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29 Days has February

Gotta love a leap year. Someone asked me today if I had any memories of past leap years. I thought and thunk and pondered and made strange faces while scratching my head. Nope. Notta one. So here's the low down on leap year 2008:
Took Kia to school - she was sick for 1 day. That never happens. God bless homeopathic medicine (no offense to Heather's brother).Made 10 new ribbon wands. Picked Kia up for lunch.Did 1.5 hours of yoga in the afternoon.Did our taxes for 2007.Seriously, who am I kidding. No wonder I forget leap years. Boring. ;)

Dazed and Glazed Workmans

Russ started the week with a fever, I then had a day of feeling terrible (dizzy and CP[ha, see who reads my blog and retains information]) and today Kia is home from school with a cold, sneezing her little brains out and can't hear a darn thing out of those precious little ears. How three people can all get sick, but have completely different symptoms is beyond me. little finger is KILLING me. I think I might have broken it the other day when we were chipping ice at the back of the house. And doesn't that sound like a fun time. It hasn't stopped hurting since, and it's a dull constant, make-me-curse-like-a-sailor-if-anything-or- anyone-touches-it kind of pain. C'est la vie.

Made these Glazed Graham Crackers today. Yum. The kitchen was like 10 000 watts worth of sunshine at the time, so the best shot turned out to be in the shadow of my dirty oven. Kia can't taste anything right now, but declares them delicious. That's loyalty.

The Gift

He wasn't there when I presented it at the Talent Showcase. He was actually at our house, or our garage rather, with the cubs working on cub cars with Russ and his tools. So I originally presented it to one of his counselors. It definitely was met with a great laugh.

He arrived at the end of the show and I re-presented it to him directly. The way it was introduced was that, "Nikki has a talent she would like to present to the Bishop." Ya...that sounds odd (snicker snicker) and I wasn't the only one who must have thought that, cuz Bishop looked scared! I think he really likes it and later even admitted to me that he's a closet fan of the show. ;)

The way I figure, with the last name Simpson, it was only a matter of time.

Me and my big ideas...

In church I work with the youth and tonight is our Talent Showcase where all the kids (ages 12-17) and their leaders (including me) show off our hidden and sometimes not to hidden talents. I got it in my head that I wanted to pick an odd talent, which basically means I wasn't going to sing.

What to do...what to do. One talent that I've always had is the talent to copy (okay, so it's not a very popular talent, but it's real). I've always been able to draw perfect facsimiles of Disney princesses, cartoon characters, signatures and even copy some famous paintings. Instead of embracing a life of crime, this talent has been laying dormant inside of me over the years.

Well, these two ideas collided. Odd talent = talent to copy. But something was missing. Then it dawned on me. My Bishop has always reminded me of a character off the Simpsons. I didn't even relate his last name to this at the time, but later felt it was a lucky coincidence that he in fact is a Si…


9 years.
without him.
he missed kia.
kia still misses him.
he always seemed larger than life.
i always felt safer because he was near.
i miss you today dad.

Thoughts for today

Good day of church today. I don't say that enough. I've been constantly reminded lately of the importance of remembering and recording spiritual nuggets and thoughts. Here are a few notes I've made in my church notebook lately that might also uplift others, they're going to seem really random, but each one in their own little way, inspires me.
In life you can either be green & growing or ripe & rotting. Don't be afraid to be a student of life.
Living life without a plan often results in crisis living."Be still and know that I am God" - stop, pause, and listen.
Have Mountaintop ExperiencesMarriage is the only commandment that you can't obey by yourself.
Live life at the top of your lungs.Creatively find ways to prosper.I believe we can change the world by standing for truth and righteousness.


The bridge building is finally behind us. Praise all! Kia was the last one to do her verbal presentation on Friday and I think she did a great job! I videotaped the entire thing but can't share online because it has other students from Kia's class in the video, but trust me, she rocked it. Here's a photo with Kia and her model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

What are your biggest kinda stupid fears?

Come on time to fess up. Do clowns freak you out? Hate being alone in a church?

One of my irrational stupid fears is white vans. Mini, cube, or cargo. Doesn't matter. Whenever I see a white van, I think that the person inside it is a potential unsub scouring the neighbourhood in their generic white van searching for their next kidnap victim. Wow, it sounds really paranoid and pathetic when I write it out like that.

K, I've told you mine, now tell me yours...

Bad photoshop skills can still be fun.

My love for Pinky and the Brain finally comes full circle. Russ sent me this photo of him with our nephew and I immediately saw something...Yup, I saw Pinky and the Brain. One, if not THE best cartoon series of all time. So I was suddenly inspired to play.
My cute nephew fit the role of the Brain perfectly and some really bad photoshop work on my end, helped make the connection slightly stronger...
Then of course one needs some great Pinky and the Brain banter...Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
:) K...this was actually from almost a year ago, but it's still worth sharing! Plus my nephew, we lovingly call George, always makes me smile, and I thought maybe just maybe, you'd get a grin out this as well.

Happy Family Day

We just spent the afternoon at West Edmonton Mall playing Glow in the Dark mini golf. I totally meant to bring my camera, but alas, my brain doesn't seem to hold onto a thought for longer than an eye blink, so no picture for you. Hope you had fun with your fam today!

Okay, I can't take the guilt of not sharing a here's the color I adore lately in all it's splendid green goodness. This week I'm trying out some really really bright and crazy greens on some of my wands. Should be interesting!

Valentines and no school

Lately, it seems that Kia has a goodly number of professional days. So many that I sit gobsmacked at how on earth working parents can possibly manage scheduling around the timbers of February's wacky school schedule. So here we have another four day weekend, our second in a row and the homework is outrageous. One assignment is to make a model of the Sydney Harbour bridge using no less than 4 different building materials; real easy, quick stuff. Blurgh!

The last few days have been great. Wednesday night Kari Lynn and fam came over with a huge box full of lobster. Her original reasons for coming over with the Lobster was so that I would cook them and she wouldn't have to watch them being steamed to death. Alas, they had already been cooked and we just had to give them a quick broil to warm them up. Not so sure Lobster is my fav food. The claws were yummy though...even if lobsters are kin to mosquitos, them claws are good eatin' ya'll.

Thursday was Valentines. The …

Valentines for School

My friend Sharon was the inspiration for this idea, as she gives great photographic valentines of her kids in the past on V'day. So this is not my idea, but one I've wanted to do for some time. Unlike Sharon, I didn't have the time or the lighting to do a photo shoot specifically for this event. I wanted to, but I surrendered that fantasy early this week. Instead I just grabbed an old photo and called it a day. Here is the Valentine Card Kia is sharing with her friends at school this year:
Good enough. That seems to be my Motherhood Mantra.

Best song at the Grammy's

Not much to say

Life is good...not much to say. I'm working on getting the house tidy and get some personal projects done as well. Here's some old photos I rediscovered of Miss Kia that I thought I'd share.

I just found this MP3 of one of my best friends from elementary school, Noelle Pion, singing with the Malcom Maiken Band. She's got a fab voice and if I recognize her voice correctly, she's the upper harmony. So listen and enjoy!

Total not so random babblings from a crazy woman...

Unlike Kari Lynn, the days of me starting a blog post with a snapshot of a family member sitting on the toilet are over. So no picture for you and you're welcome.

But like Kari-Lynn, I've been paying attention to things lately. Paying attention to myself and what makes me tick. Lately I've been ticking not so much like a regular normal person, and much more like a time bomb.

There are reasons, excuses and observations aplenty as to why. Answers are harder to come by. Patterns are harder to change. Truth is harder to accept and act upon.

But here's one of my better excuses, just for the record: Dude, I'm officially "thirty-something". You're pretty much set in your ways at this juncture of living. When I feel the steely claws of habit close in around me, it feels less like a claw and more like a soft blanket. They're comfortable, all these bad habits of mine.

My bad habits are like little neglected characters in my code of conduct; only defe…

This means alot to me today:

"When we love a person, we accept him or her exactly as is: the lovely with the unlovely, the strong along with the fearful, the true mixed in with the facade, and of course, the only way we can do it is by accepting ourselves that way."


One of the greatest lessons I've ever received was given to me on a Valentine's Day 10 years ago. Russ and I were newly married. I was wanting a special valentine day gift or goodie, but was met by a man who didn't embrace the commercialism surrounding Valentine's Day. Though I understood his reasons, I was hurt and a fight ensued.

Russ left the house and I was alone, fuming over the injustice of it all. I immediately went to the phone and called my Dad.

I began telling him how mad I was at Russ. How hurt I felt and how even though he didn't embrace the concept of Valentine's Day, he should suck it up for me. I was just getting on a roll when my Dad stopped me and I remember what he said in that moment today as clearly as I did back then.

"Nikki, have you said any of these things to Russ?" he asked me.

"Yes" I said, but then I began to really think about what I was saying to my Dad and changed my answer. "No, I just got mad." I …


I'm always looking for ways to support Kia's school work at home. My latest discovery is Project Happy Child. Great worksheets for learning. Just wanted to share!