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Super Girl has landed

Our triad of costumes this year: Hanna Montana (aka Rock Star), Evil Queen for school and Super Girl for trick or treating. Gorgeous weather tonight! We figured the kids would be out in droves! Only about 20 trick or treaters so far, and I'm not really expecting any more. So a quiet one. Kia ran around with all her neighbourhood buddies and then managed to sweet talk Russ into taking her to the festivities at Millenium Place where they still are. Good times...

Happy Halloween!

library day. pack costume. paint kia's fingernails black red. evil queen costume ironed and ready. pack lunch and halloween treats for class. garbage day. laundry. make chicken noodle soup. kia has skating. phone jakie. buy pumpkins. buy halloween candy on sale. clean the bathrooms. fold some laundry. mail some packages. HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Book of Life

So my deep thought lately is about the book of life. We've all probably heard the reference that somewhere a record is being kept of our life here on earth. Someday this book will be opened and the story of life will be told. It's an interesting concept and one often used to point out the benefits to us of making good choices and maybe guilting us into submission by the public "outing" of our sins as a motivator for good.

What if our body is our book of life. What if every fibre in our bodies tells our story and keeps the record of our actions here on earth. What is your body saying about you? Is it underused, overdue for maintenance, are we helping or hindering it's functions? I don't know if this is true, but I do know that the significance of being born to this life and given this body is an act of stewardship. It is ours to keep pure or malign. And truly could there be a better record keeper of our own life than our own experience...our own brain…

Not long now...

Handed out some little invites on Sunday for Kia's baptism. Busily trying to get things ready for Kia's big day. We're pretty excited! I keep finding things that need to be done. Tomorrow's Halloween, the day after that is our anniversary and then a day after that is the baptism. Good things come in three's right?


Booked a non-refundable getaway today. Dude, we have to go, or we lose money and I know my husband won't let that happen. We're heading to Victoria for a week after Kia's baptism this weekend. Bring on the seafood baby!


Whew...tired. Busy day.

Kia opened her presents first thing. The big one was a HUGE hit and we have hours of video and play by play of the days activities recorded because of it. I'd share some, but it's upstairs, I'm downstairs and see above: me tired. Very. She also got Webkinz #2; a bunny she named Fluffy and a game. Lunch at Red Robins, swimming at Millenium Place, trunk or treat (she dressed up as a rock star) and a family dance at the church filled up our day entirely.

My girl's 8!

Little update

Made Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes for Kia's class for her birthday.No school tomorrow.Dropped off Kia's new scriptures to get her name embossed on the cover.Miss Kiki is really struggling with a certain aspect of math right now, while other areas she is cruising through. Russ and her have been working from after supper till bedtime on it together and seem to making headway.
We're ready for her birthday on Saturday. No party this year, as her baptism dinner will constitute as her birthday gathering, she seems okay with this.
I'd also say I'm 50% done Christmas shopping for Kia. Gotta love etsy!
Speaking of etsy my store is hopping today! Sweet!

Hey Ya'll

No photo of Russ yet, and I don't mind the perm. Will try to remember to take a photo. Russ took one of himself during the process on his camera phone...should try to get him to send me that one.

So my life is SUPER crazy for the next two weeks as we lead up to Kia's birthday and baptism. Throw Halloween, our 10th wedding anniversary, trunk or treat, school, dance, skating, YW's, cubs, planning for feeding everyone at the baptism and trying to have my house ready for relatives to visit into the fray and we are a pretty busy bunch of bears over the next 10 days.

The above photo is one thing checked off my list. It is the candy bowl for the trunk or treat at the church this Saturday (on Kia's 8th birthday). I made a big batch of Muddy Buddies for the occassion. Kia's was pretty happy she came home for lunch today, as she consumed a fair amount of Muddy Buddies over lunch. We are also baking and decorating sugar cookies for the event on Friday as she's home from sch…

Hairy family

Kia did this video today. My family is obsessed with hair.

Guess what...

Russ is getting a perm today. For real.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Hahahahahahaha...can't stop laughing about fact I've been brought to tears over my laughing fits.

K...I'm going to call him right now and see what he says about it:

Me: How's the hair?
Russ: Oh just getting used to it. It's curlier than I hoped.

This could be ya anyway babe! For the story of WHY on earth Russ is getting a perm...i'll leave that story for him to tell.


Sickness in this house. To the extreme! Russ is beyond ill. I can't remember him ever being so ill (stomach flu) or me having less energy to endure him being sick. I'm kinda taking a lesson from his playbook when I'm sick. I'm leaving him alone. I'm on disinfect mode...cuz the germ factor's gotta be high!

Kia has crazy amounts of homework this weekend. Easily 8 hours of homework. Compounded because she missed Thursday, but it feels extreme. We've been at it on and off since Friday and we haven't even gotten to her spelling words yet.

Updated my etsy store today. Love that place, but uploading is time consuming! Seriously, I have to get faster at this thing or it will suck 90% of my enthusiasm away.

Have a good one, and wish the Workman's a good night sleep!


Hemingway allegedly wrote a 6 word novel. It reads as follows:
For sale: Baby shoes, never used. I can't stop thinking about this phrase tonight...

Pre Crop

Thanks for coming over to play girls! My scraproom is such a work in progress...will it ever be done? Need to get that blue door out of the corner and into the garage, need drawer covers on the drawers, more storage. Russ is mid build on my ribbon wand workshop area which is just at the left of the photo where the white leg is...the black shelves on the opposite corner are prebuilt units for the bar height work area he's making me. I figure when the room is set up the way I want and if we invade Kia's playroom, I could easily have 7 or 8 scrappers down here with all their stuff.

A snippet into this moment

One week from Kia's last tummy troubles we enter another. For lack of a better term, she has CP (crapper pants ya'll). Nice. And by nice I mean gross and ewww and why us, why now? Because today we invited a friend of hers from school to come over for lunch. I tried calling this little girls parents this morning at 7:10 but they had already left to take her to before school care. True story. So now I have to figure out what to make this kid for lunch, a kid that is not mine, and bring it to the school so she doesn't starve. That's my life right now. How's yours?


Vacuumed the floor in my scraproom.
Paper bits everywhere no more.
Brownie crumbs with frosting in the pan.
Running across the soccer field.
Bill Cosby...I'm not his people, I think. Not sure. But I believe his passion.
Candles burning.
Mashed Potatoes and turkey for supper.
Big hair. Big.
Trying for a limp hair day, didn't work.
Bought two tables.
I am a seated scrapper. Didn't make the cut.
Couldn't find the phone.
It was in the kitchen sink.
For real.
Moulin Rouge playing while I wash dishes.
Kia seems tired. Growing. Busy.
Thinking about the perm Russ is getting next week.
Excited about crop night 2nite!!

Good night

Just got in from a night around the firepit. LOVE IT!

Scrap Night 411

I love me a scrap night! I've been meaning to have one for this Wednesday is the night! 6-11 in my studio/playroom. Hope to have a quick bite to eat here at the house, and then start some projects...

Planned projects:
Teacher Gift - It's a colored pencil bouquet...totally adorable! I'll have the containers, floral foam and we can get started. You'll have to supply the colored pencils and possibly some more fillers for the bouquet. All of which can be purchased at a later date.
Round Robin Page Swap. We each work on eachothers layouts for 10 minutes then switch.
Lots of challenge ideasCard making tableFree time to scrap whatever you wantWhat to bring...
Basic supplies - photos (only about 6 sets of photos are necessary, to many makes it hard to choose and you don't want to spend all night pouring over photos) paper cutter (make sure that blade is sharp), scissors, journaling pen, adhesive, cardstock, pp, letter stickers (if you have em), preprinted computer jo…

The Play is the Thing

I know I've waxed poetic before, but the past few days have been Autumn perfection. For real. Blue skies, mild weather, work and play outside. We opened this air hog rocket launcher I bought in June and we all took turns launching rockets in the backyard. Russ looked like a kid again as he would launch his rocket and try to catch it before it landed. The roof caught the rocket a couple times, but Russ only had to climb up and get the rocket once. Not bad, for 100+ launches.

Kia and I did some errands Saturday morning that took us to a new toy store in town (that would like to carry my ribbon wands - COOLNESS). Bought Kia one of these puppets...and it is hysterical. It's like having a really enthusiastic ventriloquist, but really bad ventriloquist living in the house. Her name is Sally Sidesaddle and she sings duets with Kia, when nobody is looking.

Made the first batch of cinnamon buns yesterday. Didn't turn out quite as yummy as I hoped but they're still pretty darn del…

This in 6

This week is strange. Strange like, why is it Friday? Dude, where did the rest of the week go? Wednesday night I was sucked back into the mothering vortex of a barfing kid. Heaven help me, but I am one cranked out Mom during these bouts of projectile vomiting. Laundry should not be happening at 1am. It's just wrong. Yes, and you concerned individuals; Kia is fine...all better...bad stuff gone and out of her tiny body. This Last Scrapper Standing thing is really teaching me things about myself. Like, I should not enter contests because they suck years off my life. I obsess people. It's way bad. Plus, my layouts look so freaking better in real image can translate the real deal. This awesome new recipe blog started yesterday. Seriously cool people involved in this one.This studio of mine is a sty and a half. I threw a bunch of stuff in my little crop-wheeler-thing-a- ma-jig for scrapping with Shelly in Mountain View. Came home, dumped it all out, and repacked it for YW…


This last photo I call: Webster's: the musical. Probably not the one they are going to put on their wall, but it cracks me up!

Celebrated Thanksgiving in Mountain View with the Websters. Thanks for hosting the festivities you guys! We had fun. Feels like we've been gone for ages.

Lots to do. Just finished my LSS round 2 layout and uploaded it. This one took some time folks...and I like fast that did suck some fun out of it for me, but I really like the end result. Check it out here if you have the time.

I have lots of ribbon wand work to do, so I best get crackin'!

Cryptic Heroes Post

I'm on the list.

Now what.

Hangin' On

Nothing much to is just cruisin' on. I'm trying to organize the house, get some loads of laundry washed and put away, do something with the many apples in my possession... house stuff mostly. BORING to anyone other than me.

Kia is loving grade 3. I volunteered in her class last week and I'm really glad I did. It helps me understand the teacher's direction better and thus, support her in ways at home that will support her classroom learning. Her teacher this year is quite strict, and Kia doesn't seem to mind a bit. Outside of school she's in Jazz dance - at a school of dance that grads and competes, as well as taking figure skating lessons. She'll also be starting Achievement Days in that's busy enough methinks!

Russ is busy driving to and from work, but I think it's a big party when he gets there. He seriously spends more time online than I do, and that's saying ALOT! LOL, we're happy and looking forward to celebrat…