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Grey Matter

Sometimes I feel like I may be the only person who doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy. I tend to revolt against TV series that I perceive; gorge on promiscuity, violence and/or stupidity. That makes me sound much more conservative than I really am, high-brow and censoring, but it's the truth. Movies have the same effect on me. When a movies main story line is about adultry...I never watch it. Can't be bothered. It just isn't entertainment for me or as I'm often heard saying: I'm not their target audience.

So this post is about all the TV shows I avoid watching...with no glimpse into why I haven't. And if any of these are your favorite shows and you feel completely afronted that I am not a viewer...just know that I'm quite certain I watch shows you find ridiculous, and I'm okay with hopefully we can pull up our big girl panties and deal with our differences. Me thinks we can!

Grey's Anatomy
Nanny 911
Wife Swap
Desperate Housewives
One Tree Hil…


Things are blooming in the backyard. The cherry bush, saskatoon berry bushes and apple tree have the most gorgeous blossoms that have just burst. So pretty! I'm picking vegetables this week and hope to plant that garden by Friday. Love me some dirt!
We had a lovely blonde houseguest for a short time on Friday. Russyl's sister, Leanne came to visit before she hung out with Cayly (her daughter) during her grad week. Picked her up at the airport around midnight. When we got to our place, we were about to pull her stuff out of the trunk when this crazy bright light filled the sky. We both turned and looked up and saw something quite high in the sky with a firey tail and it quickly disappeared. The light was insanely bright, like daytime sun, and there was no sound. We defined the experience as cool and creepy. Poetic, eh? We did later discover that it was in fact a that was pretty cool.Didn't get to hang out with Leanne long enough but it was great to see her!
Filled two black garbage bags up with dandelions and crab grass today.
The mosquitoes up in Edmonton are INSANE this year, I can't ever remember them being this bad, this early. YIKES!Kia is at our neighbours birthday party today, they rented a big jumpho…

Happy Wednesday


10 things to be happy about

Patio Lights"Once upon a time..."ladies who don't swearsmiling at someone who never smiles at youdimmer switchesIcy A&W rootbeer mugsgreat handwritingholding little handscake standstrampolines


7 days of being stuck home with chicken pox, emails from Russ about all the fun he's having, and a beautiful sunny Sunday = the perfect storm of misery for two housebound chicas. So we headed out on a ROAD TRIP.

We stopped at one of my favorite lake/cottage communities: Half Moon Lake. I dream of a house sitting on the North side of this lake. Hopefully someday our pocketbook will align with the perfect property listing and we can complain about the horrid mosquitos will sitting out by the water. We went down many backroads and the meadows were all so bright and green...this meadow especially looked beautiful, with the young ponies and the expanse of trees in the distance, I also really love darkness of the overhead clouds reflecting down on the scene, while the clouds seem soft and bright in the distance.

It's a wonder this barn is still standing, but it is. Made me think of Miss. Amy.
100Km car ride and a smile back on our faces. Worth it!

Dear Workman's and Webster's:

Clearly, we are devasted that we cannot attend the family shin-dig this weekend. Had the event been planned to begin on Holiday Monday, we most assuredly could attend...cursed pox! Have fun, but please be kind enough to fake misery and indigestion from all the terrible food when we talk, I'll know you're lying and find it incredibly endearing. You do not want to see us looking any more miserable than we do in this picture, now do you!

Goodie Box

Have you heard of the Goodie Box? It's a fun scrapbooking challenge site that is run by Kim Loewen, a Clarkdale Wardy like myself and her friend Talia Audenart. Their challenge for May is to make a layout with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I thought it was such a clever challenge, I couldn't resist making a layout. This one is also for SBO, so I'll just share a portion of it now.Hope you check the Goodie Box out and maybe it will inspire you to finish a project...


My nightly ritual of checking on Kia and listening for the sound of her breath was born out of necessity. Breathing never came easy for her as a baby. We relied heavily on a big Russian like tank of oxygen to provide her with the correct flow of oxygen to fuel her young body and mind. Her outfit was not complete until tiny little prongs were taped securely to her nose and the equipment was tested until we were confident it was operating perfectly. It was not an inconvenience, it was necessary and something we were completely grateful for. It reminded me on an hourly basis that breath is such a fragile thing.

Since, this lesson has been repeated, not because we haven't learned it but because Kia still struggles with the simple act of breathing. It restrains her. It is her bodies weakest defense and illness and injury are quick to assault this fragile part of her. Her breath becomes laboured, often causing her to fight for each breath. Even now, as she suffers from a childhoo…

Chicken Pox

Yup, Miss Kia has it. Will update accordingly. It's been a Mother's Day of Mothering and that's not such a bad deal. Especially when the recipient is so adorable.

Some pictures from today...


Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I would like someone to finish my dry riverbed in the back garden, guacamole, a pedicure, a photography studio in Canmore, a suntan, non stop ice tea with lemon wedges, stronger legal sentences for domestic violence, the weird guy at the gym to leave me alone, free car care for life, bills payed by a sugar daddy, a sandy beach to call my own, a computer program that pulls the thoughts out of my head and turns it into witty prose, the ability to always reach the person I'm trying to call (a la no messages), a flat stomach, no more talking about renovation because we are actually doing it, the ability to communicate love perfectly to my daughter so she never settles for less, the perfect skin cream and a babysitter that always says yes.

That may seem like let me tell you about some of things that are pretty great about being a Mom right now in 2007: no breast feeding or dirty diapers, one load of laundry and we could all have clothes for four days, read…

Christlike Attributes

I've been working on a certain project and it has lead me to studying some character traits. Things like: charity, knowledge, patience and humility. One of the topics that kind of jumped out at me was diligence. Diligence is steady, consistent, earnest and energetic effort applied in achieving a positive outcome. In the book I have been studying a few lines stuck out:
When you are diligent, you find joy and satisfaction in your work...don't wait for others to tell you what to do...continue until you have done all you can, even when you are tired...The point I'm trying to make is: I suck at being diligent. Big Fat D for disaster in my diligence. I have so much room for improvement in this area. Somewhere in my lazy adulthood I have lost my work ethic. I have become complacent and downright lazy. Proof...I only clean for company. As a stay at home mom, my greatest motivation for cleaning my home is the fact that someone might be coming over. It doesn't matter w…

The Prizewinner

The other day we were running errands. A completely normal event, I turned around and Kia just looked so peaceful, confident and self assured. I whipped out the camera and took a picture of her over my shoulder. I only took one and there was really no need for more. It captured her in that moment perfectly. Man, I love this kid.

She also entered one of the challenges over at SBO and way to go Ki Ki!

Scrapbooking Stuff

The newsletter for SBO is out today. We are having a cybercrop this weekend to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. I'm doing some fun projects with Banners, so if you're a scrapper I hope you stop by! Kari Lynn took this picture of the banner I made for her baby shower...isn't it the cutest? Thanks girlfriend.

The other project that I'm involved with at SBO is teaching my first online class. It will run through the month of June. It is a writing based class that will explore lots of fun techniques for journaling. You can find out more about it: here.

What did Genghis Khan do on Wednesdays?

Lately, I have gotten lots of invites to join facebook. I haven't responded to any of these invites and in all honesty treat them like spam. I'm hesitant to become part of this network of long lost friends in the same way I'm hesitant to fully convert to the metric system. Not joining facebook is comfortable, whereas joining facebook has the potential to not be.Kia whooped Grandma in a game of Memory this weekend. I remember when I rocked this game, when I could play it completely by myself while my opponents watched and groaned. Not so, anymore. Old people are less perceptive, sorry Verna. To Kia, I am already "old people", though I don't feel like I'm a card carrying member, I do feel as though I'll start getting invited to the meetings in the next few years.
I discovered that I have something in common with Pythagoras. We both have an irrational dislike of beans. He went so far as forming a religious brotherhood of fanatical math fellas and they cre…

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Kia didn't have school on Friday, so we headed to the theatre to watch Meet The Robinsons. I'm so glad we did, it is hands down the best animated movie I have seen in years. I have gone as far as saying it is the best - non musical - animated movie I have ever seen. I just adored it. Kia loved it also. It was fun and quirky and even the villan was somewhat likeable.