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Growth Spurt

Well, I don't have any time to blog. But I wanted to share these photos of Kia that I took yesterday. She is growing up crazy fast. To family that hasn't seen her in a few months; you won't even believe it. She has been eating us out of house and home, has completely skipped a shoe size and finally fits into a kids 8 in clothes. Even her hair color has deepened into a darker brown, if that's possible. Luckily the growing pains haven't been too bad...knock on wood. Sure love this kidlet!

The Birds

Sunday night we usually all snuggle up on the couch and watch Extreme Home Makeover together. Last night I kept getting distracted by the flurry of activity outside the window. The trees surrounding our yard were literally full of birds. They would come down in shifts to our upper concrete patio, drinking the melted water that sat in the crevices of our concrete, then fly back up into the tree, while another group would soar down to drink their fill.

They are called Bohemian Waxwings. This is a winter flock that has probably been wintering in the prairies through this cold long winter. They have a wonderful rough burry trill.

Girls Weekend

Russ was away on business this weekend and it was just us girls. No spa treatments or trips to Galaxyland for us. We took on a project. I've been wanting to switch to a binder system that holds our DVD movies. I finally found some brown leather binders that match the couch in our Den perfectly. So I bought 10 and foolishly thought that would be enough. Ya, I'm going back on Monday to clean them out. I need, um, like double that!

Kia and I were a great team as we worked through this project, pulling covers out of the DVD box and trimming the pictures down. We made the binders alphabetical and had stacks and stacks of movie all over the place. Then we'd think we were done a letter only to discover one we had missed. It was not a perfect science! So for 4 hours we filled binders and watched movies on the W network (Everafter and Ella Enchanted).

The geeky part is we both felt such a sense of satisfaction in our little project that I can't imagine a better way we …

Tidy in 2008

I think this is truly the first time in '08 that these two rooms have been worthy of photographing in any way. It's been bad folks. Knee deep in ribbon scraps, sleeping bags askew throughout the space. The oddest things mixed in with the useful. It's not even outstanding as it is right now, but I can breathe, I walk in and I sigh. It welcomes, where before it barely functioned...


I had the oddest dream the other night. It was a drive with my parents. A 4 x 4 outing up to the top of a neighboring mountain that we lived in the shadow of called Jerry Mountain. My Dad was driving, my Mom was in the middle and I was near the door of our blue bronco. We were laughing, talking and bouncing as we held on to each other on this bumpy and ofttimes vertical trip up an abandoned mountain road.

Sometimes the light would come through the trees, blinding and hot, and lay across their faces as I watched them. I could see the stubble on my dad's face, the soft lines of Mom's high cheekbones, and I marveled at how real it all seemed. How tangible. I knew this was a dream but it was starting to trick me, make me think it was real. When we got to the top of the mountain something in my brain remembered this happening. This had really been something we had done together. It wasn't so much a dream but a memory.

When I would see myself in the dream I was Kia. It …

Feelin' it

If I could describe my life right now I would relate it to an all you can eat buffet. Not some shabby joint but a Jasper Park Lodge feast, with food prepared by master chef's and presented in the most beautiful ways. The catch is that you only get 1 plate. So you have to somehow make room on this one plate for all the tempting dishes. You must fit in the nutritious with the decadent, the savory with with sweet.

Well over the past couple days my little life plate has felt overly full. Full of good nutritious must eat food, but I'm struggling with every single bite. I have to keep eating but I'm already full! So I've toned it down. I'm just adding a spoonful of this, and a dash of that.

Trying to balance church, family, exercise, meal planning, grocery shopping, bill paying, wholesale work, paperwork, product development, photography, accounting, taxes, cleaning, volunteer work, Etsy sales, customer service, shipping, post office visits, visiting teaching, mot…

What's that about April Showers?

bring May flowers my butt!
April showers...bring more sorrows.
April I hate thee.
April showers...ouch my back.
April showers...honey can I buy a snowblower yet?
April with shovel.
April showers...please bring May flowers...

100 things that make me happy on a day I need to be reminded...

canola fieldswhite dresseshomemade potato saladfresh batteriesPatrick Warburton's voicesinging; "big guy in a little coat"sand toysbeach blanketsthe smell of suntan lotionlong eyelashesribbon wandsbright green grassfresh turned spring soilthe smell of cedarribbonfresh cherries
ice teaumbrellasclocksthe best bum in the world
funny pictures of the bishop drawn during churchsquirrel's fighting in my backyardKiki's room all cleanfresh sheets on the bedlaundry hanging up to drya great new bookdiscovering the book is the beginning of a seriesdress up clotheshalloween costumesred licoricenerdsfloppy disksperfumefresh laundrysunsetskiwiFridaypicnicsapple crispgirls nightgirls night with desserthandwritten lettersthe great smell of a barbeque wafting through the neighbourhood
homemade popsiclesfluffy pillowsfinger paintingdogs that wear clothesbubble bathssinging in the carsleeping inmemories"I will find you" from Last of the MohicansHot days spent at the beach wit…

Oh Man

You don't even want to know how much snow has fallen up here. It's just too depressing.

Dance competition cuteness

Just had to share some photos I took of Kiki tonight before she headed off to her dance class. For someone who talks so much about make up and hairstyles you would think she would enjoy getting them done more...she's a real growly bear during the process.

She only needs to get all dolled up like this two more times for two competitions she's entered into. Yay! Though she does look so grown up and purty like this...I'll take the hair blown, jogging pants lovin' Kiki over this little diva any day. ;)

Photoshop stuff...

a. Regular out of camera photo
b. Pioneer Woman photo editing technique:
Create Duplicate Layer Set Layer to Hard Light Set Opacity of Duplicate Layer to 38% Flatten Image Hue/Saturation Master 15, etc… Unsharp Mask 89%/Radius 3/Threshold 2c. Hand tinting here.
d. Black and white conversion that I like.


This week has become somewhat of a hiatus from my work. You see the sun has recently made it's annual appearance in my neck of the woods and I've been shirking all my responsibilities because of it. I'm stumbling towards windows pointing upward and saying things like: "What's that?" and, "That there big yellow orb be warm". Like I'm solar powered and my little batteries were empty, charred and drained of all life and I need to just soak in some sun rays to make me productive again.

Ya that's it.

Thoughts on Mothering or Why God Gave Me Kia

I didn’t want a girl.I thought I wanted a boy.I had a talent with boys and I knew this because of years spent operating daycares across BC and Alberta.Boys were easier for me, more predictable, and more manageable.I had lived with some form of maleness around me for my entire life and had survived, thus boys weren’t so bad.Girls, however, were an entirely different matter.Roommates had schooled me on that front and although I loved my girlfriends and the fun frilly pursuits we would discover together, there was a part of my inner dialogue that remained completely baffled and overwhelmed by it.There was a part of me that always felt like I was being a girl all wrong.It’s been my secret up until now.This awkwardness I feel toward being a girl.Not awkward like I want to be a boy, or awkward like I’m going to be an afterschool special, but awkward like I somehow didn’t glean all the femininity I should have from my Momma in the time I had her.I knew that somehow losing my Mom at the age o…

Springy Kind of Weekend

The first weekend this year that has actually felt like springtime through and through. With temperatures at 24'C, it was heaven.We had a ward party on Saturday. Hardisty Pool was rented for a family swim and then after we had a potluck at the church called: Taste of Clarkdale. Kia brought one of her best friends and they had a great time. There was a big raft that you could swing onto from the rope swing. Poor little Kia and Jami are so scrawny. They couldn't quite make it to the raft and when they could get someone to toss them up onto it from the water, their stay was short lived as one of the teenagers or Dad's would just toss them off. Once when Russ hit the rope swing, he flew across the raft, knocking bodies as he did and went strait over the other side. I brought Pistachio Salad and Alberta Sheet Cake to the potluck. Both were devoured rather quickly...I'm back to a fitness program again. This is week 2. The lazy ways came back way to quickly, but I&#…

967 Blog Posts on the Wall

Wow, 1000 blog posts is looming on the horizon. Guess I'll have to make post 1000 a good one. Till's same old same old.

I'm keyed up about gardening. Last night we had an enrichment with gardening specialists and we could ask questions and learn from their vast expanse of knowledge. So now I'm planning my gardens...vegetable garden, rock shade garden, and front flower garden. I learned some ways I can better prepare my soil and can't wait to get at it!

In other news: We're getting work done on the truck(cha ching!). The money comes in and the money goes's just that predictable. Other than that, our house is still a sty and I love my new camera. LOVE it. It's the best perk of my business, and I literally use it everyday for taking photos of ribbon wands. Ribbon Wands is chugging along and I'm learning to find the balance between being a "work at home shut in" and attempting to also be "an occupant of the plant earth&qu…

Secret Garden

This stuff is my new "enya". So relaxing! Have a listen...

Saddled with it

I was recently reading an article about odd baby names chosen in Alberta in 2007. Russ and I had a good laugh at the names. Names like Tyrant, Diesel Blaze, and Unique made us snicker. Then the article I read today put them all to shame and literally left me in tears, because when you say them out loud they are just that funny. I thought I'd share, since I haven't shared anything remotely inappropriate for some time. These are real names and yes some of them have been spoofed on the Simpsons:
Acne FountainFanny WhifferMary A. JerkHarry PittsHoney MooneyKathryn E. ColiNaught E. BishopI.P. FreelyOliver KloseoffAnita BathHugh JassMaya ButtreeksI must add a favorite from my own experience. Poor Wayne Bow from grade 7. I hope I'm not the only juvenile person that finds these names hysterical. Feel free to share some truly unfortunate names of your own in the comments.

Snapshot love

Never underestimate the importance of snapshots. This picture shows Kiki in one of her favorite things; a homemade fort. She's surrounded by the chaos of her playroom shelves, bursting over with dress up clothes, play phones, jewelry, skipping ropes, you name it. I often think that photos like this will mean more to her in the long run than any of the portraits that make my heart flutter. Photos like this show more about who she really is and what she loved.

The Weekend

If you have a girl between the ages of 8 and 12 you have to take them to see Nim's Island. Kia LOVED it. She has been reading the book at Chapters during our almost daily visits over spring break, and though she was sad that some of the characters from the book didn't make into the movie, she loved it all the same.This week has been about Stephenie Meyer and all those darn Twilight books. Heather, Kari Lynn and I are obsessed (cough spatter *understatement*). KL might have wanted to do me physical harm, a la Volturi justice style, for not having the 3rd book read when she was waiting ever so patiently to borrow my copy. My only excuse was that I was trying to drag out the experience. So I'd read a chapter and force myself to do something else for an hour. It was that or blowing through the book in a few hours. Highlight to read one of my theories on a possible outcome: I don't think they will be able to turn Bella. I think it won't work, like the James thi…

The extreme of one day to the next

It's not flowers and blooming tulips like I'd wish, but note how their is still some ice and snow around the geese, but there is also a significant amount of grass and earth showing. Now this is what greeted us this morning:

BLURGH! Yuck! Whaaaa!

World of Science

3 grown women and 11 children go to the Telus World of Science and survive. There was fun, there was play, there was cuteness, there were mysteries to be solved, possibly some screaming, definitely crying, attempted escapes, gross discoveries both planned (and unplanned) and a full fun day spent with friends. I discovered that I can go out with oodles of children that are not mine and enjoy myself immensely, like a grandma enjoys her grand babies and then loving wave goodbye as I head home. I really love my life. :)

Kia is enjoying a sleepover with one of her bestest friends and they are having a blast. Having deep discussions about housework and castles and singing songs that go, "From Columbia to Winnipeg, oh what fun, hooray" unfortunately they caught me snickering and mistook that response to enjoyment so now I've heard more than I would care to admit. They're currently playing school and Kia is being pelted with a pillow while exclaiming, "this is a h…


"Thanks Amy...thanks a lot." This should be said with complete sarcasm and utter honesty.