Electricutions, dishwashers and printers

Russ almost died today. For real. Thank God he was using the right tool for the electrical job he was doing in the kitchen, cuz if he wasn't I would have a husband in the hospital, if he was lucky enough to survive the electric shock. We thought he'd turned off the correct breaker and indeed, the dishwasher light played along and would not light up. Nope, as soon as he set in on the wire there was a huge snap sound followed by a giant fire spark. The wire scrapper tool saved his life, because he was holding onto the insulated PVC handles...not the metal. It's safe to say it FREAKED THE BEJEBUS out of all of us...Russ the most for obvious reasons.

All this happened because Russ brought home a new to us dishwasher. I don't know if I've lamented our dishwasher whoa's but we've been without a working dishwasher for months. I've refused to repair it because I truly believe it is a piece of crap when it's working, so why bother. Russ nabbed this one from a demo job. I was really excited till I saw it. It's little. About 2/3rds the size of regular one. If it was in your home bar you'd love this baby. But it's in my kitchen. Whatever. At least I can use the dishwasher on my most hated handwash items...CUTLERY. It will fit all our bowls, plates and cups...so we'll just wash the rest by hand. Better than what we had before...and it will work for now. Though not worth a near death experience.
And finally if anyone in the area is interested in our old LEXMARK X5150 Printer/scanner combo, it's yours. A new black and color cartridge for this baby runs for about $82 bucks. Pricey! We picked up the unit pictured above today for the businesses that we hope isn't as pricey in the long run on cartridges.

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