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Rose Hill

Did you see the movie, The Holiday? I'm kinda Switzerland on the movie but I'm crazy in love with set houses of this movie and the Rose Hill cottage in particular (I really kinda fantasize that it's mine all mine, well, Russ and Keeks can come too).

Really, this post is just for me to drool over...and maybe inspire me to wipe down a counter.

Man, this blew me away

It's a fountain alright

The other day Keeks and I headed to Subway for lunch. Man, I love that honey oat bread there. I ended up doing the fountain drink thing. You know you buy the cup and go fill up your cup at the help yourself terminal in store. So I hand Keeks her cup and gather up our sandwiches.

I turn around and she's staring at this machine. I put my cup against the ice dispenser and ice magically falls into my cup. She does the same thing. I put my cup under the Root Beer icon and push my cup against the trigger in the back and Root Beer pours into my cup. Kia then tries to do the same thing but asks me to tell her when it's full, because she's still a shorty and can't see that high.

Quick as can be, I tell her it's full. Well then I don't know what the heck she did. It was like she panicked. She quickly slides her cup against the trigger beside it, only to overflow her cup with orange pop. I'm baffled and I'm saying, "Kiki, move your cup away!" S…

How crazy cool is this idea!!!

I'm so crazy in love with this business idea that I must must share it. I've been sitting on this link and all it's ridiculously awesome possibilities for some time, and realize it would be much better to share it. Spoonflower is a business that will turn your images, patterns, designs, artwork into fabric and it costs about $18 a yard. Can you imagine the fun of receiving fabric of your own design! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, how cool would that be???

Poor Chewie

Any guesses on the cost of repair?

Edited to add: What was I thinking not sharing the story? It's really not that exciting. Someone backed up into us in the church parking lot after church on Sunday. Lesson: shoulder checking is our friend people! Russ tried to avoid the hit but there were pedestrians in front and a minivan to his left so we were pouched. It was a young couple and visiting our ward for a missionary farewell. The other guy felt bad and totally realized his error. Plus he had lots of family that came and looked in on the situation and who will surely bug him about this for some time to come. I'm planning on getting repair estimates today, but I don't have a working window on the passenger side and it looks like maybe not.

It was my side so I took most of the impact and physically I was a tad sore yesterday. The most severe pain occurring in my right shoulder and lower arm. They say the second day is far I just feel a tad stiff, s…


Not much to share...Keeks and I have been on daily outings. Sunny days and afternoons visiting with friends and playing at parks. We visited one of our fav parks in Edmonton on Thursday with Kari Lynn, Tonikka and Heather's kids. It's always fun to get out and do some park hopping with picnics and especially when birthday presents are involved. My friends are awesome. Kari Lynn made these camera strap covers that are too cute! LOVE! Heather found the best baking dish that I can't wait to cook in. Thanks again ladies...I adore each gift.
Friday we went to the spray deck in Glen Allan with some gals from church. Afterwards me and Kia found some sales and managed to procure Kia a second swimsuit that fits. Yay us! Gotta love summer clearance sales. I am astounded at the growth spurt that has happened over the past year, and if the sleep in mornings are any indication of growing over this summer, we're going to be needing lots of new pants come September.

Summer Snacks

I thought I'd share some summer snack ideas...two of which I totally snagged from the web (and can't recall from where, but they are awesome sites and I hope to come back and share the link when I finally find the sites again - DUH - Make and Takes...):

Frozen grape kebabs...oh how I love thee. So yummy. These have become my breakfast snack this summer. In my house they are all mine just me and Kia enjoy these, but I imagine in most they would be a family snack occasion. For kids I would recommend using lollipop sticks, for grown-ups the basic bamboo skewer works great.
The peas are ripe and ready for munching in the garden...and oh, how we are munching! Is there anything yummier than fresh, sweet peas right off the vine. Heavenly...
And finally, my newest discovery...homemade granola bars. Decadent and not healthy...but YUMMY. I changed the original recipe to suit what I had on hand at the's the recipe:
2 1/2 cups quick rolled oats1/2 cup Special K cereal (…

Summer Memory

One of my summer memories is about Noxzema. Growing up in Penticton, there was many a day where one got a tad too much sun. We used to keep a jar of Noxzema in the fridge and it always felt amazing all icy cold and smeared on your too hot skin at the end of the day. Too this day I adore the smell of Noxzema, not an easy feat, but it always takes me back to summer days of my youth.

22 days in July

(totally random image from my computer...this was at the firestation on Canada Day)
It feels like the summer just started, when in reality time is warping forward at a blistering pace. I'm trying to live in the moment of what every day brings.

Yesterday was spent in the garden, weeding. The weather has been so unpredictable lately and the yard work has not been a priority, the back garden was so bad that many of the weeds were starting to go to seed. The day was incredibly hot, and it was nice to see some headway being made in the areas of neglect. Keeks helped, and we were both completely overheated when we ran out of steam. Why is it that I'm always done doing the project before the project is actually done? Anyone else like that?

We ended up going to London Drugs for a few necessities and also with the hope of air conditioning. It did not disappoint. Dang, it was cold in there! I must admit that I have a pretty decent tolerance for the heat right now and I can see how working …

What the?

More...someone must know more about this? I love Joss Whedon, pancakes love him, which means that he's a film maker I enjoy but I don't crave his stuff, yet if it's offered to me I can't refuse. iTunes TV? What? Craziness

Fresh air

Girls camp was a success! Canoe trips, archery, zip lines, firesides, amazing meals, hikes, crafts, survivor games, friendships and more. It's the friendships that are always the best part of camp. It was incredibly well planned and ran incredibly smoothly. I think everyone involved was pretty darn happy to return to running water and flush toilets though!

Dena Richardsen to the office please...

I always get in trouble when I blog with no here are a couple from the Stampede Grandstand show. It was hard to get the stage and the fireworks into the photo! Trust me, we had fantastic seats, and we're surrounded by Calgary Stampede football don't let the image fool ya. I wanted to capture the stage in context with the fireworks, which is why it all appears so far away.

Yesterday, was spent cramming for young women's camp which runs today to Saturday. I had so many projects that I had procrastinated until the last minute. Happily, they are done now! Our girls camp theme is, "Strengthen your Sisters" and our symbol is stone, specifically: inukshuks.

Also, the exterminator came yesterday. I'm a tad annoyed, because this year I had twice the work for her and it cost me half as much as last year. Methinks I was hosed last year!

This morning the door bell started ringing just prior to 10 am, which in our world during summer means we …

Sunday afternoon rant

I'm officially annoyed with Mother Nature.

We have bees under our back step. As alarming as that sounds they have not been bothersome at all. Busy little things that mind their own business, so we've tolerated them. Now a wasp nest has developed not 10 feet from our back step, neighboring our bee hidey hole. We had a wasp nest last year and every attempt we made to kill it made them larger and stronger, ie. Super Wasps! I had heard that if you've had wasps before, they won't come back the next year. WRONG. I did the paper bag thing...didn't work. So tomorrow, I get to make the call to the local pest control company to come and obliterate the wasps once more...and the best part is I get to pay for it. Again. Blurgh!


I'm officially in my mid-thirties. Where has the time gone? Sometimes it feels like my life has been so long, chalk full of experiences, moments and years that have shaped me and molded me, while other times it feels like a blurred scene of images viewed from a fast moving train, with barely enough time to take it all in. I'm not one to worry over a number, and I'm not about to start now. I own 35. I have earned it and I am grateful to be here to live it.

Banff and Lake Louise

We spent some time in the mountains...
Russ walking with Keeks in Banff. My love of photographing these two from behind continues. What can I's a great angle. :)We headed to Johnston Canyon for a hike to the upper falls. It was such a busy trail and I had the worst headache...but the scenery was spectacular. The trail ebbs out onto walkways and bridges that one becomes very grateful for...This is the lower falls.

This image was taken by Russ at the upper falls. Nice job babe!
We headed to Lake Louise next. The water was choppy and the sky was somewhat stormy over the mountains. Kia kept saying that it didn't look looked like a painting. I explained to her that obviously she has been admiring some very good artists. What a kid. We headed back to Banff and did some shopping and stopped for supper before heading back to Calgary.

Family Gathering Photos

Hi ya'll...

Just thought I'd finally share some pictures from the family gathering last Sunday...
Mom's doing the surprised sigh can't hear it in the photo... ;)
Sara was the starlet of the show, the favorite accessory and toy. We all love her to bits and everyone took turns spoiling her and loving ever minute of being in the presence of her cuteness.
Some tough guys that were doing some very macho manly poses.

More Sara love a la Janie and Keeks.

Nice tongue twist there buddy...I don't have those genetics. In the background you can see Shelly decorating Breeann's birthday cake...more to come on that later on the Workman family recipe blog. ;) And here is the birthday girl...smiling and squinting as we serenaded her with what could only be described as the loudest version of "Happy Birthday" to ever grace the walls of Craig and Allison's new home. To all those who were were missed!

My little Ribbon Girl...

Keeks and I headed out and took some photos of her with the Ribbon Wands. I need some new photos for the shop and the blog and I'm really pleased with the photo session results. There are a few more on my Ribbon Wands check em out if you get a chance. I'll keep sharing more throughout the summer.

Great Canada Day

A very busy Canada day! Thanks to all those who came over and enjoyed the backyard BBQ. Thanks should also go to my hubby who stood at the BBQ for an hour, grilling up almost 100 chicken sates. We finished off the evening watching the fireworks and they were great. Plus we had great parking and a fantastic vantage point...which all added to the happiness of us all. We were right at the edge of the water, which made for some fun photo ops. Hope you enjoyed your Canada Day as well!