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Er...pardon me?

I picked up halibut fish and chips from our favorite fish and chippy: Captain Scott's. The place is always busy, and the wait can be excruciating, so I planned ahead and brought reading material. I was number 51. They were calling in the low 40' the wait was tolerable.

I'm fairly engrossed in my reading material, but I'm making a mental note to listen for the numbers. This little grandmotherly Asian lady comes out and hollers, "Beef on a bun!"

My brain: "Hmmm...that's odd. I didn't think they sold beef on a bun here. It is a fish and chippy establishment, but they do have very odd things on the menu like deep fried mars bars, so maybe they are branching out into beef on buns."

"Beef on a vun!" she yells with some authority this time and the bun has taken on a V sound. In fact she kind of stood up on her tippy toes and tilted her head back and said it to the ceiling.

My brain: "For heaven sake, whoever ordered beef on a…

Canada Day Party 2008

We are having our annual Canada Day backyard party!

Here is a link to the goings on at and around Festival Place on Canada Day.

Plans are for friends to come out to the Park and take in all the fun at Festival Place their families can handle and then stop by our house for food, visiting, and a fire pit from 5:00- 10:00(if you want or need to drop by earlier, we'll be back at the house by 4:00). The fireworks start at 11:00 pm, and we usually head over around 10:00 to get an okay spot, 9:30 to get a great spot. We'll have some napping rooms for the little ones and play tents up in the yard, happily the weather is looking good at 25'C, fingers crossed.

We're supplying chicken sates, salmon, sausage and cheese, hot dogs (for roasting), bread dough for bannock, boxed ice cream treats plus marshmallows for roasting. Please bring a salad, chips, with juice boxes for the kids and bottled/canned beverages for the grown ups. Any other goodies you are up for making are welcome.


Official start of summer vacation

We started our first "official" no school for summer day with a day trip to the Beaumont spray park, where we met up with friends and then our little family headed to Miquelon Lake and Provincial Park for an evening at the beach. We barbecued chicken, ate gobs of salad and carrots, Keeks played in the sand and Russ and I got a record number of black fly bites. Other than that a totally fantastic day!

Birthday Parties Galore!

Keeks has been attending a stellar amount of birthday parties over the past two weeks. She has been LOVING it. That, along with hanging out with some friend or another everyday for the past 14 days, has left me feeling like she's M.I.A. half the time. Even though I miss my kid, I'm grateful that she has such good friends around her.

"Everyone gives Webkinz for birthdays," I have been counseled by the one in the know. So we have given, many, many Webkinz away over the past party season. Alas, my birthday budget is tapped out. Banks empty, you Webkinz lovin' little Clearly, it's time for some creativity.

Now let me preamble this idea with this note and observation: Not all children appreciate "creative" gifts. For instance, the girl down the street would have double bounced Kia off the trampoline, should a handmade gift been lovingly given at her party. Some, just don't get the concept. Let me assure you that this …

It's about that time...

Sorry, my mind has been elsewhere lately and I just can't seem to fit blogging into it. One more day of school! We can't wait... I'm busy working on girls camp stuff, work stuff, house projects, gardening work I have been putting off and more stuff, too boring to write about. I did have a great picnic lunch with Russ on the west end today. We need to do more stuff like that...

Field Trip

How many times have you been given the opportunity to push a train? Quite frankly, your answer should be, not enough. It's a great way to make you feel incredibly strong. I highly recommend it.

A real fun day spent with my kidlet, a group of 4 boys and myself as we enjoyed the Ukrainian Heritage Village with all the grade 3 students from her school. I had the BEST group. For real, it was just a stellar bunch of kids. Psst...the fella Keeks likes was in our that was fun for both Mom and daughter...snicker snicker. They milked fake cows, churned butter, ground wheat, got lectured by a 1920's school teacher (yikes), and enjoyed the open air museum to the max.

The afternoon was a little different than the morning in the group...due mostly to energy levels. Food seemed to recharge 2 of the boys to the 10th degree, while Keeks and boy crush stayed on my energy level and one poor kid was just done, tired and dragging his feet, but we persevered and it was all good i…


Who knew that registering for a course with the Scouting program would be akin to enduring a root canal, only without the helpful freezing process and group health benefits. Alas it is now behind me and hopefully Russ will find the next 3 days worth of courses beneficial. Cha, that's all I better say on this topic.
One week of school left!!!! I can't wait for summer,cuz I get my kid back! She did her final PAT today and it's now behind her, and it's party central for the next 10+ days. LITERALLY. Field trips, game days, parties, birthdays, sleep overs, camp rock...need I say more.
How did we survive without cell phones?
Girls night...bring chocolate.
One of my all time fav books is being re-released into Trade Paper. I love Trade Paper books. I feel tempted to purchase it again, simply because of the new format and cover. Which is gorgeous, but the darn 'story of stuff' video has left me knowing what a truly ridiculous waste that would be. And I still wan…


elsie flannigan shared this line to a site called the image is found. Really cool photos here!Some people are just too adorable. Miss Kelly Purkey is clearly the grand champion of cuteness. I love a good humour blog. It used to be Damomma which I still enjoy every other month or so, but now it's shamelessly sassy. I've shared the link to Heather Bailey's blog before. She's just too darn cool. She has stolen my dream life and gone and run rampant with it, shoving it in my face with her fanciful blog posts. I'm a glutton for punishment because I keep going back for more. I love blogs that are about beautiful things. It's like a girlfriend that gets all the best magazine and then shows you the best pictures that are in them. It costs you nothing, but you're somehow cooler by association. Check these three out: Dreamhouse, absolutely beautiful things, poppy talk.Susan Weinroth is too cool. Seriously, her photography style is not to be missed! And she scrapbooks…

Daddy's Day

I take photos of Kia and Russ every year on Father's Day. They humor me but I love that they both will have this record of celebrating this day together. Here are a couple of the oddball pics from this year, which make them blog worthy:This is a favorite angle of mine. They both have great bums. ;)

Eight years old and still wants her Daddy to pick her up...

And he is always, always, always finding a way to bug her. I sure do love these two.

It's been an odd weather day...with moments of blaring sunshine, hailstorms and then black clouds, only to have a bright blue sky an hour later. I spent most of the afternoon making lasagna and dirt cake for Father's Day supper. Russ enjoyed his usual Sunday nap and Keeks had a friend over...Russ and Keeks are currently enjoying their favorite TV show to watch together: American Gladiator.

Our Saturday

Our Saturday was spent doing this:

And this:
And, what weekend is complete around here, without making more of these:

Do I know how to create the dream Father's Day weekend or what? Who doesn't want to reseal concrete and paint the fence as part of the festivities of Fatherhood? Not to mention the assembly work he did for my business... :) I did get him a new power washer for Father's Day...even though I've used it more than he has, it's still for him, right? We love you, babe!

Happy Father's Day!

The Story of Stuff

If you haven't watched: The Story of Stuff by Annie it. It's a great little video that invites us to think about the materials economy and our role in it.

Some points that stood out to me:
"In our society if you don't buy or own a lot of stuff you don't have value."Solution to 911: shopPlanned Obsolescence or "designed for the dump". This sort of thing makes me crazy! Computers, media and even cordless phones are definitely planned obsolescence.Perceived Obsolescence: fads and the latest and greatest in the consumer good market...hello cell phones! I don't buy into the concept of, "you're not as valuable as the person with the latest cell phone" but I know many who do.
The Work - Watch - Spend treadmill of living. I've so been there.
Probably the thing that affected me the most about the video was the quote by Victor Lebow. "Our enormously productive economy ... demands that we make consumption our…

Wednesday Ramblings

I've been enjoying the cloudy weather and occasional rain. It's forced me indoors and allowed for some much needed laundry and dish washing time. The sun is shining again and the backyard looks like a veritable jungle of overgrown greenery. Time to abandon the house for the yard...again.
We've been looking at vehicles. We were thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, but I think we will hold off on that for awhile. I think I prefer this idea, more than Russ. I believe that what vehicles offer the consumers, re: gas consumption, will be changing radically in the next few years and I would rather invest in a new idea, rather than an old one. We've got three old ones. We're all stocked up on old ones around here.The gas prices are just silly. Thank goodness for business perks and write-offs that off set the craziness. Keeks is learning about the concept of a carbon footprint in school and lives for conversations where she can bequeath her knowledge upon the gas …

Arnel Pineda

You've probably heard about this fella, who is the new lead singer for Journey...but if not. Listen!

An oldie but a goodie...

Monday, January 10, 2005Word of the Day Kia and I went out this morning to get her Pocahontas watch repaired. $1.07 later, Kia is looking lovingly at her watch. She can't seem to understand exactly how telling time works but she is excited none the less. This is when Kia, unknowingly created a new word:

confusual: adj 1. Telling time can be confusual - unclear, baffling, difficult 2. My Pocahontas watch is very confusual - uncommon, atypical, curious, unconventional.

You might be challenged in a game of scrabble, but you will be revered by the very young. Well, Kia will think you're cool.

Children's Craft Collective

In my blog travels I came across a gem today...It's called the Crafty Crow and describes itself as a children's craft collective. It's chalk full of fun, creative and educational activities and crafts for kids of all ages, specifically organized into 3-5 and 6-12. A great resource for the summer! I also enjoy the home blog by this author entitled simply, Bella Dia.

Just Because

Taken about 5 minutes prior to this post. She's growing piece of evidence: she can lay on the couch and reach from one end to the other.

Nikki Is

The latest tag why not play. You Google your name and add "wants" or "is" after it and see what comes of it. Warning: This is not necessarily good clean fun as the interweb can be a somewhat R rated don't say I didn't warn you.

Nikki is TV's Hindenburg. Say what? Are they saying I'm fat or a force of mass destruction? Good to know that if this ribbon wands thing doesn't go my way I can fall back on the knowledge that potentially I am the titanic of the sky.

Nikki is dead. Now let me put this rumor to rest right now. I am very much alive, but now I have plans to continue blogging from the beyond after my passing...just to freak you all out, wha ha ha ha!

Nikki is pregnant with Liam's baby. Well this is awkward. Mr. Neeson is clearly my senior, a fine swordsman, a Jedi and the voice of Aslan in Narnia...but not the father of this or any past pregnancy (kidding, I'm NOT pregnant).

Nikki is a rebellious teenager …

These are a few of my favorite things...

We've been very productive. Power washing the driveway, painting the back fence, continued yard maintenance. Tonight we had that weiney roast I've been threatening, and it was sublime. The neighbor has the most fragrant lilac tree and the wind was blowing its sweet scent right to me as I burned up the tree branches and tossed some birch logs on the fire. The great campfire smell combined with the sweet scent of fully bloomed lilac was truly a fantastic smell combo, that I can't describe in a way that will give it justice. Roasted some hot dogs over the fire, jumped on the trampoline, listened to thunder rolling in the distance and enjoyed some leisure time. Simple pleasures like these bring me such happiness.

Sounds like lung disease

I've been trying to identify this flower in my backyard for a couple years, though earnestly for the past few weeks. It's not much to look at when you look down on it. In fact, its kind of a mess. It's in desperate need to be split also, but I've been hesitant to do so, without knowing what on earth it is.

Here is what it looks like when you look down at it in it's little spot along the stone river bed I'm building in the back. All the plants in this area are hearty woodland plants due to the shade and constant supply of tree fodder.
Not so very attractive is it? The thing is when you bend down and lift the purple heads up this is the flower:

Beautiful, right? I'm glad the ants get to enjoy this view.

So, yesterday I think I discovered it's name. Nothing pretty for this perennial. I think this is called Lungwort. Usually Lungwort has spotted leaves, but not all do. I have not been able to find this particular species, so I may be wrong. It's a…