In Memoriam

This TV entered my life in 1987 during the Stanley Cup Playoff's. My Mom was a huge Oiler's fan and Dad purchased this TV so she could watch the boys in blue kick some Flyer hinney. There was the mysterious channel changing episode of 1992...where the TV mysteriously changed channels of it's own accord. Losing the clicker in 1994. Moving to Alberta in 1999. Eventually becoming the much loved and much used "kids tv" of the house for the past 3 years. It died a loud and staticky death on Saturday November 16th at approximately 4:30pm MST. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her, except mayhap one heartless member of the household who was quick to toss the words, "new" and "flat screen" around only moments after her demise. Thanks for being you, Old Girl. I don't think there is another object in this house that I have spent so many endless hours of my time with, we were tight, you and me. Farewell...farewell...

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