First snow

K...we've had a light dusting a couple times but today was the first snow that required us to remove snow from our I'm feeling the winter pull. I am so ill prepared for it. Going to the island was wonderful but an evil side effect of the vacation is that I am so wigged out weather wise. I am constantly freezing. Constantly!

Worked outside in the yard on Saturday, burning the hundreds of tree branches that fell with the leaves and covering up the season stuff. The yard looks so neat and tidy. I have some big dreams, huge actually and Victoria is entirely to blame. Good heavens but the gardens are glorious there. Just stunning. Russ gave me the go ahead to spend the money to make it happen. So I'm going to be planning and budgetting the winter away, eagerly awaiting spring.

But spring is some time from now. The outdoor Christmas decor has come out on the street. Which means you can probably see my Greek neighbours yard from Calgary. But it also means I am almost done my Christmas shopping. Kia's Christmas this year will be over 50% handmade, because I LOVE etsy. Dang that place rocks and I happily await my weekly deliveries. Russ on the other hand is a different animal. I don't think he's flip for homemade underwear that say: sometimes I worry about zombies. I have some ideas but nothing Homemade is going to cut it for my tech savvy hubby. He helpfully keeps pulling out flyer ads for me, and I like the system.

Off to a girls night tonight. Considering how sleepy I am right now, it will probably be an early night or at the very least a sugar induced late night. ;)

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