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I just typed out a schedule and according to it...I only have time to blog on Sunday's and Thursday's. I really have an uncanny ability to schedule things and then never ever do them that way, yet somehow the schedule makes me feel better and really, isn't that what it is all about anyway?

Ya, I didn't think so either.

Photo Project

Click on the image to see it larger...(and the pictures lean toward Russ...sorry...scanning those first for obvious reasons)...

I've been slowly scanning Workman family photos as well as photos from my side of the family. I noticed that some of the pictures are aging rapidly and I'm hopeful we can preserve as many as possible. When all is said and done I will provide each family member with a DVD of all the photos.

Sidenote: The color is very yellow and aged. I'm hoping I can find a simple piece of software that specializes in restoring photos with these tones, because doing them individually in photoshop is a tad too time consuming.

Just wanted to share!


The bike lessons aren't really going that well...she is completely terrified of the whole ordeal. Good times.


"Don't let the best you have done so far be the standard for the rest of your life." Gustavus F. Swift (1839 - 1903)

"Seek not to follow in the masters' footsteps. Seek what the masters sought." Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694)

I never actually said the word.

A couple Sunday's ago:

Kia is drawing a picture during church and decides she wants to draw the Bishop. A few minutes later I look over at the picture and I'm STARTLED, quickly turn away and then look back at the page. There must be an innocent explanation for what I see...

"Kia, what is that?" I ask pointing to the Bishop's the area below the belt and above the croch.

"That's the button and zipper." She replies.

Right. Only it totally doesn't look like a button and zipper. The folks in the pew behind us also must think it's not a button and zipper if their snickering is any indication. I try to shake it off as artistic license from a 7 year old and try to focus on the choir singing.

She starts coloring things in and I have sense of relief. I encourage her to color the pants blue and go back to enjoying the choir...only I nudge Russ and get him to look at the picture.

Sidenote: sometimes nudging Russ during church is like waking up your…


I've been tagged by my friend Carolyn...Here's how it works:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!
I can't make the star trek, live long and prosper sign with my hand. My baby finger and ring finger refuse to cooperate. I love water. My happiest moments are spent at the beach on a warm/hot summer day. I love men that are protective and thoughtfully concerned for their loved ones welfare (point Russ) but I can't handle a controlling boss. See, I did learn something from my past...I wish on stars. The spectral class kind, not the Hollywood kind.I never let Kia watch the Wiggles in my presence. They make me grouchy. So if you see me in a really bad mood, you ma…

Up Chuck, ain't no friend of mine

Today has been spent playing with our new toy and trying to set up a home computer network that functions. But mostly playing with our new toy. Cuz, it's cool.

The flu bug that had been hovering came and sunk it's funky claws into me on Wednesday and only now am I starting to feel human again. I have been in a constant state of nausea since it's arrival, so I'm pretty happy that feeling good no longer requires over the counter medication. Russ and me have fallen victim...Kia remains. Fingers, eyes and toes crossed that she somehow pulls out of this one unscathed.

Hope you're having a good weekend!


What causes such blatant and evil stalking of human life as we witnessed this week in Virginia?

(I began writing this as a comment and then just decided it was too long and posted here)

What can a thirty-something, middle-class SAHM possibily hope to contribute to this story? Beats the heck out of me, but I'm disheartened and concerned about this voilent act, about the anger that is under the surface of so many people and about how that hatred may directly and indirectly effect people I care about.

The Killer in this horrible event felt he was an avenger of the righteous. He made references to the Bible and to the Koran, comparing himself to Christ and Abrahams first born son Ishmael. Let's just sum up all that by saying: it's manic conjecture and delusion from someone incapable of humanity. Nobody preaches to mankind while holding a gun and killing the innocent.

I do believe that events like this shake us and cause long standing moral wounds to fester and seep. We know some…

Life in shades of khaki

Weird combo of pictures but they do a fairly good job of describing what I've been doing for the past 24 hours; cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the backyard. Last night we ventured outdoors and started gathering the crazy amounts of branches that lay haphazardly throughout the entire backyard. This proved a tad difficult, as we tried not to disturb and launch the bits of grass mold that last melt revealed. Lovely.

The fire took forever to start, Russ kept pouring gas onto the sticks and we would get a massive flare of flames but nothing that was willing to really take hold. Finally a fire started and we were able to burn up most of the debris. Don't know what kind of tree that wood is, but it is not a pleasant smelling fire.

I worked out today, and came home feeling inspired to tackle the kitchen and rearrange some corners. When Russ came home for lunch he described it as, "alarmingly clean." Whether that is a good thing or not...I'm not sure but it'…

Crawling with children

Sometime in the evening on Friday, I clued into the crazyness outside. Kids were everywhere, zooming around on bikes and scooters and running all over the place. Kia jumped into the fun and soon a group of girls had decided to reverse trick or treat. Which means they go to houses and give the homeowner candy when they open the door. Really old, nasty candy that none of them want to consume; so thoughtful. I'm sure it was a hit.

Saturday found the weather mild and more opportunity for playing and Sunday she brought Katie home from church and the two of them giggled 3 hours away.

It officially feels like Spring.

Sea Saw

Here are some of the latest drawings by our favorite resident artist:

These photos reminded me of our stop at T & T Supermarket last weekend. I just love going to Chinese grocery stores. If you have never gotta go. All the foods seem so different and the seafood section alone is worth the trip. Followed closely by the bakery, deli, produce and candy isle. Shelly and I were told we weren't allowed to take photos, but that was after we already snapped a few. Gotta love a little camera.

I bought a bunch of Candy, some coconut juice with jelly bits, and some jelly candy...cuz the chinese diet seems to welcome a pluthora of jelly additives. Shelly bought this cream pastry that was really yummy but not sweet at all and I bought chocolate wafer cookies that seemed sugarless. We noticed that in many of the things we tried, they just weren't sweet like us Canucks seem to crave. I kinda liked it. Shelly kinda liked it, the kids didn't mind it. Russ and Larry weren'…

Lucky No. 7

Kia still can't ride a two wheeler. I know, I know, she's 7. All the kids in the neighbourhood are creating a bike club. Kia suddenly has incentive to learn how to ride her two wheeler. She practised with Dad last night and all she talks about is her schedule and timeline for perfecting the art of riding a two wheeler. So, good luck with that Kia.
Congrats to Russ who landed a construction bid he was working on. We celebrated by going out to dinner at the Keg last night. What can I say, my hubby rocks.
Last Friday I achieved a first: Every room in the house clean at exactly the same moment. I'm working on a repeat of that achievement...My neighbours house is up on their realtors website. Friends welcome...***UPDATED to say that it's sold. I guess it sold the first weekend it was up - here's hoping they meet my requirements***
We've been noticing that houses listed on Comfree seem to be higher than houses listed on MLS. That seems wrong, though Russ and I seem to …

Take Me Back

I have this photograph on my screensaver reel of pictures. Today, it struck me in a different way. Maybe I'm yearning for green spaces, for shady spots to enjoy the sun or it takes me back to where this photo was taken: my hometown of Penticton. Whatever the reason, this photo strikes a cord with me today and takes some part of memory to sunny days.

Because the crazy lady recommended it.

I stopped by the local used book store, The Bookworm, to use up my instore credit. Quite the character came in looking for assistance. She was an older gal, in her mid 70's and she had quite a lot of opinions about the book she was looking for. The following are some snippets of what she shouted at the store keeper who was trying to help her:

"I don't want a book with lots of sex. I don't like books that have a lot of sex...I do like a lot of grisly murders and death and it's gotta be funny....No, that one has too much romance, I don't want romance, I want death and lots of it. I read one called, Kill All The Lawyers. I liked that one, it was really funny...This one looks like it's too steamy. I would rather read about people killing each other than have to stomach reading about what they do in the bedroom."

This went on and on...I was actually laughing out loud in my little corner of the bookstore just listening to her rant and rave. What a blood thirs…

12 (and an oreo) for Supper

One Easter Weekend enjoyed and conquered. Shelly, Larry and family arrived on Friday. We had a great visit with a trip to West Edmonton Mall on Saturday that provided us with some thrills and entertainment; Sea Lion Rock show from the second and first row, Galaxyland rides and chinatown shopping. Mom and Dad arrived Saturday evening to join in on the fun. We had a huge Easter feast of roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes, and lots of salads and a dessert of chocolate pavlova, cinnamon buns and apple pie.

Not much time to write more...but hope you all had a wonderful Easter!P.S...this was our littlest house guest for the weekend...Princess Oreo. The Webster's rescued her as she was found abandoned and have been nursing her since. She's so tiny and oh so cute and as it turns out I'm sooo allergic. ;)

P.P.S...The guest room is somewhat done. There is a during photo and some shots of the finished room...the room is really tiny, 10x10 tiny. So the photos are hard to take in here!

Where Workman's Create...


Quote on Trials



Kia Loving: Ponies...ponies and more ponies.
Momma Loving: Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes. My latest favorite, play too often song.
Russ Loving:
Cleaning: currently working on my studio.
Smelling: Laquer. The last coat went on our pine trim for the guest room last we can FINALLY put it up.
Learning: truth really is stranger than fiction.
Reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Oh my aching [insert area here]

So, it was bound to happen. I've had such luck walking on slippery roads and sidewalks since moving to Edmonton. Nary a spill. It's all a butterfly, brady bunch singing memory now, thanks to the Costco parking lot. I was almost to my car [cursed crappy parking spot 400 metre dash from the store] when my foot hit ice and I knew I was going down. I had this brief thought that I could pull out of it, but it was soon squashed when I noted both legs were airborn. Hit the ice covered pavement hard. Luckily my chubby butt and elbow took the brunt of the fall. Nice.

This blond lady laughingly asked if I was okay. I wanted to take her down and give her a nice icy playground style facewash. She had no concern in her voice and she didn't even slow down. Curse her sure footedness. Meanwhile, I'll be writing love poems to Motrin with a sharpie on my aching elbow later tonight...yowsa!

Down on the Farm

A small sampling of photos from the weekend...Missing Christian and Jordon in this bunch, but they were there! Thanks to the Websters for their wonderful hospitality this weekend! We had loads of fun and look forward to seeing you this weekend...and let's hope the drive up is better than our drive home!!