Back to School Cold

Oh man, this illness strikes like clockwork around here! The cold was fine when it was in the sinus stage (circa Friday and Saturday), but like all Kia's colds, they move down into her chest and that is where her weak little lungs get beaten up and knocked around. So I gave her Advil cold at 9pm, her puffer at 10:30pm and was on the phone to HealthLink at 11:30 trying to find out if I could administer Benadryl for the hives that she had broken out in. Dude, it was like Sid and Nancy around this place last night. She's home from school, in bed watching movies on Russyl's laptop and eating bowls of hot steamy oatmeal. Maybe not good times, but predictable none the less.

In other news: it has been one heck of a week for my guy. DRAMA people! Major drama! I wish I could spill the beans and share all the gory details, cuz it would vastly entertaining, but alas, to protect the guilty and please the innocent I must zip my lip. All I can say is that the old addage, "be careful what you wish for cuz it just might come true," carries a serious truth.

I'm hunkering down and preparing for a craft/trade show that is coming up the weekend after next. I gotta get some information sheets and business cards done ASAP. Must not procrastinate it all to the very end...repeat....

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