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80's "family" movies

I'm always so excited to share with Kiki movies I enjoyed in the 80's. I sit down, all excited to share a part of my childhood with her. Then it happens. The swearing begins. I wince. I do the "ouch, that hurt" face. I apologize for the bad words and I wonder, "seriously, are there no family movies from the 80's that don't introduce children to new worlds of profanity?" Goonies and now Harry and the Hendersons have both shocked and amazed me with the poorly placed swear words. Sadly, it never seemed to bother me as a kid.

Sew much to sew, sew little time...

I think I may have discovered a spring break project for Mom with this sweet bag. Online instructions are found here. I also have big plans to make my own set of shopping bags, in fabrics and patterns that appeal to me, this is the design I'm eyeing, using a plain plastic shopping bag for your pattern. Have a great weekend!


Today was our first official day of Spring Break. I've made a deal with Kia that I will only work in the mornings and then dedicate the rest of the day to fun things, games, outings and fun. Day one with this plan did not go so well. She was constantly coming over and interrupting me, calling me, wanting things, inviting me to join in her game. I was so annoyed, but I totally understand where she's coming from. Balance. We will find a balance that fits us can be done.

When I finally finished at the stroke of 11:00 am. I was quickly pulled into her office where I had to initial forms to ensure living in the house continues to be free (hah) and write love letters and make promises to my daughter (really). We headed out on errands after a healthy lunch of stone ground bread turkey and avocado sandwiches, veggies and thick wedges of cheese. Kia's sights were set on Toy's R' Us and she walked out with a Hanna Montana guitar. She's a rock star diva…

Signs of Spring

Even though a thick layer of snow still covers almost every inch of grass in both our front and back yard (while the neighbors across the street all enjoy snow free yards), there are subtle signs of Spring. Patio furniture in the department stores, seed racks on display, motorbikes on the highway, Kia riding her scooter and Russ in his workshop. I can't wait to lose the snow!

Some of our favorite storybooks

We love a good storybook! What constitutes a great storybook for us can be 2 or more of the following: Meaning, great illustration, humor, characters, enjoyable to read time and time again and great ideas. Here are just a few of our favorites (in no particular order):
Poppy Bear: The Garden That Overslept. By Ruth E. Saltzman. A must read for Canadian kids that have to endure a long winter and gardens that oversleep. It may inspire you and your kids to plant a garden when the snow finally melts!The Big Wide Mouthed Frog. By Ana Larannaga. If there were an audio book of this story, Chris Rock would have to be the voice of the wide mouthed frog. This might be our most read book in the entire house (next to the Berenstain collection). We've done puppet shows, acted it out and recited this book in the oddest of places to great guffaws and giggles every single time. Borrow it, buy it or bribe someone for it...but this book is a great laugh.
Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Book? By…

Hippity Hoppity Easter is Today

There's something about jelly letters on the front window that not only say, "a kid lives in this house," but also, "we're the type of family that loves fingerprints on our windows."

Easter dresses are one of my favorite visual things about Easter. I've always loved buying yellow dresses for Keeks. There is something about the color yellow that is foreign in my own wardrobe, but when I see it on someone else it delights me. This yellow concoction is so bright and bohemian chic that I would have wanted it even if Keeks had been born a lad.
Here she is with her Easter Booty. Ton o' books, computer games, gel window letters (see first photo), easter eggs with peanut butter and coconut centers, and the family favorite: Eggies. I thought about listing the books, but I'm working on a post about our favorite story books to share later this week, so we'll see if any of these make the cut first.For any of you interested in reading what has become …

She's scared of teenagers and so am I

Kia: Mom, don't you think when girls get older they act a little weirder?

Some of the first outside shots...

With my cute model...who doesn't like to brush her hair...
Too much fun!

Be Warned

New camera in da house! I'm so intimidated by it! I decided to get the K200D as I had the funds to rationalize it over the K20D (translation: I'm cheap). It's all good. I can edit the photos right in the camera! How cool is that?

So I'll have a busy weekend playing with my new toy. Photos to come...


Snapped this photo of Kia as we were heading to school this morning.

There are moments in parenting that are like a movie, when everything is busy around the main character but from their perspective it becomes blurry and still and they suddenly see something clearly for the first time. This morning I had one of those micro moments when I looked at Kia. It was as if I was seeing her with new eyes...eyes that noted how independant she has become. Eyes that maybe saw her the way someone would who hadn't seen her for a long time.

I watched her do simple things, like brush her hair in the mirror. I noted how she paused and turned her head, admiring, fussing. I watched her gather library books, check her agenda without being reminded and I had a feeling like, "she can do this without me." In a sense I feel like it's all as it should be, that she is organized and efficient, in another sense I wonder if I'm adapting to her new sets of needs as quickly as she is gro…


So we don't quite go all out for movie night like Amy or Heather M, but we love watching movies just the same. Kia usually is very interactive when she watches a movie, even now, as this older post exemplifies. We've had High School Musical parties...and lots and lots of viewings of Aqua Marine with Kia's little girl friends...but usually it's the three of us piling onto the couch in the Den and watching a movie together on Friday night. So I thought I'd share some of our favorite family movies (more for kids 7+) and perchance you will do the same, as we're always looking for new material!
Nanny McPhee: Kia adores this movie and has watched it enough that now it seems to get stuck on all her favorite parts. I love how Nanny McPhee becomes less about her appearance during the movie and more about her service and kindness until she is beautiful in the eyes of all who see her.
Where the Red Fern Grows (2003): The remake by Disney version. I watched the origina…

Oh how I love Friday'ing

INGS...where have you been? Watching: Loved this BBC takes you all over the world to exotic destinations. It was really inspiring to me. Working: Finishing up some custom RW work. I love the's a silvery pink on a silver damask wand base and it rocks! Playing: I must be losing me marbles. I found another "hidden" Christmas present today. It's a set of mini hockey sticks and balls so we can play hallway hockey in style. Hallway hockey is a long standing family tradition carried down from my side of the family. I'm thinkin' we'll be having a tourney this weekend. Cleaning: EVERYTHING. My house is a sty. Photographing: More and more ribbon wands to photograph. I'm waiting on a new camera to arrive at McBain's and their site keeps freezing up my computer today. Grrr... So I can't keep it in a window and visit it on whim for hourly updates that tell me the same thing: It will be mine! Photoshop'ing: Went to kelli crowe's b…

Some Fun...

Take the Quiz here!

Could this be why I love the movie so darn much?


5 things you cannot live without under $10
1. Canadian House and Home Magazine
2. Homemade Orange Julius
3. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
4. Sarasa Black Pens
5. Ribbon

5 favourite movies
1. Lord of the Rings (all 3)
2. Emma
3. Moulin Rouge
4. Last of the Mohicans
5. Hairspray

Baby names you love(but won’t use)
1. Hope
2. Noah
3. Bronwyn
4. Blaire
5. Paige
1. Adam
2. Seth
3. Rhys
4. Tristan
5. Gabriel

5 songs you could listen to over and over:
1. Try - Blue Rodeo
2. Hallelujah - K D Lang
3. Mr. Roboto - Styx
4. The Luckiest - Ben Folds
5. Defying Gravity - Wicked the Musical

5 people who influenced your life in a positive way:
1. Russ
2. Kia
3. Cathy L.
4. Parents
5. Russ C.

5 things that stay in your purse all the time
1. Red Wallet
2. Cell Phone
3. Lip Gloss
4. Camera
5. Sarasa Black Pen

5 moments you knew changed you forever:
1. Leaving home for the first time
2. Saying "yes" when Russ proposed
3. The moments prior and just after my Mom died
4. The moment I got the news that my Da…

Cool and creative stops and finds

Time for another post of yummy online discoveries!
I've been searching for ideas and inspiration for some ad material for my business. I found the portfolio of work by Raven Concepts, extremely current and fresh.
Banana Caramel Milkshake. Shut the front door! Which I discovered thanks to the Oh Joy blog.
Etsy and Paper molding artist Elsa Mora will delight you with her creative and beautiful work.
Escape from Cubicle Nation is a great blog for anyone who wants, has considered to be or is an entrepreneur. I discovered this little nugget there and was truly truly inspired by it. I have often thought that perfection has nothing to do with the worldly label we place on it. That instead it is an individual achievement based on our personal ability to overcome our own weaknesses. This video reminded me of this principle.
Glenda Watson Hyatt shares her experiences as a women living with Cerebral Palsy and she rocks. I make her blog a weekly stop. The name of her blog? Do it Myself Blo…

So some Eggs and a Cake go into a Spa...

Family home evening was spent decorating some eggs for Easter. Yes, it's early, but I'm trying to make up for last year, when we didn't decorate ANY eggs. None, nada, zero. We had french toast and so we emptied the eggs, washed them and decorated empty eggs. I love the owl Kia made. I love it so much in fact that I've made some sketches using her design for some Ribbon Wands material!

More feet? I have no love for feet in general, so it's overkill for sure! Let me explain: Today was my Spa Day. Russ bought me a gift certificate for 4 (4 I tell you) luxurious hours of sweet pampering and relaxation at one of the many local spa's. He done good, ya'll. It was heavenly. A complete retreat from life and a reason to indulge, slow down and unplug (I didn't do any RW work!). I had an hour massage, classic pedicure , manicure and paraffin wax hand treatment. Heaven! So a shot of my feet up, painted pink and chilling out is significant. If only to…

Cub Kar Rally

Russ is the Cub Scout leader at our church. Saturday was the Regional Cub Kar Rally, and Russ spent the day in Ardrossan with his troop of 10 or so boys as they competed in the races. Great showing. Out of a couple hundred boys, one of the boys placed 2nd overall, another placed 3rd in show (for the ipod cub kar pictured above) and another placed 1st in his heat. The boys were so well behaved and such good sports, they really impressed us. I hope to make a cub kar cake for Russ to take on Tuesday night to celebrate their great work.

Kia and I showed up to bring Russ some lunch and trying to find him was like playing a real life version of Where's Waldo. Everyone dressed exactly the same, it made my head spin! Though I must admit that I find Russ incredibly adorable in his scouting ensemble. :) Photo 1: Russyl's original cub scout jersey from his days in the cub program Photo 2: A candid shot of Russ as he "guards" the cub kar judging Photo 3: A shot of the Ipod kar,…

Dude... was the day. The one I knew someday would come, the one I have been putting off. What, pray tell, am I talking about? The "procreation" talk. With my kid. I called everything by their medical identifiers. Her eyes bulged. She said, "what?" and "ewww" and "I didn't know that" and now it seems she's a bit bigger and like she's watching me strangely, because, I just burst her childhood bubble of sweet innocence. Only, there is so very much more I could tell her, it became an exercise of self editing, as I would constantly try to simplify the talk and make it age appropriate. It took all of 10 minutes, and I think "the talk" left us both somewhat traumatized, or at the very least, weirded out.

Just thought the moment needed to be dog eared in cyberspace for posterity. Living up to my blog title in 08.


Okay, scrapbooking buddies out there. Have any of you been following the Kristina Contes HOF "scandal". Hardly a scandal in my opinion, but definately one of the reasons I stay away from some online scrapbooking communities. This article made the front page of the LA Times. It's all so silly.

Sometimes they listen.

Kia sometimes surprises me by quoting things I say back to me.

I remember saying to her when she was frustrated with a situation: Are you a problem maker or a problem solver? For some reason this little tidbit of information stuck. She is constantly saying this. Whether it's homework, cleaning, a personal project or a talk in church she always seems to find a way to fit this principle into the situation.

The other night I was frustrated with the state of the kitchen and Kia very seriously looked at me and quoted this gem right back at me: Mom, are you a problem maker or a problem solver? I was being guilty of the first, not the latter and she in all her 8 year old wisdom, recognized a principle that could turn the situation around for me.

Be a problem solver, not a problem maker.
- Kia Workman

Meal Planning: The plight of every woman and some men.

This is my sanity. It is my meal planning chart for the month of March. It's a boring little chart I made in word and printed out 20 times. Every month I grab a new one and plan out what we will be consuming for supper for the next month. I share this for a number of reasons:
Heather asked for it.Every woman I have ever spoken with, struggles with, "what do I make for dinner?".This totally works for me, especially when I'm busy. I don't have to think and mutter, "what are we having for supper?" until we order it or heat up soup.
I shop with this list and have everything on hand necessary for two weeks worth of meals.
I have very little else to blog about.
I think something that unites us on this planet is our need for meal planning. Let's face it, life is expensive and when we get in a rut we usually pay way more for meals than we should. I've learned that when I need to save money, meal planning is the area that provides the best payoff.


March 1st

As you can see from the piles of white behind Kia's shadowy figure, there has been no shortage of snow this winter. Though over the past two weeks we have been having an epic melt of said snow, and life up north is slushy and wet and slippery, which will all freeze up again tonight as the temperature takes a wintry dip. Not much excitement in our lives, here's what we did today:
Cleaned the church with the Shaw family. Lots of vacuuming. LOTS.
Snuggled on the couch with Russ till Kia couldn't take it anymore.
Played a few turns of Operation, and didn't kill the patient.
Went on a road trip to Fort Saskatchewan.Found a bakery called A Bun Dance. For real. We picked up a package of long johns and now I don't care what they call themselves...cuz them johns are good eatin' ya'll!
Fort Saskatchewan has a Fields and a SAAN store and a Liquidation World. Hello small town living.Took Russ to the Kawasaki and Yamaha dealership looking for a motorbike.
He now faces …