such a funny part of our families birthday experience. On birthdays I'm expected to make everyone's favorite food. It's good in theory if not in practice. It was a tradition and epic work mandate that was taught to me by my Grandma. If I could resurrect my Grandmother for a day, the list of food I would want her to cook for me would be vast. An old country, carb heavy repertoire of perogies, homemade chicken soup, buns, crullers, and cabbage rolls. Her cooking was two fold: an expression of love and a true gift.

So if your reading this, and a part of you is thinking, "Gee I should do this for my family." DON'T. …

Up Up with People

Dear Nest of Vipers...I mean Canada Post,

Perhaps your employees should be regionally trained, as on a local level, every establishment represents your policies in a completely individual way. I mean I'm all for freedom of expression but when it starts forcing me to fill out paperwork that one post office demands, while another does not, and still another rejects and then proceeds to double my shipping rate...well then I just start thinking I'm getting screwed. Because, I'm pretty sure that any route taken to fix this will somehow double my bottom line, this little letter will remain unsent and undeliverable.

Sincerely Annoyed,

A Small Business Owner

See...we do dress-up...

Well, we try. Gotta love trunk or treat in a snowstorm! For real. Gordon and Verna, stop smiling, you'll be back in North country eventually!

We're all Witched out on our Witcheness...

Our Bewitching Spa Idea was born from a brainstorming session between me and Kia, back in September. She had so many ideas of what she wanted to do for her birthday that we had taken to making list after list of crazy ideas and then walking away. A pattern developed and the Bewitching Spa Party was born. We loved the idea of coming to a party as you were and leave as something else. Actually the original concept was a tad darker...kind of a "make you ugly" spa. Keeks vetoed that idea early on, though I fought hard for it.

The Goodie bags for this party have been slowly gathered over the past month and literally was my favorite part. Remember my good mail day? There were a few of those as fun stuff arrived from all over the globe. Unique and handmade and willing to trade...gotta love that! We kept the numbers low regarding invites and opted for a well thought out guest list of friends who would enjoy this kind of party. Each of these little witches who attended were a…


Less than 24 hours till the grand opening of the Bewitching Birthday Spa and things are progressing horribly... bwaha ha haha....oh, and that is a good thing for a bewitched birthday party, right?

Don't Shoot!

Russ and I took advantage of Kia's Saturday Achievement Days activity and had ourselves a daytime date. We went out to breakfast and then went shooting. Yes, you read that correctly...we went to the shooting range. Actually this one right here:

Note how open you are to your neighbor. Anyways...I grew up shooting rifles with my dad but I've never shot an automatic pistol. Russ recommended I shoot the smallest gun, a 9mm. Actually one very similiar, if not identical to this one. Russ shot a 40 calibre, which has much more of a kick. It was a very interesting date. I don't think we've ever gone out, paid alot of money and could have literally killed each other.

Trust me, the safety aspect of the range is clearly outlined by the marshall assigned to you, but the entire time I felt the weight of responsibility for what I was handling and doing, while Russ felt the power. I'm like Spiderman's dead uncle. With great power...comes great responsibility.
So I had…

Leafy Life

I have really fallen short lately in the photo department. It seems like all my best intentions are trumped by my schedule, and let us not forget my laziness. So today, I was determined to get outside with kidlet and take some photos in what has truly been the most beautiful Autumn I can recall! Sorry...I just don't have the patience for editing they are au natural, so to say.

Kia is truly my Ribbon Wand model and totally knows it. She always grabs a Ribbon Wand to take out and provide me with photo ops for my business...what a sweetie!
Kia was a real trooper and our little shoot was fairly quick due to a sinus infection she's dealing with, even one of her eyes is swelled up, so not the best conditions for photographs, but she was game and I love that about her. I even let her turn the camera on me and as most of you know this is hard to do! Who knew I had so many chins! lol...sob! But I figured my blogging public won't really care. Right? Right? Right! ;)


Here's a photo from the Right to Play concert. Kia and some friends did the closing number (with my Ribbon Wands, that you can see scattered on the floor) and this was my view from my hidey hole on Stage left.

Life has been great lately. Though I did get in trouble from Russ the other night. Girls night went a tad late, like 1-ish in the morning kinda late. On my way home I had to wait for a train and then was rerouted by the police due to some happening on the Whitemud (and I swear I heard gunshots) only they rerouted me North instead of the more familiar South, so I got completely lost in the industrial park and ended up driving all the way up to Baseline Rd. before I knew where I was! So I got home after 2 am to a wild haired, red eyed husband who was none to happy with me. He had tried my cell phone (many times) and was about to wake up my friends when I walked in the door. In my defense, I had the stereo blaring and my cell phone on vibrate in my purse. MY BAD. Man…

The Place I Love...

I know I have oodles of crafty friends that I truly believe should give Etsy a try. Really what do you have to lose?


So we had our turkey day yesterday. Nummers! I brined the turkey again this year and seriously folks, if you haven't brined your bird yet, what are you waiting for! SUCCULENT stuff. It's super simple and here is a great recipe to get you started...Gotta love Good Eats! I also made homemade cheesecake, which for some reason made so much, we'll never eat it all. We barely make it through an 8 x 8 pan of home baking and this is more than double that amount. It's all good.

Much to be thankful for. Kia started us off on a little round of thanksgiving at the dinner table and to simplify it...we're grateful for everything, though indoor plumbing and family top the list. I even had a chance to talk to my big brother for a couple hours on the phone last night, and that doesn't happen often enough, so blessings abound.

Today is all about laundry catch up, shed door construction, leftovers and chillin' out. Gotta love Thanksgiving Monday. From our Pj wearing s…

Helpful Link

Have you registered your Canadian phone number with the National Do Not Call list? If not, here is a helpful link: CRTC DO NOT CALL LIST. Happiness.

Fanfreakingtastic mail day

Have you had the pleasure of an amazing mail day lately? Make it so, Number One. I am in Etsy heaven today. We are preparing for Kia's birthday party. It's a Witch Spa and so we've been preparing well in advance and are filling the goodie packages with the most wonderful handmade treats. First I picked up these at the post office:
Made by the talented Annie's Powder Room Shop at Etsy. So cute and they will be the perfect addition to the bag of Witch friendly spa goodies. But the fun doesn't stop there...then these arrived:I love Mary's shop: The Wytchs Cauldron. She describes the scent as follows: "With the incredable scents of spiced apples, butterscotch, buttered rum, cinnamon, pumpkin and vanilla you will want this all year long." Um...YA! This stuff is killer yummy smelling! A very generous Etsian...She sent some amazing samples along with my order that are definitely inticing me to make a second purchase! doesn't even en…


I am: woman hear me roar...or some such nonsense
I think: I need to go to the gym
I know: that I am loved
I want: a housekeeper and a gardener
I dislike: laundry (like you didn't all know that)I miss: living in B.C.
I fear: harm to my loved ones and of course having to have eye surgery and getting a needle pocked into my open eyeball and being able to answer the question...What does it sound like when a needle is poked into your eyeball?
I feel: busy, fulfilled, excited
I hear: Cello music, don't we all?
I smell: a banana peel that should go in the composter
I crave: sushi
I cry: when I'm angry, hormonal or broken hearted
I usually: wear jeans and a black T-shirt
I search: for my keys and my cell phone but I really should be searching the scriptures more
I wonder: why my dreams are so ridiculous
I regret: not taking more photos when I was a young adult
I love: candles, chilling out, composting and of course my sweet kidlet and cute husband
I care: if people don't show up
I always: woul…


So hilarious.

Simple Blessings

I'm reminded today of how much joy comes from the simple things in life. This little photo of Kia and her Grandfather at the breakfast table, Kia still with her PJ's on and that sweet aura of sleep still clinging to her while her Grandpa teases her and takes his mountains of vitamins. It's so simple but these sort of moments are just the sort of things I miss doing with my parents and my grandparents and I'm reminded that I noticing these simple occurances as they happen is one of my favorite sources of happiness.


It's been a spectacular week of Autumn, days in the high twenties! Russyl's parents have been visiting us and it's always nice to see them and catch up on the latest. There was much visiting due to the cable and internet going down on Tuesday morning and not being fixed till yesterday...just in time for conference (congrats Calgary). I learned I can easily live without TV...but internet! No way!