To be or not to be

I could be done kid shopping for Christmas. I'm not going to say I am, because it will end up being a big fat lie. By done I mean: I have enough variety of big and little things to fill the stockings and make a respectable Christmas morning appearance. Haven't found the BIG ONE yet, haven't gotten the jammies yet and I'm open to more little stocking stuffer items, should they find their way into my shopping basket. But if all the stores closed from now until Christmas I think we would suffer through. But let's hope that doesn't happen.

And can I just add that I am not a fan of the Walmart Superstore. It's just too darn big ya'll! Makes me wish for a nice small indoor market that I can stroll through, with wicker baskets full of produce and shiny stainless steel shelves lined with local jams and spices...all at Walmart prices. Stop could happen. Instead it felt like hell was full and the dead were walking the isles of Walmart. I wanted to shake them and scream, it's not too late...head for the light! Instead I bolted and saved myself.

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