Chances Are

Chances are you have heard me complain about the current Alberta deep freeze or you're in it and suffering alongside me...cuz it's bad folks. I stitched this image of what my backyard patio looks like in the warmer months and then scan to the right to see what I have today: waist high snowdrifts that block the door to the workshop. Nice. The snow would be fun if the temperature wasn't hovering at -35'C when the wind doesn't blow, and when it does, well, you will be hitting lows that someone on Everest wouldn't face. Today we are even colder than Iqaluit. Is that sick or what?

So it's an indoor week. Really really wish my ribbon wands studio had been finished. Unfortunately the table saw conked out on us and so now it is bedlum down here. Absolute chaos. Here's a photo of Kia from last night. She wanted to pose for some pics and this was the costume and set design of choice. Notice the clear message to Mom: Keep those cookies coming (both the baked kind and the play kind). Got it. Isn't she looking grown up?

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