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Back to it

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. ~Redd FoxxI was looking for inspirational quotes on the topic of health and fitness...and of course got waylaid with this one. I'm so not a health nut and feel pretty certain that I'll have many an ailment to complain about when my time comes, so I can laugh at this quote now and cry about it later. September always brings me a renewed excitement to get back to the gym. I just can't seem to find the time in the summer months or the childcare that would be necessary for me to attend the I hose the summer months away. Tuesday morning I'm so there!

Blather blather

Russ started carving the Diamond Willow we found while out at Camp Woods. Since returning home he's located a lot of Diamond Willow in the area, so I'm thinking he's discovered a new hobby. I'm totally on board, I think this wood is beautiful. This curvy piece he's working on is for Keeks, its really twisted up and should look really cool when finished. Not that he has time for this sort of thing...but that is truly news for another post at another time.
When we got home from camp Keeks realized she had missed the Cheetah Girls new movie, One World. So she watched it online and then started sporting the forehead dot. No she's not married, it's a fashion statement people. Duh! One that cracks me up...

A Thought for Tuesday

If architects want to strengthen a decrepit arch, they increase the load that is laid upon it, for thereby the parts are joined more firmly together. So, if therapists wish to foster their patients' mental health, they should not be afraid to increase that load through a reorientation toward the meaning of one's life. Victor Frankl

Careful what you ask for...

8 Nights on Gilwell Field

Wow. It seems like quite sometime since we've been in civilization. It experience. We attended a family camp hosted by Scouts Canada so Russ could get his Woodbadge II certification for Cubs. He had an extremely busy and full week + of training. I admit I had me a few meltdowns of epic proportions on this trip, but in the end I survived and my family had the time of their lives. The saying, "it's all good" keeps playing in my head.

Kia took part in the childrens program which ran every morning and afternoon. Her troop was called the Dingo's and she came home with tons of prizes, crafts and stories of adventures twice a day.
Though close to the end she was missing home and getting a tad tired of the camping experience. The bad moods never last long with Keeks. The camp had formal and informal campfire programs every night filled with interesting and creative ways to start the fire, songs, stories, skits and even a campfire where everyone had a chance …

So long, farewell...

Enough said:
And instead of sharing an image of fire with you...I thought I'd share an image by the talented John T. Unger who makes the most amazing fire surrounds. Check this baby out:


I was thinking about my word for this year: Embark. I feel like it has been an almost perfect word choice for this year and in a surprising turn of events I have been embarking into new experiences, adventures and challenges completely blind. I've always been one that likes to see the end from the beginning and I'm learning that living my life that way is holding me back.

Sometimes I need to jump in where the water's deep and then calmly swim to a destination. I need to be unafraid and risk making mistakes. I look back and see such tidy living. Such caution. I understand where it has been born from, and acknowledge that I carry a need for security that can be paralyzing and incapacitating. It's a crutch I have held onto for too long and sadly one that is hard to let go.

I wanted to remind myself today that I need to Embark into the living of my life without fear. Being a wife and mother is something I wholly sink myself into, but in those moments when I am not def…

Random Act of Kindness.

I was just searching the web for an image of a kindly old lady and this was the first image I found. Weird wide web. So I do have a story to share about a kindly old lady and not William Shatner. As my previous post hints, yesterday was a crummy day for everyone over the age of 9 in the Workman house. C-R-U-M-M-Y, steam coming out of my ears, rocking in the fetal position kind of day.

Anyways, the little old lady. She was at the grocery store and kinda walked up to me and rubbed her hands over my body. Yes, just like it sounds. Like if she was my husband I would have liked it but clearly she is not and so it was a tad odd. I shook off the strangeness of it all and decided to be nice to her. So we walked around the store and listened to her as she told us about her life.

When we got to the till she spoke to us some more, hugged Keeks and smiled and nodded to the clerk. The clerk runs everything through and my total is about $89.00. He looks at me and says that's $44.00. W…

Dude, I'm feeling ya...


Sewing Goodness

Firstly, I need to share some photos of the camera strap covers I received for my b'day from Kari Lynn. Aren't they adorable!!!! There are actually two more, one of which was on my DSLR as I took the photo and another that I have on my SLR. Prettiness to the max. She's started making them to order folks, so go send some business her way, would ya! More info at her blog: here. I love mine, it makes having the camera strap around my neck so much more comfortable and it looks great...what could be better??

In other news, Keeks and I did the back to school supply shopping trip yesterday and managed to score pretty much everything on our list. Though why she needs 25 duotangs and 6 binders boggles the mind...I'll keep my mouth shut for now. KiKi continues to adore handmade things so today I tackled sewing her a pencil case. I love it!
So easy and turned out just how I wanted it to. I used three online tutorials to make it. This one from the three bears blog, beca…

Hey KL

Yes, my hippy friend, I am blogging this link to the nonchalant mom blog specifically for you. I am too lazy to get up and the find the phone and call you and tell you about it. Russ and I have been building a shed all day and we're so tired we have lost all will to move.

Breaking Dawn

I tried to stretch out the experience for as long as I could. Curse the chilly weather we had this weekend, that made the read too fast. There are so many opportunities for Stephenie Meyer to carry on the Vampire story in many many ways, isn't there? And dude, don't you think the Rose Hill cottage pictures below totally look like the cottage in the woods?

Getting the book was a pretty fun experience, but my lawyer would probably advise me not to share it in the public forum. ;)


Whenever I say "Pizza" I think of the movie Multiplicity (trailer above). Doug #4 loves his pizza and Russ often does an imitation of this line, when he's in a very special sort of mood. Things that sound dirty but aren't folks, honest! lol

Which allows me to segway into what I really want to share with you: Keeks is diggin' pizza. This is a big change in our worlds. She has barely tolerated the stuff for the past 6 or so years of us trying to convince her of it's yumminess. No longer. She could eat it every night. In fact the other night she had 5 slices to my 2. For real. She can eat me under the proverbial pizza pan.

Though homemade pizza is where it's at. We're making as many as 4 pizza's tonight to share with a friend whose sleeping over and the Elders. She has even made invitations to an upcoming pizza party she's throwing for some friends. It's pizza all the time around here people! How things change. Here's the reci…