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5 Thing I was Doing 10 Years Ago
  1. Working at Scotiabank
  2. Preparing for my first Christmas with Russ
  3. Worrying about my Dad
  4. Young Women's President
  5. Using public transit
5 Things I was Doing 5 Years Ago
  1. Trying to sell our townhouse in Calgary
  2. Getting really fat, eating comfort food while Russ worked in Edmonton
  3. Running a dayhome (shout out to Rhys, Grace and Shaunie)
  4. Keeping my house spotlessly clean
  5. Using public transit
5 Things I was doing 1 Year Ago
  1. Teaching Sunbeams with Russ
  2. Remembering my Grandfather who passed away
  3. Hanging orange curtains in my living room
  4. Trying to have every room in my house clean at the exact same time
  5. Scrapbooking
5 Snacks I Really Enjoy
  1. Sweet and Salty Granola bars
  2. Mandarin Oranges
  3. Chocolate Nuggets
  4. Icy cold Kool-aid (I know, but I do)
  5. Love Hearts
5 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Moved furniture
  2. Made French Toast for supper
  3. Bought a new Christmas tree
  4. Complained about my ear
  5. Watched the final Die Hard movie
5 Jobs I’ve Had
  1. Used Book Store (I kept the shelves organized)
  2. Waitress
  3. Child Counsellor at a Women's Shelter
  4. Bankrupcy Administrator for Scotiabank
  5. Office Manager for Chiropractic and Massage Office
5 Things I Would Do if I Had a Million Dollars
  1. Renovate my house
  2. Get an awesome dishwasher
  3. Travel
  4. Worry less
  5. Save
5 T.V. Shows I Like
  1. 30 Rock (Tina Fey is my girl crush)
  2. The Closer
  3. Heroes
  4. Lost
  5. Rules of Engagement
5 Things I Hate Doing
  1. Laundry
  2. Vomiting
  3. Paying for car repairs
  4. Feeling stranded or abandoned
  5. Math
5 Biggest Joys of the Moment
  1. Christmas Preparations
  2. Liking who I am and where I am in my life
  3. Doing Yoga
  4. Cooking
  5. My relationship with my family
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