It's a fountain alright

The other day Keeks and I headed to Subway for lunch. Man, I love that honey oat bread there. I ended up doing the fountain drink thing. You know you buy the cup and go fill up your cup at the help yourself terminal in store. So I hand Keeks her cup and gather up our sandwiches.

I turn around and she's staring at this machine. I put my cup against the ice dispenser and ice magically falls into my cup. She does the same thing. I put my cup under the Root Beer icon and push my cup against the trigger in the back and Root Beer pours into my cup. Kia then tries to do the same thing but asks me to tell her when it's full, because she's still a shorty and can't see that high.

Quick as can be, I tell her it's full. Well then I don't know what the heck she did. It was like she panicked. She quickly slides her cup against the trigger beside it, only to overflow her cup with orange pop. I'm baffled and I'm saying, "Kiki, move your cup away!" So she does buy pulling her cup to the next trigger which is iced tea and by now fizzy liquids are all over the place, all over her, all over the get the idea. Her cup definitely runneth o'er. I am laughing so hard, I have been rendered useless.

"Mom, stop laughing and help me!" she says and I actually have to wrestle the cup back and away from the trigger. She just didn't get. I swear she has filled a cup at a fountain drink dispenser before...but something went terribly wrong on this day. There was the Lake Erie of pop on the floor of Subway that day and I seriously couldn't stop laughing about it the whole time we were there and even now, I have to chuckle. She was not impressed with my response.

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