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Rip someone a new one.

Sometimes I wish it was more acceptable to rant and rave and call people out in the public forum, but alas, I must zip my lips and be mature about it all. I don't want to though. It's my Mother Bear mojo all in an uproar, I'm so annoyed about it and nothing constructive can come from my frustration so I need to just let it go.

(trying to let it go)

And to ice my cake, I got called to Jury duty. For real.

(breathing deeply)

Right. Good. No problem.


Wow, 4 years. For reals. I'm practically a pioneer. Thanks for stopping by, I gotta say I love that so many of my friends and family now keep their own weblog. It's one of my main forms of communication. Sadly.


Life without The Office sucks. The writer strike really kicked me when I was down by taking all my friends at Dunder Mifflin away from me. In an act of conspiricy I have been embracing the media they strike against. Specifically the streaming you should feel real bad for watching shows online becuase you're taking millions from billionaries kind. And in my journies I have stumbled across a real gem.

Dilbert cartoons. They rock. They're grown-up cartoons, not so much for kidlets, hilariously funny animation that is making life without The Office almost bearable. May I recommend episode 7.

Chances Are

Chances are you have heard me complain about the current Alberta deep freeze or you're in it and suffering alongside me...cuz it's bad folks. I stitched this image of what my backyard patio looks like in the warmer months and then scan to the right to see what I have today: waist high snowdrifts that block the door to the workshop. Nice. The snow would be fun if the temperature wasn't hovering at -35'C when the wind doesn't blow, and when it does, well, you will be hitting lows that someone on Everest wouldn't face. Today we are even colder than Iqaluit. Is that sick or what?

So it's an indoor week. Really really wish my ribbon wands studio had been finished. Unfortunately the table saw conked out on us and so now it is bedlum down here. Absolute chaos. Here's a photo of Kia from last night. She wanted to pose for some pics and this was the costume and set design of choice. Notice the clear message to Mom: Keep those cookies coming (both the baked kind …

It's alive!

Remember my surprise purchase in June. Well, it's finally plated and registered, and apparantley we've been paying insurance on the thing since July. Who knew? Not us, as our insurance payment barely moved.

This photo was taken back in June, it's January now. Imagine 4 foot snowdrifts on the driveway, blowing snow, a north wind and snowflakes the size of marbles falling from the sky, and you get the picture of the very cold, white and icy day we're having in the Park. The roads aren't great, today they are horrid. Russ drove us to church in his truck this morning. Fishtail much? May he live to enjoy this truck is my prayer.

Course of action

This is one of those really honest posts. Like reading my diary. It is not meant to blame or offend is my own very personal response and as of now, I'm the only person in a room of a couple hundred that felt this way.

I was a member of a congregation over the past month and we were listening to the final speaker. An elderly woman rose up with the help of younger family members and they started helping her out of the room. It was clear this women was in some sort of distress by the way she was being supported by the group of men around her. At the back of the room she collapsed.

The meeting never paused.

A doctor in the audience rushed to the women's aid. 911 was called. The relatives of the family reacted with cautious alarm while the meeting kept going. The ambulance arrived, EMT's were entering the room, and the meeting kept going.

I was so bothered by this. I even made a comment to my husband and a lady in front of me that if I was one of those ambulance attenda…

Wednesday Randomness

At the risk of alienating family and friends, I must get this off my chest. I don't like yellow candies. There is only one exception to this rule: Sour lemon altoids. But any sort of jellied lemon candy just doesn't make the cut for me. Sorry, it had to said.

Great website

Wow. I haven't stumbled across a place online that is this cool or personally meaningful in years. Really want to share this one. This is a site about short films and stories about LIFE & the HUMAN SPIRIT and I love it. I hope you do too: Monday9amTV


Lately Ribbon Wands takes up most of my time and the rest of the time I'm being a mom and wife (and occassionaly a friend) and not so much a domestic goddess.
I have a wild and crazy goal this week. It's to wash all the dirty laundry in this house and have it put away. I have a number of selfish reasons for wanting this: to prove to myself I'm not a total work at home slacker, to find clean clothes where they should be and not having to "sniff" items on the floor of my bedroom till we find a winner, to look at my daughters feet and see matchy matchy goodness. Plus there is great satisfaction in having the laundry crisis abated. I guess I feel closer to God when the laundry's all done. It's that peaceful easy feeling that the Eagles sing about.
Raising an 8 year old. Wow. It's kinda hard. Ours seems to alot. I find myself having missing time as she chatters to me, I'm far away by a cool brooke with a pony, only to brutally pulled…

Notebooks and jokes

Kia is always scribbling in notebooks...writing us notes...writing in her journal or just drawing a picture in a notebook. She loves to draw and write and remember. Though she can't tell a joke to save her life, it makes me smile that she tries so hard. In fact, we often laugh harder over how badly she flubbed the joke rather than her getting it right.

Today after church she said to Russ and me, with some frustration: "you guys never get my jokes." I didn't have the heart to tell her we did get them but we just didn't think they were funny. ;) I mean I try to smile and encourage her to get the punchline right, but I don't fake things's not my nature.

Who knows, maybe Ellen DeGeneres' Mom didn't think she was a funny 8 year old either.

Global Warming Anyone?

This morning Edmonton had rain and lightning. Followed by snow. Am I the only one that finds this freaky deeky?


Photo taken on our trip to Victoria...and quote is by Confucius. Just taking some time away from the whole blog thing.

12 days into 2008

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers are with Tevin, Leanne, Shawn, and kids, plus everyone who loves them as this new trial hits. We love you guys, please keep those updates coming!

Russ has a new skill: bobcat operator. His first time doing it and he looked like a pro. It can really be annoying how good he is at EVERYTHING. It's been a strange Saturday. I had so many things I needed to get done. Probably managed about 20% of them. Bad stats, Nikki, even for you. Kia had a birthday party at the Princess Palace. She loved it!

Later we babysat my friend Heather's little guy, Skylar. We had fun singing, "yay Mommy's gone, Mommy's gone, Mommy's gone. Ya, I'm at Auntie Nikki's house and we're going to eat some cheese." Except we didn't eat cheese and sometimes he'd cry during the song, but I think deep down he was really happy to be hanging with us. Plus I was helping form some really warped Canadian humour, the things I do for my c…

I could write happy songs for Gwen Stefani to sing

I never would have thought of myself as a wand maker when I grew up, but seriously, my job is sooo much fun! I'm having a blast designing new wands and playing with ribbon. I'm working on a user video for my ribbon wands blog, it's still in the storyboard phase, but it's sure to be hilarious, if not helpful. It seems that everytime I talk about Ribbon Wands, another door opens, somebody offers to advertise for me, someone wants a business card. I'm so excitied about it and since this is the place I talk about what's happening, I gotta stop for a moment and just be excited every now and then.

There was a moment today...I had just taken Kia back to school after lunch at home, I cranked up the stereo, sat down at a table and started making patterned wands. I got this goofy smile on my face and said outloud to nobody but me, "this is so fun!" I have never uttered those words at any job I've ever had other than Motherhood. But Motherhood isn't reall…


FYI: this is a photo of me and my best friends: 20.5 years ago. For reals.
Somewhere out in the big wide world, a girl named Jacinda just turned 34. We grew up together and were truly the best of childhood friends. Jacinda was big on academics, spazing out, red licorice and dancing the night away. A lot of people didn't get her. She had a strong personality, but I learned a valuable lesson from our friendship. Accepting someone for who they are and loving them for being real.

Her birthday always reminded me that my own was another 6 months away, exactly 6 months away. It was a little touchstone for living. Had I accomplished what I wanted? Had I done enough to constitute the title of my age? I think this halfway point, seemed to mean more to me than my actual birthday. I also have always secretly wanted my horoscope sign to be Capricorn, yet another contributing factor to January 9th being a meaningful date in my world.

So today I'm 34.5 years old. I'm not a comparative ind…

She's my daughter

Kia: Oh I hate this show.
Me: You don't like Bo, on the go?
Kia: No, and I don't like Dora.
Me: What's wrong with Dora?
Kia: She can't make a decision. Bo's the same, they always need help doing EVERYTHING.
Me: I see.
Kia: Like, use the brain God gave you girls.
Me: True d'at.

Monday and my misguided embarkment

Was up at 7:11am to the sounds of Russ going to work and I remember thinking, "Nikki, you have to get out of bed, Kia needs to go to school today." Then I think I rolled over and was instantly asleep again, this time for another hour and a half. Yup, made my kid late for the first day back at school. Though Kia didn't seem to mind and as we were backing out of the driveway at 9:08am she happily remarked, "Mom, maybe it's a good thing that we slept in today because I feel great!" She's zombie girl in the morning, so I understood the truth of that statement, even though it didn't really make me feel any better.

In other news Monday has become all about marketing my Ribbon Wands. Every Monday I plan on spending two solid hours working on marketing ideas and business goals for Ribbon Wands. It doesn't seem like all that much, but I haven't really been doing anything in this department, so less is more for now.

I'm also organizing and tidying t…

Winter Break

Can't say it's been one of the best winter holiday's. The sickness has come and gone and revisited more times than I care to admit and the trial of sickness through celebration is one I suck at. I just don't fake it well, at least not for long. The routine of school is something I'm really looking forward to. Bring it on!I went shopping at one of the local scrapbook stores yesterday. Found a few things, but for the most part, I feel really content with what I have. I toyed with the idea of challenging myself to use up my stash this year and buy nothing new for my personal scrapbooking. I don't think I'll do it fully, but for the most part, I want to try this challenge. I really don't need anything new and should be using what I have.
Kia's playroom is changing. Changing because her play is changing. Changing because she's growing and how she interacts with her space is maturing. I don't feel sad about this new phase, I think it both…
These demotivators from keep cracking me up. So wrong...but so funny.

Calling all girlfriends

See this one. Bring kleenex. Love the one your with just a little more.


Playin' in the studio this afternoon. I was working on some new ribbon wands and figured I'd use up my Mod Podge on some other projects as well. Here's a little mini calendar for my keychain. It's super cute and hopefully somewhat useful. Feels good to play again. The flu left me exhausted and having energy to do anything feels incredible!