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The Big 8

Happy Birthday to George aka Jordon. 8 years young! We'll be thinking of you on this special baptism weekend. Wish we could be there with you, but you'll be in our thoughts and prayers!

Summer with Friends

Heather, Kari Lynn and I always seem to have the best intentions to do lots of things over the summer, but this year, we kinda did. Yay us. Here are some pics of our cute kids to prove it:

Kari Lynn may not enjoy Izzy's fierce face...but I LOVE it. It reminds me of that little dude on Sesame Street Jon Jon who used to count to 10 in his monster voice. What a fierce little hunk of cuteness. Note Breanna on the swing in the background.

Maigan is growing up so fast, but this picture of her looking so tiny, just pulls at my heartstrings and reminds me how special little people are.

This is Heather's youngest trying to impersonate Dr. Evil. But he's just too cute to pull it off completely...he's a little ball of love and I know he's a blessing to Heather.

Photographing B-Bug is one of the most difficult tasks known to mankind. I didn't get eye contact but she was standing still! Kia loves sharing her old clothes with Bug...she sure is a fun kidlet!

K...I haven't figu…

Life on the 30th

Kia had her hearing tested on Tuesday. No changes...yay! She also had new hearing aid molds fitted - she chose clear - and they attempted to remove wax from her ears but had no luck. Now I have to put drops in her ears everyday for the next week or so...a job I'm terrible at, because I forget to do it.
Kia's FM boots remain a constant funnel of money loss. I swear everytime I go in to Wild Rose I'm replacing these darn boots because they are loose. I've started using crazy glue on them, with some success...seem to extend their life by 6 months. The audiologists don't seem to approve, I don't approve of them selling me such a crappy we're even.Peter Petrelli is now available on DVD. ;)Playdate central around this house the past week. Seems everyone is home from the cabin, and vacations and we all have the same objective: trying to squeeze in as much summer as possible before school starts.
My tickets to Time Out For Women or as my friends like to…

813 Posts on My Blog

So I thought for my 813th I'd write about what's happening with my writing. I seem to have lots of people emailing me about the topic and I tend to leave the inquiries unanswered. It's hard to provide answers when I myself do not have them.

Yes, I still write. I have written 2 children's stories, as well as one novel. One children's stories was met with interest by an agent and even a few publishing houses. Through the courtship and communications that followed it just never seemed to come rewrite attempts left them lukewarm and the book was eventually abandoned and unchosen. The second children's story was a venture that was pursued with my neighbour at the time, who was and is a graphic artist. I finished my end, he kinda lost interest in his.

The novel. Oh the novel. The mother of all run on sentences, sits completed on numerous Cd's in my studio. The fact that it ever ended, in itself, is somewhat of a miracle. I proved a few things to mysel…

Next time YOU'RE bored on a Monday you can play this:

This is a little game called: Dress up in EVERYTHING. Queen Pink Pink of the Boxing Ring and Her Royal Highness with Stripey Mittens entertained me for awhile in the basement, while I tried to be productive and work on a chapter from my book. The constant, "take my picture" and "I'm not ready" and "Look at me" only to have a wardrobe malfunction and start all over again, was really helpful to my creative process. I'm a Mom first...I'm a Mom first...I'm a Mom first...I kept repeating to myself, as I selfishly craved silence so I could write and record my thoughts. Dress up in EVERYTHING clearly trumps my needs as a writer.

Really think about it

What do you really want. What dreams have you been holding onto for years, but are gathering dust somewhere inside of you?

I want to be ridiculously good at loving my family
I want to write more books
I want to read scripture everyday
I want to spend more time in nature
I want a garden that makes me gasp
I want to be excited about photography again
I want to collect 5 workout bracelets a week
I want to fill my body with healthy food
I want to breath clean air
I want to support learning
I want to go on more dates with my husband
I want my loved ones to live their dreams
I want to know, everyday, that I am living my own dreams
I want to forgive things I cannot change
I want to solve problems; not make problems
I want a dresser that begs to be filled with clean laundry
I want to pay cash for our home renovations in two years
I want to laugh everyday
I want to sew more
I want to go to Europe
I want to support homecrafted art and wares
I want to never forget how blessed I am


This is what it looks like.

Make a wish

Dear Russ,

What a year it has been. I feel like you're really living your dream, career wise you are in a great place, and just the other day when you said you found yourself smiling on the way home, because you were so content with your life, it brought me such happiness to know you have that inner peace back.

I know I can be a hard women to live with, but you put up with me and somehow always find a way to make loving me seem as important to you as your next breath. I love when we talk the night away, when we laugh together, when I catch you watching me with a smile, when we argue but listen and somehow it becomes better...and love grows even deeper.

We love you, Kia and I. I love you. You have become my home, my greatest strength, my joy and still my best friend. Happy Birthday!

Happy Wednesday

It's always fun to have photos when you blog, so here are some that make me smile from the past few days...correction: smile, smile, smile, groan.

No Boys Aloud

Seriously, how cute is that sign on Kia's door. Sometimes a mispelled word is way better than perfection, kwim? Kia is all about making little signs that say welcome, or share her rules, or thoughts. She will write down things she wants and then give them to me. I have put my head down on my pillow only to find a little drawing from Kia laying there, telling me she loves me. I treasure her little signs and notes.


The playroom has been getting mucho use...why? Because the weather is crazy!!! It seems wrong that we are spending so much time indoors. We've been taking walks, bundled up in sweaters, and always seem to come bounding into the house to find a blanket to curl up under. It's August. I guess I can complain about the weather or just be grateful to have a playroom.

High School Musical 2

Wow. Had the Bez…

Wish me luck!

Found this little baby in the grass by the back door. I was running out to see if I had finally destroyed the wasp nest (nope, not lucky) and this little 4 leaf clover was shining up at me in the grass. I saw it immediately. Been a loooonnng time since I found a 4 leaf clover...even if it doesn't bring me luck, it made me smile.


Sofa beds ain't what they used to be! This one is from BonBon Trading Company. Craziness!

With Snoops Help

I thought I'd share some of my last post with you in my new language of street jive:

High Schoo` Musical 2 is one shawty 7 year old is vibrat'n wit excitement fo' sheezy. Going ta hizzy us a HSM2 party tonight wit some of her buddies. Should be a good time. The pre birthday week is in reference ta Russyl's upcom'n birthday nizzext week n his association wit his new stylin' doggy colleague whose birthday falls tha day prior ta hizzay. This fella seems ta think that his birthday is a week long celebrizzles n Russ keeps saggin' this up so bow down to the bow wow. Hmmm...I'm not sure this homey is S-to-tha-izzuch a good influence on mah husband . Drop it like its hot.


Friday...pre birthday week

High School Musical 2 is one little 7 year old is vibrating with excitement. Going to have us a HSM2 party tonight with some of her buddies. Should be a good time. The pre birthday week is in reference to Russyl's upcoming birthday next week and his association with his new working colleague whose birthday falls the day prior to his... this fella seems to think that his birthday is a week long celebration and Russ keeps bringing this up. Hmmm...I'm not sure this guy is such a good influence on my husband. ;)

Haven't shared some websites lately so here are some of latest finds, 8 for the 8th month:
Angry Chicken - super crafty blog with some great links to tutorials on toy making.Art School Girl - has the best vintage notebook and school supplies - I love looking through and recognizing items I would see hanging around my Grandma's space (she was a school teacher on the prairies in the early 1900's).Hello, my name is Heather - and she is one super stylin&…


My new most favourite thing is this line of scrapbook supplies from the company Reminisce. I love it. Here's the latest page I made using the Girly Girl line and a sticker from the Northern Exposure line:

Becoming Jane

Kari Lynn, Heather, Tonikka, Heather Walters, Lara and myself went to Garneau Theatre to watch Becoming Jane last night. First things first, the ticket guy was the poster boy for "unenthusiastic" as Lara aptly put it, "could he have been more miserable about his job?" though it did seem to be keeping him on par with the latest body piercings. Will work for a face ring...

Garneau Theatre is old. The speaker system is terrible, though since we've gotten the new speakers...I am a speaker snob. But somewhere in the oldness of it all, there is a classic sense of the theatres of, yes I'm going to say it, yesteryear. On top of that, it does have some stylish, vertigo inducing carpet and seats that recline and bounce and generally make one a complete nuisance to anyone unfortunate enough to sit in your radius.

Another item of note was that there seemed to be about a dozen production houses involved in the attempt to make this picture. Often this is alarming...and the…

August 15th???

Where did my summer go? I wants it back!

Back to school time is here in earnest now. All of the clothes shopping is done, Kia has plenty of new outfits, and we've already consigned or donated the clothes that she no longer wants. Outdoor and indoor shoes as well as a new backpack sit patiently waiting to be used. We have a few more outings planned for summer, but the underlying focus is definately getting ready to be a third grader!

Other stuff...

We have a wasp nest in the backyard, between the stones by the back flower garden. It was discovered by myself last week during a blitz of weeding. I managed to toss my garbage bag over the entrance to the nest and was suddenly surrounded. Thankfully, I did back up in time and they just stung the bujeebers out of that black garbage bag, and not me. We foamed the nest only to discover yesterday that it was as active as ever.

I spent the day trying to find wasp spray, the foam kind. Everywhere I went it was gone, sold out. Home De…

I'm sensing a girls night...,

Calaway Park

The Birthday Present

Russ has wanted new speakers for a very long time. I gave him a budget for his birthday this year and he managed to get himself a set of Harmon/Kardon speakers and a new receiver. Like my house needs to be any louder than it already is! But it makes him happy so it makes me happy too...really.

We also just got back from a fun weekend in Calgary. I have lots of pictures to share...later...cause I just wanna veg for a bit, and listen to really loud things in the den.

Cuz Amy told me to.

A- Attached or single: Attached
B- Best Friend: Russ
C- Cake or Pie: I'd take a peach pie anytime!
D- Day of choice: Friday
E- Essential Item: Camera
F- Favorite Color: Red
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummi Bears - Save On Food sells them by colour
H- Hometown: The Park
I- Indulgence(s): Reading a great book from start to finish in a sitting
J- January or July: July
K- Kids: are cool
L: Life is Incomplete Without: creative outlets
M- Marriage Date: November 1st, 1997...the day the dead walk the earth
N- Number of Siblings: 3 brothers
O- Oranges or Apples: Mandarin oranges with crisp sour granny smith apples a close second
P- Phobias or Fears: being the storyline for a Criminal Minds episode
Q- Quote: Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.Robert Frost
R- Reason To Smile: Embracing your space, having it reflect who you are and what you love
S- Season: Autumn! Great colours, smell of baking...mmmm
T- Tag Three: Kari Lynn, Leslie, and Russ…


Back to school shopping = lots of modeling of clothes around this house. I don't mind, she's a pretty cute model, but trying to talk her out of wearing her new clothes is a tad exhausting. I feel as though I'm channeling every Mother in the world as I firmly remind her, "don't ruin it before school starts!!" She's becoming quite the little fashionista...pairing this dress with jeans, tights or an adorable brown baby doll sweater. I love seeing her make style choices, and do it so well.

Happiness Triad

Sock Monkey's, Cupcakes and Aprons are making me happy. What's making you happy?

Gotta love a good deal

Hey is the haul from The Children's Place.
Guess how much this cost??? $33.84 Sweetness!
6 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of khaki's and 2 t'shirts.

10 years later

Better late than never, I finally made a wedding album. It's a mini album of photos and some journaling about our wedding day. Only took me 10 years. I'd show you more, but hopefully you'll be in my house someday and take the time to explore it for yourself.

Bloom where you're planted

I've waxed poetic about my little community of Glen Allan before. Its charm, its simplicity, and the love I feel for our little houseprint within its boundaries. It's been my home for over two years and finding it and living here has been like finding myself and breathing life back into something deflated and empty.

The act of house hunting for me, was a long and arduous journey. It was about sacrificing something good for something that would hopefully be better. It was committing to plant myself and my family in an area of the world where we knew a small amount of people and where half of those people really knew us. But foreign and potentially lonely, my little family sought to find a new home, like modern day pioneers driving a Ford.

Our mental waterfork was pointing us towards Sherwood Park and we sought homes in various communities within the county of Strathcona. Our realtor was partial to Mills Haven, and our explorations naturally favored her preference. We also knew th…

Xocai: Healthy Chocolate

If you are related to me, then you have surely heard of this product...but many of my friends have not. We've all heard about the health benefits associated with chocolate. The product contains the three richest anti-oxidant rich foods: cocoa, a├žai, and blueberries; it's all in one little chocolate nugget. I'm gonna give this thing a whirl and eat me some medicinal chocolate.

Dance like pigs are watching

Back to school shopping fun! Hit the Children's Place Outlet store in South Edmonton Common and scored some major deals! Gotta love adjustable waist jeans for $5.99 a pop. On our way there we saw a big semi truck full of pigs. Their pink arses jiggling out the mesh back of the semi, in obscene farmyard ways. Pink pig bums are disturbing. Yet I couldn't look away, I'm surprised I wasn't in a car accident.
Purchased a new TV DVD series: The Gummi Bears. Totally loved that cartoon and must get Kia addicted. I stopped by Esprit for a quick visit. They sell men's clothes. Did you know that? I sure hope they do because if they don't I just bought Russ a very nice white blouse to wear to work. Then I got to hang out with my girls; Heather and Kari Lynn and watch the little ones be little ones in the summertime. A good day.

Just finished watching, So You Think You Can Dance. The Mia Michaels number...about being reunited with her Dad in heaven...I bawled. Almost…