Checking In

I have 50 seven foot lengths of ribbon hanging from my kitchen ceiling fan (my very clean ceiling fan, don't you worry about dust bunnies, this is now the cleanest ceiling fan in Alberta). In some ways it looks like I'm going to have a party, in other ways I fight the urge to turn on the ceiling fan and make a mess...this desire is strong, but my desire to not clean up said mess is stronger, so I resist. I am so waist deep in work right now, it's awesome and exhausting. My house is simply a disaster. I don't even want 8 year olds to come over and see the mess that is our home right now. And on top of the madness that is my present, I need my once flat tire put back on my car, I'm making tile necklaces with the Young Women tonight, gathering stuff for Russ to make fire starters with Cubs that hopefully won't be used for evil purposes by 10 year olds, and I must do laundry so Keeks can have some clean knickers. Okay...I gotta go charge my cell phone. ;)

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