Is today the first day of Fall?

If today is the first day of Autumn you'd never guess from the spectacular display of sweet pea's I'm still enjoying in the garden. I figured I should take a photo, as the weather is forecast to turn tonight and they will probably be colorful little shriveled bits of matter tomorrow. It turned out to be a serendipitous idea to plant my sweet peas so late (mid July). I also harvested the rest of my tomato's (about 30) and must have left over 50 on the vine, that are too green and I can't find the space to ripen. At least my composter will be well fed.

We've had a great weekend. Kia had a sleepover on Friday, I had my trade show with Ribbon Wands on Saturday and it went very well, and Russ finished the shed. Gotta love a productive weekend! I'm planning on just chilling out tomorrow, after I make a few uploads into my shop. Tuesday I plan on breaking out the paint and finally paint out the trim on the upper level. Of course, I also have some new diabolical business experiments I want to if you ask me on Wednesday how my door frames are looking, I may pretend I don't know what you're talking about.

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