• Lately Ribbon Wands takes up most of my time and the rest of the time I'm being a mom and wife (and occassionaly a friend) and not so much a domestic goddess.
  • I have a wild and crazy goal this week. It's to wash all the dirty laundry in this house and have it put away. I have a number of selfish reasons for wanting this: to prove to myself I'm not a total work at home slacker, to find clean clothes where they should be and not having to "sniff" items on the floor of my bedroom till we find a winner, to look at my daughters feet and see matchy matchy goodness. Plus there is great satisfaction in having the laundry crisis abated. I guess I feel closer to God when the laundry's all done. It's that peaceful easy feeling that the Eagles sing about.
  • Raising an 8 year old. Wow. It's kinda hard. Ours seems to alot. I find myself having missing time as she chatters to me, I'm far away by a cool brooke with a pony, only to brutally pulled back to reality by, "Mom, are you listening? Mom, isn't that funny? So can I Mom, please? It's exhausting...all this listening.
  • Having said that...I don't want to be a hypocrite. As a parent you have to live up to the advice that you give your kids. It's par for the course. Note to self: listen more.
  • We always tell our children to live their dreams. Does this sound familiar? "You can do anything you put your mind too." The ironic thing is, Mom and Dad aren't following their own advice. They hate their jobs. They tune out at work, tune out at home, tune out from life. I see the pattern so clearly because I've lived it. It's taken some time but I know that both Russ and I have a passion for what we do. It makes living so much sweeter.

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