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Happy Nikki Day

No it's not my birthday, it's just a day that I have made all about me. LOL. Sadly, there is still laundry to be done on Nikki Day, but I'll survive. Now I'm wasting precious selfish time blogging, and surely have better things to be doing on Nikki Day.

So do something nice for the Nikki in your life today. ;)

Trucking along...

Things are busy busy busy with Ribbon Wands. Thank you all so much for your continued support of this soon to not be so little venture!

Happy Monday

I remembered my facebook password today.
Took me 30 minutes to shovel the snow off the driveway.Me and Kia slept in till 8 but still managed to get to school on time.
I really wish we had a container store in Edmonton.
If I was going to open my own store it would be the container store and I would never make money because I would be paid in containers.
Kari Lynn and I don't really shop in stores together, but we shop online while talking on the phone. So I guess that counts.Depressing poetry is sometimes hilarious. I don't know if it was meant to be funny but I laughed out loud reading this.
I LOVE having a working dishwasher again.
Last night I imagined inventing a self cleaning fridge while drifting off to sleep.Russ says that what you think about when you have nothing vying for your attention is a direct lesson as to what you should be.
I'm a fridge inventor.

Electricutions, dishwashers and printers

Russ almost died today. For real. Thank God he was using the right tool for the electrical job he was doing in the kitchen, cuz if he wasn't I would have a husband in the hospital, if he was lucky enough to survive the electric shock. We thought he'd turned off the correct breaker and indeed, the dishwasher light played along and would not light up. Nope, as soon as he set in on the wire there was a huge snap sound followed by a giant fire spark. The wire scrapper tool saved his life, because he was holding onto the insulated PVC handles...not the metal. It's safe to say it FREAKED THE BEJEBUS out of all of us...Russ the most for obvious reasons.

All this happened because Russ brought home a new to us dishwasher. I don't know if I've lamented our dishwasher whoa's but we've been without a working dishwasher for months. I've refused to repair it because I truly believe it is a piece of crap when it's working, so why bother. Russ nabbed this one from …

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5 Thing I was Doing 10 Years Ago
Working at ScotiabankPreparing for my first Christmas with RussWorrying about my DadYoung Women's PresidentUsing public transit
5 Things I was Doing 5 Years Ago
Trying to sell our townhouse in CalgaryGetting really fat, eating comfort food while Russ worked in EdmontonRunning a dayhome (shout out to Rhys, Grace and Shaunie)Keeping my house spotlessly cleanUsing public transit
5 Things I was doing 1 Year Ago
Teaching Sunbeams with RussRemembering my Grandfather who passed awayHanging orange curtains in my living roomTrying to have every room in my house clean at the exact same timeScrapbooking
5 Snacks I Really Enjoy
Sweet and Salty Granola barsMandarin OrangesChocolate NuggetsIcy cold Kool-aid (I know, but I do)Love Hearts
5 Things I Did Yesterday
Moved furnitureMade French Toast for supperBought a new Christmas treeComplained about my earWatched the final Die Hard movie
5 Jobs I’ve Had
Used Bo…

To be or not to be

I could be done kid shopping for Christmas. I'm not going to say I am, because it will end up being a big fat lie. By done I mean: I have enough variety of big and little things to fill the stockings and make a respectable Christmas morning appearance. Haven't found the BIG ONE yet, haven't gotten the jammies yet and I'm open to more little stocking stuffer items, should they find their way into my shopping basket. But if all the stores closed from now until Christmas I think we would suffer through. But let's hope that doesn't happen.

And can I just add that I am not a fan of the Walmart Superstore. It's just too darn big ya'll! Makes me wish for a nice small indoor market that I can stroll through, with wicker baskets full of produce and shiny stainless steel shelves lined with local jams and spices...all at Walmart prices. Stop could happen. Instead it felt like hell was full and the dead were walking the isles of Walmart. I wanted to…

First snow

K...we've had a light dusting a couple times but today was the first snow that required us to remove snow from our I'm feeling the winter pull. I am so ill prepared for it. Going to the island was wonderful but an evil side effect of the vacation is that I am so wigged out weather wise. I am constantly freezing. Constantly!

Worked outside in the yard on Saturday, burning the hundreds of tree branches that fell with the leaves and covering up the season stuff. The yard looks so neat and tidy. I have some big dreams, huge actually and Victoria is entirely to blame. Good heavens but the gardens are glorious there. Just stunning. Russ gave me the go ahead to spend the money to make it happen. So I'm going to be planning and budgetting the winter away, eagerly awaiting spring.

But spring is some time from now. The outdoor Christmas decor has come out on the street. Which means you can probably see my Greek neighbours yard from Calgary. But it also means I am almost …

In Memoriam

This TV entered my life in 1987 during the Stanley Cup Playoff's. My Mom was a huge Oiler's fan and Dad purchased this TV so she could watch the boys in blue kick some Flyer hinney. There was the mysterious channel changing episode of 1992...where the TV mysteriously changed channels of it's own accord. Losing the clicker in 1994. Moving to Alberta in 1999. Eventually becoming the much loved and much used "kids tv" of the house for the past 3 years. It died a loud and staticky death on Saturday November 16th at approximately 4:30pm MST. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her, except mayhap one heartless member of the household who was quick to toss the words, "new" and "flat screen" around only moments after her demise. Thanks for being you, Old Girl. I don't think there is another object in this house that I have spent so many endless hours of my time with, we were tight, you and me. Farewell...farewell...


Some pics: Fisherman's wharf, BC Royal Museum, Minature World, Underwater Sea World, Craigdarroch Castle, Fort Rodd Hill Lighthouse, Sooke beach, Chinatown, Butchardt Garden...


Don't really have the energy to upload oodles of I don't think you would really care to see them all. But I have to share one. This photo represents the island to me; wild, mossy, rugged beauty. The sun hit this moss covered tree as we hiked along the west coast Ocean Trail outside of Sooke. And I was lucky enough to be there to see it.

Homeward Bound

Well, here I sit in our Hotel room that overlooks the Inner Harbour. From our room we have the most stunning view of the parliment buildings, which currently sits glowing in white lights, with blackness beyond that is the dark waters of the pacific ocean. It's been a wonderful vacation. The days have been long, the weather, sometimes severe, but more often mild and quick to produce sunshine, has allowed us to explore the city and all it has to offer. I have lots of photos to be warned...I'll be home soon!

Call for links

Firefox ate my bookmarks. Like ALL of them. Sucky! So, I'd really appreciate it if you would share some favourite bookmarked sites that you visit. I need to manage some bookmarks! I have NOTHING but what is in my sidebar on my own blog. Sad...

I'm also probably not going to be around for a week and a bit. So, if I don't respond to your amazing link, be patient, I'm sure I'll obsessively check it out eventually.


Loving: preparations for our upcoming holiday!
Wanting: a new dishwasher.
Reading: Just finished The Thirteenth Tale. It was okay.
Smelling: Gingerbread hand lotion I bought online. YUMMO.
Making: Homemade pizza tonight.
Taking: Kia to skating tonight. We skipped last week, due to Halloween.
Buying: The new Tide Aloe and White Lilic Laundry soap and dryer sheets.

Grade 3 Growing Pains

Last year Kia's best friend moved away around this time of year. This year Kia's best friend at school just moved away also. Seriously my kid can't catch a break. I had a lunch supervisor, who is also the mom to a kid in Kia's class come running up to me on Friday to tell me that Kia wasn't playing with anyone at lunch. When I asked Kia about it, she named 3 friends she had been playing with, but said she got too cold and just sat on the edge of field and waited for the bell to ring at the end of recess. Today, she said she didn't play with anyone because she was sooo tired. Hmmm...

On another school issue: I'm struggling with Kia's teacher this year. I've had nothing but great relationships with her teachers so far. This year, it's not the same. We don't click. Truth be told, part of it stems from me being a tad pissed about her breaking Kia's FM, not telling me and seemingly making it my problem. Basically, she is coming off as a battle…


Thanks to everyone involved in Kia's baptism this weekend! It was a wonderful experience for Kia, and we appreciate the time and effort made by our family and friends to attend.

A Decade

still you...still me...still connecting...still trying...still enjoying...still loving...