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An ad for a new show called the Principal's Office: "Don't be a knucklehead son, there is no future in it."
Um, except maybe President of the United States.

Blogging Blah'

I know you all have em, cuz if you have a blog I can honestly tell you that you're not updating it nearly as much as I'd like, but I get why you don't. Sadly when you've been at this as long as I have, sometimes the same old stuff just sounds incredibly boring.

Do you really care that my house is a sty? That all the stains I steam cleaned out of my carpet last fall have somehow magically reappeared? That there are 11 nail holes through my freshly painted wall that I have to spackle and repaint? That almost every dish in my cupboards is dirty and needs to be washed? That Russ and I are so old we can't stay awake past 10:30pm and have fallen asleep trying to convince ourselves otherwise, 3 times this past week alone?

Ya, I didn't think so....


This scrapbooking page is one of many from Kia's childhood. Kiki just going about being a toddler and kid and taking her beloved Starry Pillow along for the adventure. It was such a simple thing. Something I zipped up on my sewing machine and gave to her, never thinking it would become THE item. It's been to Panorama, Penticton, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Banff and on hundreds of little local adventures, not to mention hugged and loved and helped one little girl feel safe and secure while doing those things. I remember her clutching it tightly as she got immunized, while Russ and I sang "I'm bringing home my baby bumblebee" as we tried to distract her. That pillow caught many tears, shared many germs, and was the rest for many a dolly.

Sadly, about a year ago, Miss Kia's special, and well loved pillow was washed and it almost completely disentegrated in the process. It was just so old. We gathered up the ripped and threadbare material, the tattered stu…


Did Hero's kind of suck last night or was it just my take on it? I was very disappointed and actually fell asleep for the last hour. Umm...not good!Don't bother asking about how the painting is going. It's not. Maybe Thursday.
I'm breaking a pledge I made and I'm doing it tonight. More on that in the upcoming days.
It's picture day at Kiki's school today. Always very exciting. Oh how one agonizes over their outfit. She looked pretty darn cute to me, so lets hope the smile works.
Russ is out partying (hardly) with his work tonight so me and Keeks are going to go get into trouble (see point 3). I ordered so much stuff for my business yesterday. Cool stickers, business cards, and more ribbon. This stuff is coming from all over the world: Singapore, South America, China and of course, New York. I love having global suppliers!Tomorrow I'm preparing for a YW (bake-off) recipe exchange at church and preparing some goodies for the Cub Scouts Investiture…

Is today the first day of Fall?

If today is the first day of Autumn you'd never guess from the spectacular display of sweet pea's I'm still enjoying in the garden. I figured I should take a photo, as the weather is forecast to turn tonight and they will probably be colorful little shriveled bits of matter tomorrow. It turned out to be a serendipitous idea to plant my sweet peas so late (mid July). I also harvested the rest of my tomato's (about 30) and must have left over 50 on the vine, that are too green and I can't find the space to ripen. At least my composter will be well fed.

We've had a great weekend. Kia had a sleepover on Friday, I had my trade show with Ribbon Wands on Saturday and it went very well, and Russ finished the shed. Gotta love a productive weekend! I'm planning on just chilling out tomorrow, after I make a few uploads into my shop. Tuesday I plan on breaking out the paint and finally paint out the trim on the upper level. Of course, I also have some new diabol…

Checking In

I have 50 seven foot lengths of ribbon hanging from my kitchen ceiling fan (my very clean ceiling fan, don't you worry about dust bunnies, this is now the cleanest ceiling fan in Alberta). In some ways it looks like I'm going to have a party, in other ways I fight the urge to turn on the ceiling fan and make a mess...this desire is strong, but my desire to not clean up said mess is stronger, so I resist. I am so waist deep in work right now, it's awesome and exhausting. My house is simply a disaster. I don't even want 8 year olds to come over and see the mess that is our home right now. And on top of the madness that is my present, I need my once flat tire put back on my car, I'm making tile necklaces with the Young Women tonight, gathering stuff for Russ to make fire starters with Cubs that hopefully won't be used for evil purposes by 10 year olds, and I must do laundry so Keeks can have some clean knickers. Okay...I gotta go charge my cell phone. ;)

Out of the closet

It's been a busy week and the upcoming week will be even busier. On Thursday I decided to paint the front room, hallway and entrance. I had at least 5 other things that were more important, but did that stop me? No way, I laugh in the face of my priorities, har har har. After paint color choice drama, I ended up just going for it. It does look so much better and caused some more dejunking, which I so desperately crave right win win and now it's work work, as I try to catch up! Plus, I had to share the photo of my so very gross hallway closet floor after I pulled all the shoes out. BLURGH!

much ado about everything

I like recognizing patterns. It's a thing I do. Not like Rain Man type of pattern recognition, more along the lines of why does Nikki do what she does, type of pattern recognition. Very self absorbed stuff. September is a month chalk full of patterns to be noted and I mean dissected.

Some things of note about September: It is my spring cleaning month that happens end o'Summer instead of beginning o'Spring (proof that I'm slower than the average housewife). It's back to school for Kia and thus back to routine for me. This is usually the wake up call that triggers the big clean up. Mainly because after living without any sort of routine for 2 months we are living in some dodgy circumstances. It's also the month I try to cram too much into my schedule.

But back to the topic of September being my month to purge and why. By the end of summer my studio is no longer a place of creative pursuits. It is a pit where camping gear, suitcases, beach tow…

Back to School Cold

Oh man, this illness strikes like clockwork around here! The cold was fine when it was in the sinus stage (circa Friday and Saturday), but like all Kia's colds, they move down into her chest and that is where her weak little lungs get beaten up and knocked around. So I gave her Advil cold at 9pm, her puffer at 10:30pm and was on the phone to HealthLink at 11:30 trying to find out if I could administer Benadryl for the hives that she had broken out in. Dude, it was like Sid and Nancy around this place last night. She's home from school, in bed watching movies on Russyl's laptop and eating bowls of hot steamy oatmeal. Maybe not good times, but predictable none the less.

In other news: it has been one heck of a week for my guy. DRAMA people! Major drama! I wish I could spill the beans and share all the gory details, cuz it would vastly entertaining, but alas, to protect the guilty and please the innocent I must zip my lip. All I can say is that the old addage, "…

No offense Grandma and Grandpa

One of my kids favorite lines offense. Which must truly be one of the most overused phrases that preambles to offensive remarks known to mankind, at least mankind under the age of 10.

We were driving home from the grocery store and somehow got on the topic of old people. How really old people sometimes become childlike; they start needing help eating, taking care of themselves, remembering, washing and even going to the bathroom.

Kia: No they don't.
Me: Yes, actually they do.
Kia: No Mom, you are so pulling my leg.
Me: No Kia, I am being honest. They even make special diapers for old people.
Kia: No they don't.
Me: They're called Depends.
Kia: No this is not true.
Me: It's for real kid, I am so serious.
Kia: Okay, how big are these diapers?
5 minutes of silence while I laugh hysterically.
Kia: Mom.
Me: Ya.
Kia: No offense.
Me: Right.
Kia: But do Grandma and Grandpa wear Depends?
Me: No, and hopefully they will be Depends free for some time to come.
Kia: Good! And …

Angry Butterflies

Here is the grade 4 girly in all her cuteness. I asked her if she had butterflies. She responded that no she didn't have butterflies, she had angry butterflies, no doubt with spiked collars and tattoos. Yet she seemed fine as I quickly walked into her class to say goodbye. She was sitting with a group of girlfriends and seemed right as rain, so it should all be good. Fingers crossed for a great year!

Looking Back

The last day of grade 3 deserved heel clicks of happiness (this image is from Flickr by Kaatee). I can't even begin to communicate how happy I was for Kiki to be done school and out of *that classroom. Our trip to the Ukrainian Heritage Village was the beginning of summer. It was a perfect day with a big blue prairie sky and nothing but fun planned.

I still find it hilarious that in our group of 4 boys and Keeks she managed to beat them at the horseshoe toss, not once but twice. I also had the best bunch of kids that day, all boys Keeks plays with on a regular basis. P.S. I smudged the faces of her comrades simply because I don't have permission to share but the boy in the middle is the fella Miss Kiki likes.

July began with our annual Canada Day gathering. Festival Place festivities, food, firepit, friends and's always a great way to bring in summer.
We spent a week in Calgary, visiting family, taking day trips to the mountains, doing Stampede and being …