Summer Storms

{I didn't take this photo, nabbed it from some sciency website...ain't it cool}

It feels like summer. Some years in Alberta it doesn't. September comes and you feel cheated out of your right to enjoy the season. Not this year, this year it is hot, with blue skies and soaring temperatures. I have days where I LOVE it, where it pulls me out and I bask in the heat, yet I also have days that drive me to air conditioned spaces and have me murmering about the whole situation.

The interesting thing about this daytime heat is when it meets the cool air of night. The hot air updrafts into the cool night air and we have sensational summer thunderstorms. I have never seen their equal. Last night the lightning was like a strobe light outside the window, constant flashing light and a low growl of thunder that didn't stop. There were bangs that rocked the house, huge flashes of light, with immediate bangs of thunder that you could feel in your belly.

It pulled one little 7 year old into Mom and Dad's room for some comfort. I ended up making her a bed on the floor beside me. I must admit I felt better having her there, as it brought a greater sense of calm to me, and I could try to sleep through the onslaught of flashing light and growling night. The last thought I can recall having before drifting off to sleep was, "glad I'm not camping!"

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