I greeted this morning in the shade of the upper garden, donned in my pink bathrobe, eating a white peach. It was sublime. The night left the house and the morning air cool and fresh and I couldn't help but be pulled out to enjoy the beginning of the day. This is a rare occurance, thus it is blog worthy. I usually greet the morning in my basement with a bowl of cereal and a dozen updated blogs to read, with Kia requesting breakfast and some Mommy time.

Kia is in the habit of sleeping till 9 am during summer break and I have been rising at least an hour before she wakes. It's odd, having this extra, private time to myself in the cool of the morning. Maybe the next time a cool, blue skied morning pulls me outside, I'll wake her with an invitation to join me. She'll probably grunt and pull the covers over her head, but I will have tried.
Yesterday, us girls hit Edmonton's Capital EX festival (used to be called Klondike Days). We enjoyed hearing Robert Munsch tell stories at the Telus Stage. He is a beloved storyteller in this house and when he shared his rendition of his book "Love you Forever", I was happy to note that I wasn't the only teary eyed Mama in the audience. At the end of his show, they handed out packets of live butterflies to all the children and at the count of three all the children released the butterflies into the sky. It was magical. Kia even did it, which is huge, because butterflies creep her out.

After we went and saw the Peking Acrobats perform. Really amazing stuff. It was a full one hour show and Kia was at the perfect age to enjoy it...she was spellbound by the amazing acrobatics displayed. This one left me very nervous. She stacked and climbed the chairs then did all sorts of balancing moves on top of it all, with no support below or above. Eek!

Kia had a bit of a wipe out on the huge slide that you ride down on a potato sack. Ended up the medic tent getting the scrapes on her arm treated. After that she was about done. Next year her and Russ need to go together and ride the midway all day long.

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