Not much to share...Keeks and I have been on daily outings. Sunny days and afternoons visiting with friends and playing at parks. We visited one of our fav parks in Edmonton on Thursday with Kari Lynn, Tonikka and Heather's kids. It's always fun to get out and do some park hopping with picnics and especially when birthday presents are involved. My friends are awesome. Kari Lynn made these camera strap covers that are too cute! LOVE! Heather found the best baking dish that I can't wait to cook in. Thanks again ladies...I adore each gift.

Friday we went to the spray deck in Glen Allan with some gals from church. Afterwards me and Kia found some sales and managed to procure Kia a second swimsuit that fits. Yay us! Gotta love summer clearance sales. I am astounded at the growth spurt that has happened over the past year, and if the sleep in mornings are any indication of growing over this summer, we're going to be needing lots of new pants come September.

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