• Did Hero's kind of suck last night or was it just my take on it? I was very disappointed and actually fell asleep for the last hour. Umm...not good!
  • Don't bother asking about how the painting is going. It's not. Maybe Thursday.
  • I'm breaking a pledge I made and I'm doing it tonight. More on that in the upcoming days.
  • It's picture day at Kiki's school today. Always very exciting. Oh how one agonizes over their outfit. She looked pretty darn cute to me, so lets hope the smile works.
  • Russ is out partying (hardly) with his work tonight so me and Keeks are going to go get into trouble (see point 3).
  • I ordered so much stuff for my business yesterday. Cool stickers, business cards, and more ribbon. This stuff is coming from all over the world: Singapore, South America, China and of course, New York. I love having global suppliers!
  • Tomorrow I'm preparing for a YW (bake-off) recipe exchange at church and preparing some goodies for the Cub Scouts Investiture night.
  • Here is a game I found called Eco Ego. It is a Sim's like environmental exploratory game.

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