much ado about everything

I like recognizing patterns. It's a thing I do. Not like Rain Man type of pattern recognition, more along the lines of why does Nikki do what she does, type of pattern recognition. Very self absorbed stuff. September is a month chalk full of patterns to be noted and I mean dissected.

Some things of note about September: It is my spring cleaning month that happens end o'Summer instead of beginning o'Spring (proof that I'm slower than the average housewife). It's back to school for Kia and thus back to routine for me. This is usually the wake up call that triggers the big clean up. Mainly because after living without any sort of routine for 2 months we are living in some dodgy circumstances. It's also the month I try to cram too much into my schedule.

But back to the topic of September being my month to purge and why. By the end of summer my studio is no longer a place of creative pursuits. It is a pit where camping gear, suitcases, beach towels, bins of storage and mounds of paper have come to die. September is the month when I plan the funeral. Things get tossed, walls get painted, trips to the Salvation Army donation bin become almost daily events. I purge, I let go, I search for my creative mojo and I kinda force everyone that lives with me to do the same.

I don't know if this is healthy. The idea of being organized should not be an annual pursuit. In some ways I feel like Peter Pan, never growing up. Instead of a Lost Boy, I'm a bonife Lost Girl unable to become truly responsible....and dude, I seriously had to pause and reread that sentence again and then feel the blast of truth that followed. Since that's about all the personal insight I can take today, I think I'll go organize a kitchen drawer or something.

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