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2008 Theme

Embark- board ship, set sail, put to
sea, take off, undertake, venture into,
turn one's hand to, engage,
When I think of the word, embark, it feels like the moment you set foot on the sand after planning that dream vacation. It's the undertaking of your heart's desire. I feel like 2008 will be that process for me. One I am preparing for both personally and professionally, spiritually and physically. I want to experience new and exciting things with my family. I want to tell new stories try things that maybe I thought I couldn't do, and maybe nobody ever thought I would try. I want to initiate meaningful conversations with those I love. I want to undertake a year of loving and living to the fullest. I want to know each day that what I turn my hand to, I love and value. In all I do I want to feel that my hands are at the helm, that God is guiding the journey and that I'm really living my life. Not waiting for some magical day in the future, but enjoying the her…


Going through photos acts like a little touchstone of memories to me. It's been a busy year. Lots of changes and big events. Lots of lessons learned and milestones met. For Russ and I, one of the biggest thing has been changes in careers. Workmanship Builders beginning. Ribbon Wands really taking hold. IDL Projects and a reenergized passion towards work. It's been nothing but blessings for both of us and we're so grateful for these changes. It also marked the 10th anniversary of our marriage...which we celebrated by a fall getaway to Victoria.

Kia went from grade 2 to grade 3 and turned the ripe old age of 8. She got the chicken pox, rode her scooter EVERYWHERE, and was the lead dancer in her hip hop class. She continued to make friends and stay busy, while Russ and I struggled to adjust to changes in our little girl. We had lots of fun memories with family: visiting the Websters in Mountain View, family gatherings, camping, saying goodbye to Darren and Family as they mov…


I have a gift. I always seem to look at the clock at exactly the same time everyday: 12:34. 1 2 3 4. My daily sequence. In other news...Illness is still the headline of the day. The stomach flu combined with ain't pretty folks! Hoping I'm getting better. Kia is almost back to normal. Russ seems to be hanging in there. I took a turn for the worse last night, but hope I'm now on the upswing. Hopefully the family Christmas gathering can happen...a day later, but it works out better cuz Leanne and maybe some of her kidlets can be there too. That's all I have to report for now other than I'm really really looking forward to 2008!


Feeling horrible. Drove to the medicentre and it was I kept driving to Gateway. The wait was way better and I got to see a doctor that I've enjoyed in the past. Only today he is no longer a buddy of mine. Kia has bronchitis and he wrote her prescription wrong. He basically gave her a dosage that would be adequate for a small elephant, not so much an 8 year old. Now the pharmacist can't track him down to get it verified. Nice. So the medical system is not really on my side today...


I usually share favorite memories, photos and items of that year on my blog over the last few days of December. I'm currently down with some illness and Kia is also, hers being much worse than mine and rather worriesome to me...but in an effort to get my worried mind onto something else I thought I'd share my favorite cookbook of the year.This is a pricey one folks, so I'd recommend putting your name down on the waiting list at the library and checking this out if you don't want to fork over the $35.00 - $44.00 this book costs. Having said that, it's well worth it and an absolute staple cookbook in my rather largish collection. You can literally sit down and read about preparing food like it was the secret to the DaVinci Code. It's that riveting. And no, there are no pictures, but I didn't miss them.

I often felt like I was sitting down with a great master who knew and loved food, and the cooking gods had been kind enough to allow her to tell me some of thei…

Christmas with the Barking Seal

The Christmas tradition of someone being sick for Christmas was continued this year. Luckily it wasn't a stomach bug (that was Sunday). Kia managed to withstand the school flu that left over 60 children absent from school prior to Christmas break, only to get sick once Christmas break began. She's been a trooper though. While I've been a tad less stable.

Monday night we had the missionaries from our ward over for Christmas Eve. I made a meal of cornish pasties, gravy, peas and gravy - reminiscent of his favorite meal from England. Pretty risky to try something this labour intensive and new on Christmas Eve but luckily it turned out great. We played RukShuk for hours and finally little KiKi almost begged to go to bed. She was just not herself and completely exhausted. She even whispered, "Mom, can you take care of the cookies and oats for Santa and the Reindeer, I'm just too tired." Break my heart!

In her bedtime prayer she said, "I'm thankful for famil…

To you and you and you

Merry Christmas to friends far and near! Thinking of you and wishing you all the happiness in the world.

The Clean Up

Ki Ki's room has been in dire need of a good cleaning since school started. There seemed to always be a corner that was filled with toys and papers, bags full of odds and ends and laundry tossed here and there. She was keen for my help last night to clean it, it had stopped being a fun place to be.

We got to work for a solid two hours, going through every book, every bag, every corner, filling bags of clothes for goodwill and baskets of toys that she no longer used. I asked Kia what she wanted her room to be...and she responded that she really wanted a room that was relaxing. So every item she wasn't sure of, we'd ask: is this going to help you relax in your room? She'd then send it to her playroom, or give it away. I was really impressed with how quickly she "got it".

I snapped this picture afterwards...she had dimmed all the lights and sat at her desk, doing some journaling. It made me smile and was my personal reward for all the hard work.


I feel really grateful for so many things right now: For a life free of medications. For creative outlets that let me express myself artistically. For amazing friends who support me and fit me into their lives. For a family that I love and cherish and want more than anything in the world to be with and enjoy forever.

I'm grateful for the little things that brighten my life: for the way babies dance and smile. For my daughters contagious laughter. For a car that starts. For Christmas photos of friends amd family. For genuine thank you's. For homemade Christmas presents. For clean sheets and shiny sinks.

For these and gifts that go unnoticed...I am blessed beyond measure by my Savior. We truly all are.

Gift Giving

My obsession with cookbooks lead me to a great idea this year. Well, I think it's a great idea. Teacher gifts and neighbour gifts are always a hard one, mainly because there are sooo darn many teachers and neighbours. I like baking and all...but seriously can't bake enough to impress a dozen people. While looking through one of our cookbooks I saw this cute shaker idea and thought it would make a fun and easy gift for all the folks who make this list. It's simply cinnamon sugar, packaged with the label at the beginning of this post and packaged all purty.

We found the shakers at Ikea. Added a fun little ornament and filled to the brim with cinnamon sugar. Perfect for cinnamon toast, french toast, or sprinkled on top of whipping cream. It's one of those little things that will make someone smile...and that's what giving is all about!

2008 Focus

I’ve adopted the Ali Edwards idea of finding one word at the beginning of each year that I can focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life.I also try to make it a positive word…a word that has no negative vibes attached to it (so the word stop, wouldn’t work for me…but begin would).Last year my word was Action.I was feeling unfocused and stagnant.I would often make grand plans and have little to no follow through.The word, action, was my call to arms.It was my personal battle cry to my own self-doubt and laziness.I still struggled, I still fell short every now and then, but I improved bit by bit and in the end managed to make an idea into a thriving business because I didn’t sit around talking about doing it.I called myself to action and I did it. Now I’m pondering my word for 2008.Candidates have been believe, accomplish, savor, balance, calm, appreciate, journey.All words that have a strong personal pull to me.Words that illicit goals and personal direction.I …

Oh Figgy

Yup...this was the sunrise this looked spectacular against the white snow that is covering the ground. I should have walked to the field to get the best shot...but the backyard is sooo much closer. Truly, this photo doesn't even do it justice.

Well, I'm cleaning the house today. Cleaning like my Mother In Law is coming over (but she totally isn't). I want a clean house for Christmas!!! Ribbon Wands has aborbed so much of my time and energy that my little house has suffered. We did a good job catching up on Saturday, but it's not Mother In Law clean. ;)

Thought I'd share a little snippet of conversation between me and Russ the other day in closing. We were traveling home from dinner at a friends house and listening to Christmas music on the radio.

Russ: Singing...So bring us some yummy pudding.

Me: Figgy.

Russ: Still singing...So bring us some yummy pudding.

Me: Figgy.

Awkward pause

Russ: So what are you saying?

Me: They don't say: So bring us some yummy pu…

When Snakes Attack

First off, here is the new tree. It's a beast. It almost touches our ceiling. We don't have a star or an angel for the top yet, so we are hanging an egg carton wreath Kia made in school there in place of said star or angel until we find "the one".

We did go see Fred Claus on Saturday and Kia really didn't like it. I think there was too much fighting and arguing and that doesn't really connect to Christmas for her. Plus , I think the fact that Tim Allen wasn't playing Santa Claus, tarnished the experience as well. I laughed in a few spots and found the gift Santa gave his brother to be a wonderful true holiday that was all good.

We decorated our gingerbread train on Saturday. There is a story about this train...

In person it looks like this train is tearing down the tracks taking a hard left (that is because it's kinda falling over but this plays into the story). So it's tearing through the gumdrop gardens of Christmas land because on the o…

Bring on the holidays

I'm expecting the delivery of two turtle doves from my true love. They should be here any minute now. While I wait with my partridge in a pear tree, I can tell you that I'm officially on holidays!! The Ribbon Wand Shop sold out and I'm now awaiting an order of new ribbon to arrive over the holidays and then the fun of designing new wands begins in the new year. The fun of it...I can't wait!

Russ brought home a bunch of gift cards from work the other day for Save On Foods. I usually don't enjoy shopping at Save On Foods, but when it's someone elses money, it's somewhat more enjoyable. It's one of those grocery stores that you can't find the food in. All the middle isles are filled with shampoo, wine making kits, paper towels, kitchen food! Because of this trauma, when I got home I decided to make my winter steak dish.

Let me explain what a winter steak dish is: I chop up 3 big potatoes, an onion and add tons of carrots and some minced g…

YouTube Happiness

And if you haven't seen this one'll understand it's popularity: Man Cold

Nikki's Cool Finds before Christmas

When it's probably too late to buy it, make it or do anything about it; I'll share it. I'm just that abstract random folks!
This is called a Thumb Thing. For all my fellow one handed readers out there...this little gizmo is a MUST HAVE.
Made these marble magnets with the YW last week. They are super easy really cute.
Bought this apron for Kia from the girls at Domistylegifts at the Butterdome Craft fair. Really well made product and lots of other cute stuff at their site.
Fortune Cookie Games just may be the fun touch you're looking for as you plan your next gathering.
Smelly Stix are homemade playdough packs. Only they are SOooooOOOooo much better than anything I've mixed up in a pot. This stuff is amazing.
The Wishing Fish is a great online shop. Some favorites: Revenge CD and earplugs, Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure, I wanted this Snoopy Snow Cone machine when I was younger and no one would buy it for me...So many other fun ideas and crazy gifts.
Stuart Smalley…

Life is good

I've been too busy to really stop and think about my life. Gotta love quizzes and blog tags to help your brain focus on something that doesn't cause a shut down. The last few weeks have had me so busy that the very act of slowing down to contemplate my life almost caused me to shut down completely because I would become overwhelmed. So I would just focus on what was right in front of me and 'get her done'.

I feel like the little engine that could. Only I'm a Mom, not a train and my toys are Ribbon Wands, but still for good little boys and girls on the other side of some mountains. Just chugging along, focusing, appreciating, creating, breathing...hanging in there. I'm thinking things will be back to a normal pace now that the Christmas shipping deadlines have almost past. It's been a great Christmas season for the Wands! I'm excited and grateful and exhausted.

Russ is a busy boy at IDL. I think he has three or four buildings on the go. He is pas…

Christmas Q & A

Might as well make this 3 for 3 this week.
I love wrapping paper and the process of unwrapping a present is half the fun of Christmas morning!! Shaking the box, listening for sound it makes, the weight of it and then there's the pretty paper...come on!
2. REAL OR FAKE TREE? Crazy huge prelit tree.
3. WHEN DO YOU PUT UP THE TREE? The first week of December (often the first Sunday of December but we went earlier this year).
5. DO YOU LIKE EGG NOG? In small quantities it's lovely. But I hit my egg nog limit pretty quick.
6. FAVORITE GIFT RECEIVED AS A CHILD? This stuffed animal I wanted. I still have it, it's named Chicklet. It was the last Christmas my Mom was I think it carries that sentimental memory.
7. DO YOU HAVE A NATIVITY SCENE? Yes. It was a wedding gift. We broke Kia's last year...but I'm thinking she's going to get that replaced this year...we've put the word…

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This tagging business rocks when you're busy!

What is your husband's name: Russyl Workman
How long have you been married: Over 10 years!
How long did you date before you got married: 4 months from first date to wedding day
Who eats more: probably me in every sense, more often, more variety...more more more!
Who said I love you first: I have no idea...but I know we've said it! lol
Who is taller: Russ
Who sings better: That would be me. Russ has a singing voice identical to his talking voice. It's an experience.
Who is smarter: Tie. He's left brained and I'm right brained so together we create one functioning brain.
Whose temper is worse: For stupid stuff it would be me. For rare and intense outbursts directed at poor sorry souls who jerked him would be Russ.
Who does the laundry: What is this laundry you speak of?
Who does the dishes: Ugh. Me, though not as much or as often as I should and Russ is always quick to help.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: …

Girl's Weekend

Russ spent the weekend away on business in B.C. and that left me and Kia home alone for a girls weekend.

Friday: We decorated the Christmas tree. Kia wrapped ribbon around the green garland I strung down the staircase and I haven't even redone it, though I really wanted to. We did pretty hair-do's, read books, played Frog Tennis, tidied the house, did some Christmas shopping and went to the movie theatre to watch Enchanted.

Saturday: We lounged the morning away. Headed to the church at noon to sing at the Creche exhibit. Played more games, bought some supplies for ribbon wands. Went to the movies again and saw Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium (see below), Sewed crazy stuffed animals and watched the first half of Anne of Green Gables.

Sunday: We watched the second half of Anne of Green Gables, did crafts, read Christmas stories, went to church, had a big Turkey Dinner, and waited for Russ to finally get home (5 hours later than originally planned due to snowstorms).

Wonder Emporium Indeed

Wow. Wow. Wow. I LOVED this movie. Seriously, if Jane Austen had never existed this would be my new most favorite movie of all time. I loved it that much. I've read lots of reviews on this movie, many reviews that found the movie quiet and boring...and I'll add mine to the pile:

It's a simple story with a magical backdrop. The people are quirky and happy and full of love. There are no evil doers out to hurt or foil their magical plans. There are simple scenes of complete joy and people saying, "I love you" because they really truly mean it. It shows kids how to make a new friend. It talks about how to let go when a loved one goes to heaven. And then how to keep going and not sink into darkness. And while it does all this it embraces the joy of messy, elaborate play at it's bright, wonderful best.