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The Game Plan

We all went to the movies last night and really enjoyed The Game Plan. Kia is the perfect age for movies like it!

And here is Kia's version of the Panda sneeze video shared a couple posts below, she's pretty sure this is film making may be less impressed...


We are now accepting invitations for Thanksgiving...hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

Latest cool finds online

Been awhile since I shared some links, so here are some of my favourite online finds these days:
These melamine ice cream cones...Kia hates eating the cone, so this would be something that would be a hit around this place.
A fun way to say thank you...say it with cookies! But maybe pocket the $66 and do it yourself, eh?
This is the smartest idea, ever. No, I'm not pregnant, but the chubby can also appreciate this idea right?
Clear is cool and I'm in love with these clear business cards, so much so, that you may be seeing some ribbonwand ones in the near future...Panda sneezing on YouTube is Kia's current favourite request.Me likey this would have been perfect for the family photos, if I had a skinny waist..Kids wrap dress pattern.
What are you going to be for Halloween?
I think I've shared this link before...but I love these Mary Jane Boots.
Have a great day!

Last Scrapper Standing

I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.
I am not someone who enters contests, or submits scrapbooking pages for that matter. It often sucks the fun out of what is usually a very enjoyable experience for me. I joined the Dares, Last Scrapper Standing Volume 2 Round 1.

The first challenge was as follows: Transparencies. Overlays. Acrylic. Right now, if it’s clear, people are using it. So our first Dare to you is to rock the transparencies. 8. On one page. That’s right, people. 8 clear elements on one page, no more no less. We are looking for fun, NEW, innovate ways of layering.

I'm a simple scrapper and the competition is much more current and eclectic than me or my I feel like a round peg in a square hole, but it's all good...I love the layout I created...Take a peek HERE, and leave a comment if ya can! Don't know if I'll be seated or standi…

This is me right now...

Rockin' Out in my studio...the pain killers have kicked in Russ.

More Photos...

Because I have very little else to tell you, here are some more photos...

The next one is Kia's favourite. Reminds me that to a kid, having fun is akin to feeling love.

Russ helped me edit this photo, it's his current favourite.

I think Kia looks so beautiful in this photo, I can't even pull my eyes up to see Russ and me, it's all about that gorgeous little face of hers.

Thanks again Kari Lynn, it's so nice to have new pictures...I highly recommend you get out in nature with your family and smile for the camera!!!

Picture Day

The Bezooyen's and the Workman's did photos today. Here's some of my fav's so far that Kari Lynn took of us:

Kari Lynn will no doubt be sharing some of theirs, though it was soooo hard to get one of all them looking in the same area...whatever, her family is gorgeous... Here is one of them far away at Woodbridge Farms...
Thanks for a fun day and thanks to the hubbies for tolerating our randomness and need for more options than they can fathom...

Fall Cleaning

Had the furnace and air ducts cleaned today. What a noisy two hours of work that seemed to be. Much more labour intensive than I imagined. It took two guys, a solid two hours of work to clean our little house worth of heating ducts and our dinosaur of a furnace. They cover each duct and hook a gigantic vacuum up to the furnace and it sucks all the grossness out, we hope. They also use a high pressure air tool on each individual grate to loosen dust and suck that up as well. Apparantly it is something that needs to be done every three years, while you maintain seasonal to monthly filter changes...yes monthly folks, especially during the winter months when that baby is pumpin' out the heat. We have changed our filter a total of three times in the 2+ years we have lived here. Nice, eh?

Kia has a friend over today and I asked her to find her dance stuff for me, so we'd be ready for dance class tonight. Ya, she couldn't find her stuff ANYWHERE. Her friend had to play alone while…

Autumn Goodness

Even though it's still not quite Autumn...I feel like I'm in the thick of Autumn goodness! Monday night we spent the evening outside roasting hotdogs and eating hot cookies, while we toasted ourselves around the fire. The days have been warm with a hint of coolness, that crisp fresh feeling that fills the mornings and evenings, I love this time of year. I could have a big firepit everynight right now, it's just the perfect ending to my day, it unwinds me, makes me stop for a minute and just soak in and appreciate what I love about my life; my family, my home,'s all good!

PS. I almost bought a camera today, but Russ talked me out of it. Probably a good thing, but I really wants it!!

Fight fight fight!

I grabbed the camera before I headed out to pick up Kia afterschool. Walked through the field and neighbouring forests snapping pictures, noticing the beginnings of Autumn. Kia's teacher called me in and we talked about how GREAT Kia is doing in grade 3. Seems she has convinced yet another teacher to fall in love with her, or at the very least sign her up for a clone candidate. We hung around teaching her teacher about Kia's hearing aid, how to change a battery, doing her IPP review and then headed home. We stopped in the forest to snap a photo or two, but there seemed to be an unusually large amount of teenagers in the area. Tons of guys, running in groups past us and to the North of a large forest that sits at the back of Kia's school. Looked like a fight, sounded like a fight...and seriously I had to squish down my own desire to run over and watch. I had a 7 year old with me afterall and it wasn't probably the best place to take her afterschool. So we began wa…

The Handel Challenge

Deleting an old blog and thought I'd revisit this challenge once more...
Welcome to the Handel Challenge!It took Handel 25 days to compose "The Messiah".
Okay that puts things in a different perspective for me. So I'm issuing a challenge of sorts, to myself and anyone who wishes to join in. What do you want to achieve? Feel like you just don't have the time? Perhaps the moment is right to channel George Frideric Handel and get it done! Whether it is finishing a project, building something, a physical goal or something personal you want to work on...dedicate the next 25 days to getting it done. Write your own little "Messiah" and reap the beautiful reward of your effort...

Some Inspiration for a Saturday

I had stake leadership today for my calling in Young Women's. One phrase really stood out. We were invited to have more "mountain top experiences" in our homes, in our classrooms, in our lives. What is a mountain top experience? It can be celebratory, spiritual, profound or a moment of peace and calm where we just slow down enough to sit and enjoy the grand view of life all around us.

Great things happen on mountain tops...they are a place of celebration for men and women who seek to climb great peaks, they can marking points for travellers both on land and in flight and biblically their importance is unsurpassed. Great things have happened on mountains in the for all of you out there, I extend the invitation to you...have more mountain top experiences in your life. I don't think you'll be sorry.

Friday the 14th

My life in pictures this week:

Kari Lynn and Heather...a picture from the C-train platform. Celebrated Heather's b'day last night at Joey's with food and nice clothes.Ribbon Wands...put a new ribbon up in the shop. Lots of discussion with a potential client about what could be a HUGE order.The new photo arrangment in the front room.A print I purchased at Etsy. WOW, I love it. This photo does not do it justice.Been baking this week. Made cookies with the YW on Tuesday, bread on Wednesday and chocolate zucchini cake on Thursday.Kia posing before school. We've walked to school everyday since it started and we've been on time every day as well. Way to go us!Russ striking a pose after winning a bid to renovate the Bonnie Doon library.My large zucchini purchased at the farmers market (Lara's might be bigger and was cheaper...mine cost $2.00) that I grated BY HAND. Lots of work.Ribbon for my latest ribbon wand creations...sealing the ends and waiting out the drying…


This is a sad reality: The Yangtze river dolphin is today declared extinct. It is the first large animal to be wiped from the planet for 50 years, and only the fourth entire mammal family to disappear in 500 years. And it was driven to its death by mankind... read more here.

Some TOFW Sharsies

Well, I told many of my family members and friends that I would share some of things taught at Time Out For Women that I personally found significant. My notes are a huge reflection of where I am, so they are kinda catering to me...that's just gonna have to be okay!

Friday night we were favoured by Chieko Okazaki and Michael McLean.

Chieko Okazaki is so incredibly tiny but there is a strength to her. The theme for her talk was "What a Friend We have in Jesus". She shared the story of the composer of this is a great online article that sums up basically what she shared. What is missing is that Joseph Scriven is buried with his feet at the head of his 2nd lost loves grave, so when they rise in the resurrection they will be facing one another (collective Ahhhh).

She took the line from the song: What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer! and expanded it into the theme of her talk.
We think we need to solve it ourselves. That our need to be self suffic…

15 minute break

I've got 15 minutes to update you on the latest and then I gotta get some more cleaning done. My house is suffering from neglect. I don't know why...or maybe I do, I keep finding fun projects to do rather than dishes, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, general get the idea. Yesterday I hung a big photo montage up in the front room. Black frames and white matting with photos I've taken, I LOVE IT! Still waiting on finding one perfectly sized frame and then I'll share with a photo.

Here's some of the latest...

Ribbon Wands. I have a really exciting request right now, and I'm busy doing research and putting numbers together in an effort to provide an accurate estimate.

Kia. She's loving life back at school. Her new ear molds came in on Monday, so her hearing aids aren't squeaking anymore...her ears have grown BIG TIME since her last fitting. Had to buy a new set of FM boots AGAIN. What a crappy product.

YW. Planning meeting at my house toni…

Great Weekend

Home from a great weekend of spiritual feasting. I'm going to start sharing some stories but that will have to be another time, too busy. Just wanted to pop on and say hi and tell my friends how much I enjoyed being with them and sharing this great experience with you guys. We heart Michael McLean!!!

Hey Ya'll

Still alive. Kia is officially a grade three'r. She seems to love it and has the attitude that it's going to be her favourite grade so far. She was worried but when I picked her up on the first day she said, "I wish the day could start all over again, it was so much fun!" We've even got homework things are back to normal!

I'm off to Time Out For Women in Calgary and cannot wait! I'm SO excited to have a couple days with my friends and be spiritually uplifted. Need it! I'm also talking in church on Sunday and look forward for some inspiration for that also. I just got back from the hair salon and have the best haircut ever! Life's good. I'd take a picture but my camera battery is charging. ;) Kisses to Russ and Kia, who I'll miss the mostest!

Blog Diet

This week proves to be full. Tuesday alone is staggering: first day of school with all the fees and lugging of heavily loaded backpacks that intails, though mainly it's the mental torture of it all, cheap grocery day (in which I shop at 3 different grocery stores), Value Village has their half off day and I love searching second hand racks for even sweeter deals, plus I am determined to hit the gym for a good long 70 minute workout and I must be finished in time to pick Kia up by 3:25. Not to mention YW's planning meeting that night, and feeding us. I can't wait, I've been craving our regular busy schedule that comes with back to school.

On top of all these fun places to go, at home the projects are vast: I haven't picked any cherries off my Nanking bush and it's loaded. The lawn needs to be weeded and feeded (that sounds wrong but whatever), I haven't pulled weeds from the east side of the house since May, the paint that was just chipping off is now suicida…

Holy Cr@p, it's September!

The last long weekend of summer and we're home. This summer was a bit of a right off, truth be told. Russ starting a new job, didn't lend itself for a summer of travel and exploration, but brought greater blessings in it's own right. No regrets. Russ helped ease the issue by producing episodes of the Closer Season 3. A hefty balm against my spa weekend dreams.

August was lousy. I can think of only a handful of days that were worthy of what August is truly capable of. The darn trees are so confused by the long stretches of cool days that they are changing colors and my neighbours lawn is covered with yellow leaves...early for even us northern birds. Nice.

Back to school next week. We're ready, okay, I'm ready. Kia is nervous about grade 3; multiplication, division, fractions, provincial know it's all about the numbers. Make her break out in hives or something. Though I'm pretty sure seeing all her buddies and being back in her school for the thir…