Poor Chewie

Any guesses on the cost of repair?

Edited to add: What was I thinking not sharing the story? It's really not that exciting. Someone backed up into us in the church parking lot after church on Sunday. Lesson: shoulder checking is our friend people! Russ tried to avoid the hit but there were pedestrians in front and a minivan to his left so we were pouched. It was a young couple and visiting our ward for a missionary farewell. The other guy felt bad and totally realized his error. Plus he had lots of family that came and looked in on the situation and who will surely bug him about this for some time to come. I'm planning on getting repair estimates today, but I don't have a working window on the passenger side and it looks like rain...so maybe not.

It was my side so I took most of the impact and physically I was a tad sore yesterday. The most severe pain occurring in my right shoulder and lower arm. They say the second day is worse...so far I just feel a tad stiff, so that's positive news! Keeks has never been in a fender bender and was pretty spooked, she shed some tears, but then pulled it together and even got out and took a look at the dent. I was impressed with her coping mechanisms. All in all we feel pretty lucky, as it could have been worse. I had glass all over me, but no cuts and really I've probably taken harder hits on amusement park rides. Russ is fine and was such a gentleman with the other driver...even though he was having symptoms of an illness at church, he plodded through and shook the kids hand (possibly giving him his illness) and then did all he could to make sure he took care of his girls at home. He's a keeper.

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