This scrapbooking page is one of many from Kia's childhood. Kiki just going about being a toddler and kid and taking her beloved Starry Pillow along for the adventure. It was such a simple thing. Something I zipped up on my sewing machine and gave to her, never thinking it would become THE item. It's been to Panorama, Penticton, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Banff and on hundreds of little local adventures, not to mention hugged and loved and helped one little girl feel safe and secure while doing those things. I remember her clutching it tightly as she got immunized, while Russ and I sang "I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee" as we tried to distract her. That pillow caught many tears, shared many germs, and was the rest for many a dolly.

Sadly, about a year ago, Miss Kia's special, and well loved pillow was washed and it almost completely disentegrated in the process. It was just so old. We gathered up the ripped and threadbare material, the tattered stuffing and put it in a small pillow case that has been loved since. Tonight we parted with the stuffing and she placed the folded remains of her childhood Starry pillow into it's new resting place:
I know...I know...I made a Build A Bear pledge on this very blog about 4 years ago, promising to never succumb to the money pit of the franchise. I'm so full of it. In my defense, I simply had to swallow my pride and allow my little girl to honor her childhood in a way that would let her know that I really understood how very valueable that little holey piece of yellow starry fabric really was.

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