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Happy Birthday to You!

The way my day is going...a phone call my not happen, but I had to send birthday wishes to one of dearest and most bestest friends: Kari Lynn. Can a birthday really get any better than having the adorable little boy you've been dreaming of and loving for two years, actually become a member of your family in living colour? I think that may be just about as good as it gets.

So girlfriend: I must admit I was worried. Worried because when all this started, I could feel how much you wanted it, how you missed Izzy, and I couldn't help wanting it for you, but I also couldn't forget the sadness of past events and I worried that the end could be sadness yet again. It's my job to not want to see you in pain, and it's also my job to pray for dreams to come true. But here we are and the joy is overwhelming. The stars aligned, God smiled, miracles happened and all is right with the world. When things suck large in my life, this little everyday miracle story will play on repeat a…

Walkin on walkin on broken glass

I walked my grade two girl to school for the last time today. Sniff sniff. On top of that being a big sentimental post all to itself, I must have a bit of a rant. On the walkway from our street to the school field there is broken glass. Not the Annie Lennox kind of broken glass, but the little punk teenager's drinkin' beer in the bush kind of glass.

Some may think, "young kids, havin' a good time, drinking and partying...where's the trouble?"

I am not one of those people. Is there no such thing as a responsible drunk teenager? There is a garbage can right there, moron. I'm not saying they can't drink. I'm only saying they should have the decency to recycle.

I was never a teen that would have thought: breaking glass beer bottles = fun and wacky hijinx.

How hosed does one have to be to smash glass on the very walkway they must use to get the hell out of there? Seems kind of like peeing in your breakfast cereal to me...and only makes me more excited abou…

Journal of a Superhero

I am offering a free online scrapbooking course:

Journal of a Superhero

This is my Big Online thank you to SBO for the last two years of friendship and inspiration. Anyone can participate, even if they are not a site member. I'm always humbled by the great inspiration that I find online, at little to no cost and thought it would be fun to part of the problem. LOL. Enjoy!


Kia invited a friend from church over for a playdate after church. She was wearing a beautiful white dress, sewn by her Mom for her recent baptism. Within 10 minutes of being at our house, her dress was spackled in Blood Red Debbie Travis paint. She saw the sample jar in Kia's room and just thought she'd open it up. Oops...all over her beautiful dress it went. The girls came down and showed us; Russ and I just gaped at the scene. Then panic ensued. I was and still remain just sick about the whole thing.

The internet was raked for any and all ideas which we carefully dabbed at the dress or made test patches on other fabric and tested...OMGosh...can I just say that this afternoon totally sucked! And...and...she had a photo session booked for this Tuesday for her three daughters to have a photo taken of all her girls in the dresses she had lovingly sewn for them. Gulp.

I'm sure there is some wonderful write up for the Friend magazine that we could create from this situation...b…

Canada Day Invite

This year Canada Day is on a Sunday. Holidays that fall on a Sunday are always a little strange to me. Something just feels "off". Sherwood Park has a huge event every Canada Day at Festival Place. We've enjoyed attending every year we've been in the Park. Though this year, our church schedule falls smack in the middle of it all, so we won't be able to join in all the great activities.

So my blogging buddies...From 6pm to 10pm come on over to our house for dinner and desserts and a blazing fire in our firepit. Later, the kids can snuggle up for a sleepover style moviethon in the playroom and then we can head over to Broadmoor Lake to catch the fireworks show. If you are up for it and in the Edmonton area on July 1st, we'd love to see ya!

Email me at or give me a call.


Recently I went through a showhome that had a home bar the size of my current kitchen.Recently I filled up 3 black garbage bags with weeds from my yard.Recently I discovered the carby goodness of elephant ears. It will forever be Heather's fault.
Recently the family went to Red Robin's to celebrate Kia's stellar school year.Recently my neighbour had a baby. I didn't think she was the one that was pregnant.Recently Kia learned that it's okay to have an opinion.Recently I have been priming and painting doors and trim for the lower two levels of the house.Recently I have been reminded that I give money to homeless people because it might be Jesus undercover.Recently I have gotten 5 mosquito bites.
Recently I felt sad about something that I cannot change.
Recently I wished for a personal chef to plan and prepare all my meals, them promptly do the dishes.
Recently I have seen my husband shake a past burden and find his stride again.Recently I have talked alot about an upc…


On June 20th 1987 my Mom died.
On June 20th 1997 I had my first date with my husband.
That is why June 20th is my Lost and Found day.
Heavy on the Found

I can't believe it was 20 years ago yesterday, that Mom died. It was truly a lifetime ago and in all honesty, it feels that way. It feels like an old movie...I remember small snippets of time and they run on repeat in my mind. I recall the overall gist of things, but I'm often lost and confused and wish for more references to confirm the memory and solidify it.

Then there is the 10 year anniversary of finding Russ. Don't get me wrong, I knew he was there even before our first date, but something happened that night. We were still somewhat guarded, we watched eachother cautiously, but there was an underlying peace...something that felt right and secure and an energy that overshadowed the dialogue that often talks us out of taking risks.

So here we are today, the first day of summer.

I think back to the girl that faced that first d…

I'm In Trouble...

It all started out innocent enough. I saw this truck outside the little boutique consignment store this morning. It was for sale with the price listed on the window and the price made me take a good long look. It was a really good price! I never notice stuff like this, especially when we haven't been really looking for a truck. For some reason I couldn't get this truck out of my brain...

Long story short: we bought it! We weren't really looking for a truck, but this deal was too good to pass up on! :) Oh the adventure of it all! Oh the three vehicles sitting in our driveway and only two drivers...


What childhood story do family and friends still tease you about:I was a gullible kid.My Uncle Star (yes I really have an Uncle named Star) convinced me that toothpaste came out of my belly button.I can’t tell you the number of times I stuck my toothbrush under my belly button and tried to produce toothpaste.Sadly, it was a very unfulfilling process, as none would ever appear.
To this very day, I still can’t seem to do it.;)

Father's Day Bounce

Happy Father's Day wishes to everyone out there blessed by knowing a great Dad, and to all those men out there that still value the role: May you feel loved and appreciated today! Snapped these pictures of Russ and Kia out on the tramp after church today. Bytheway, we got a trampoline...this is our Reeko money in action...thanks Reeks! Here are a few more pics of the dynamic duo in action...have a great day!

Assemblies circa 2007

It's hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. The grade two classes put on a play, Tyrone the Terrible, for the parents and then presented their grade two memory books and packet of projects completed throughout the year.

I must admit that I am not a fan of these sort of events. I suffer through, plaster on a glossy eyed smile and try to just get through it. My biggest complaint is the sound quality. This is one old school and the gym was never designed to handle sound all that well. I feel I have average hearing and I rarely can understand what the heck is happening in these shows. I basically wait for singing. "Hurry up and sing already," is a request I silently make quite often.

Two weeks ago I went to a bike safety play Kia's class did for assembly. They did their performance and then they had a special speaker in, followed by a bike demo from the local bike store. I turned to my friend Toni and said, "I can't take this, wan…

Reeko = Cooper

Well, all my advertising has produced results. The owners are on their way over to pick up Everybody is bummed about it, though we remain hopeful that it is for the best. I have a feeling the search for our own dog is going to start in earnest. In the meantime, we are officially in mourning. :(


Oh dear. Look who is still hanging with the Workman's. I've filed a report with the county animal bylaw office and should anyone phone in they can contact me. The Vet and the folks at the Animal Petshop feel strongly that this dog has been neglected. He's so nervous around men that it makes you wonder what this little guy has been through. Reeko has stuck..reeko, reeks, ree ree, and eco seem to all work as well. Thanks to our visit to the petshop we have now invested $38.00 and discovered that this dog is eating better than us. Nice.

He's not yappy at all. Has barked only 3 times in 24 hours. I've tried to capture some photos, but this guy is BUSY. I have some good video, but that would require the ability to upload video and that is currently beyond my realm of expertise. He loves Kia and is currently snuggled up to her as she watches Garfield. Is it wrong of me to hope he can stay?

Uninvited Guest

It really is a dog, not some cat/rat hybrid. We think it's a boy. I'm thinking he's a Yorkie Terrier Cross. We don't know who he belongs to. He was snooping around our driveway at 7:30 this evening when we got home from the library. Friendly little dude and full of vim and ego. Totally thinks he's the boss of his own speedy little universe. Noticed burrs in his fur and a hearty maybe he's been bachin' it for awhile?

We hung around outside hoping we would discover his owner, but nary a call and not a searching person in sight, so we sent Kia to the neigbours to borrow some dog food. Which pulled all the kids over to see the dog and speculate on bad owners and of course, the fact that we would have to keep him. Kia has been very brave with him, and has found sleep almost impossible with this curious little house guest in the house. We gave him a quick bath, he still reeks, but it earned him a name from Kia: Fluffy. Groan. Though me thinks Reeko …

Keep moving forward

I volunteered at Kia's school this week for a hands on science afternoon for the kids to explore their latest science topic: magnetism. It is a force by which materials exert attractive or repulsive forces on other materials. There were 5 stations in total. At my station the kids made predictions on materials that may or may not be attracted to our magnet fishing line. The magnet pulled or the magnet didn't. They were either right or wrong, but either was met with the same enthusiam. I loved that.

Made me think alot about magnetism. How the earth is a magnet, how magnets can hold energy and information, how like attracts like. The law of attraction is so much bigger and grander than pulling spoons into the air with a fishing magnet. What we think about, we bring about...I don't know how our why and no one has ever given me a scientific explanation but I've seen it in my life time and time again. The cool thing is, it is limitless. As long as the earth rotates …


What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.
Roethke, Theodore

"When a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been."
--Patch Adams

Curve Ball

Life has thrown us a big old curve ball, and it's kinda exciting. I will write more as the dust settles on this situation, but for me, it's all good. Mother Theresa said: I know God won't give me anything I can't handle, I just wish He didn't trust me so much. True, d'at.
In other news: we visited family this weekend to celebrate the graduation of Quinten and Cayly! So all the cousins gathered for the first time in ages...if not EVER. We took lots of family pictures and enjoyed what could possibly be the last gathering in my inlaws home as they are in the process of selling. I have some more pictures to share later of our stop at Sylvan Lake. It was INSANELY busy there...we couldn't believe all the people and we didn't show up till supper time! It was a super hot day, but seeing a beach that full in June is rare!

3 Lessons

Should you ever want the chance to serve, just ask. That's it. That's all the Big Guy needs, is a slight inclination on your part and He'll bless you with the chance to do something nice for somebody else.I just got back from Kia's school watching a grade two assembly on bike safety. The kids were to bring their bike helmets and put them on during the presentation. Kia didn't want to bring her's. She struggles with doing it up the helmet fast and worried that people would make fun of her, because of it. This kid is all about perception sometimes. I want her to know that it's okay to try and fail...hopefully it will lead to try and succeed!Last night Kia was playing with a neighbour girl. I overheard the girl say: No Kia, you be Sissy, I will be Sassy. Sassy is rich and Sissy has nothing. I live in this pretty fort and you need to go build something somewhere else... Kia quietly responded that she wanted to be Sassy, but was turned down, so she quietly obey…