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I've been talking with girlfriends and reading some blogs that talk about goodies people currently want, have gotten, or are getting. I enjoy knowing what other people covet and yearn for and can't help but celebrate with them when they reach their goals and seek their rewards.

It has caused me to reflect on my current wants and needs. They ebb and flow, change and surge at different times and seasons in my life. I can honestly say that what I currently want is less; less stuff, less clutter, less weight. I feel like this point in my life is all about clearing out the excess...making room for more blessings and other "mores" that are yet to be defined.

Paint Splattered

(a photo of Kia staring out the guest room window today)

Santolina Blooms is the new color in the guest room. It's a cool, soft pink that I used in Kia's bedroom and had so much extra left over (I originally bought two cans), and had the accessories to outfit the room, that I went with it. Kari Lynn came over today and helped me cut in and paint the room. Yay for help and yay for a visit from Aubryn to keep Kia happy and playing over spring break and of course the cuteness of Maigan is not to be missed.

We went and picked a wide knotty pine trim for the room and Russ is out in the workshop right now prepping it for installation. We will hopefully have that room set up and organized before the weekend. One can dream. Though Russ also has to install new brakes on the truck before the weekend and that kind of trumps trim...but I'm hopeful there will be a win win situation.

Discovered that our neighbours are moving to Village on the Lake on June 1st. So their house will be list…


Spring Break is off to a great start. Gorgeous weather, sunny skies, open windows, melting snow and lots to do. We started the day at the pool for Kia's spring break swimming lesson. Kia is in Red Cross and is currently working on level 3. Seems like a harder level, as every other kid in her class has already attempted level 3 and failed. One little guy proudly announced that this was his 4th attempt. If at first you don't diving isn't for you kiddo.

I managed to prime the extra bedroom upstairs today and the garish blue is dimly shining under a coat of white primer. I'm excited to see how this room turns out, especially because it has such great midday light. Some good photo opportunities await in that room.

Working on a cooking a pork rib roast for supper...never tried that wish me luck.

A Red Footed Boobie

My blog title is in reference to the bird and of course Brady Bunch. A very obscure reference...the reason? Kia is addicted to the Brady Bunch. She's currently watching season 4 on DVD which is the season with the Hawaiian vacation and the Tiki Tabu. Ya...that was my favorite.Both vehicles need new brakes. Russ is going install them himself. I like the fact that he's willing to do things like this to save us money...but brakes are kind of I have a tiny bit of trepidation and fear of death mingled in with my cheap factor happiness.
We have been moving furniture and Russ is now the proud owner of a new home office. A new office made up of two really old desks. Beggers can't be choosers.
I took in a couple bags of books to the local used bookstore and now we have a $70 store credit to get more books.
One of this weeks challenges to update Kia's playroom. Move things around and make it more 7 year old savy. Her play style has really changed and I want a room th…


I've had a run of bad luck with shopping lines lately. I always seem to choose the wrong teller or I'm cosmically drawn to stand directly behind the most disorganized person in the store, or when a new teller opens a line, I'm overlooked and thus continue standing behind the most disorganized person in the store (if you haven't figured it out: that makes me the stupidest person in the store - entire other blog post).


It's my weekly stop at Winners to rummage through the clearance racks in search of stellar deals. I'm currently looking for pants for Kia - she is at the 6/7 split for sizes and I can quite honestly say this is the biggest jump in size differences EVER - if you've been there you feel my pain, if not - prepare ye prepare ye.

So, anyways, I'm in Winners with three pairs of pants that may actually fit Ms. Kia and I head to the till. They have 2 tellers open. I go behind Zsa Zsa Coke-head, and don't even try to make me feel bad for cal…

Much too much

I washed my favorite pink spring coat (see, that's me wearing pink coat, today). A gentle wash cycle with a tad too much detergent (for one jacket on mini load mode) and then I tumble dryed it on fluff and hung. I now smell like I lived in a Tide bottle for the last 3 months. Seriously strong...strong...laundry smell is eminating from my favorite pink spring coat, and thusly me. It's kind of giving me a headache because it is a crazy strong laundry smell. There is clean, and then there is just overboard. I am overboard and flapping in a sea of detergenty cleanness.

Case in point: Russ and I spent an hour at the bank and I seriously wanted to fan the room whenever our banking officer would nip out of the room for more papers for us to sign. I wanted to lean my head out a window and take a big gasp of gas infused street air, to fill my lungs with something other than the pungent aroma of Sunlight soft fresh scent (with aloe vera). I wanted to explain to perfect strangers the reas…


Tuesday is my day to run errands, pick up fresh groceries, snoop around favorite shops and fantasize about extravagant purchases, while I really pay bills. I'm slowly making progress on organizing part of the house on a daily basis. I may just make that April Fools Day deadline after all.

I moved some furniture around the house today. Didn't like the last arrangement, made things feel closed and full, and I'm all about open and simple right now. Which is in direct contrast to my studio space downstairs, where chaos reigns. I got a great package from SBO yesterday, plum full of a very generous sponsorship kit from SEI - the entire smarty line - right down to ribbon and coaster tags, as well as some store goodies. Time to make room, sift through the madness and put things right.

Russ has finished all the drawers in my studio. They still need drawer fronts but in the meantime they will suffice. He used full extension hardware on all the drawers and though they are pric…

Week in Review

Spent a good deal of the week indoors and home with Kia as she was sick for a few days.
Last skating class was this Saturday. No more Super Mike. No more pigeon toed skater.
Kia is in a climb and sit phase. She loves climbing up on all the countertops, sitting on dressers and window sills. The higher the better.
She is also exerting more independance...making her own breakfasts, fixing meals for herself.
Working on the mini book design for my online class at SBO in May: Journal of a SuperHero.
Toblerone worship is still strong. Anyone that comes to the house is just gobsmaked at the actual size of this monster.
Kari Lynn and the girls dropped by on Saturday...Kia has been feeding dollies ever since.
Visited some puppies at Puppytales on Friday. Kia is so brave around dogs but cats freak her right out.
This week has been filled with sunlight. I think I'm solar powered.Russ has been crazy busy this week and has started taking on some other projects for some friends.We went out to a chu…

Lost Moose

Someone I know and consider a friend recently lost her Dad, and also lost her Mom when she was growing up. It has caused me to pause and remember my own story. My Dad died 7 years ago this past February. I remember a short conversation with him on the balcony of the Lost Moose Lodge in Penticton the previous summer. He was sitting on a stool, overlooking the stunning view of the valley below us. The same image you see in the picture above. He talked about the struggle of his current condition. He said, "this is no way to live," and he meant it. My Mom had said such statements when she was gripped in bouts of pain, "I wish I would just die," she would whisper as she battled MS. I took her complaints personally then. I heard: "I would rather die, than be your Mom." I was so young. But I remember standing in that spot with Dad and just listening. Hearing the regret in his voice, the frustration, the yearning for a different story but the acceptance of his ow…

Let's talk about the weather

These blue skies and mild days are ruining me. I'm chomping at the bit for some genuine "here for good springtime" and I wants it now! I know you are feeling the same darn way...especially if you live North of Lethbridge (even if you don't, I'll let you join in my whine, just as long as you realize I will win any "I'm worse off than you" contest in the end). Because it's soooo stupid for an Albertan to get excited about springtime on March 15th and actually imagine that the snow is going away for good.

I have reason to be jaded. I have been screwed over by this ploy of Mother Nature before. When, you may wonder? almost every stinking year I've lived in Alberta. The first time this happened was the May Long Weekend in 1995, then the same weekend in 1996, 97, and 2000 through 2003. May long weekend is 2 months from now people. So I'm preparing myself for a few poorly timed arctic blasts between now and then, and will watch Ma…

Nosey QOTD

I've identified 3 areas that are continually holding me back from domestic greatness, they are, in no particular order: dishes, laundry and refridgeration maintenance. If I could eliminate the need to incorporate these 3 systems in my life I'd be home free, sails set, sky's the limit. I think I need to utilize the tools God gave me: namely my husband and my daughter. Though Russ seems to have similiar faulty wiring, Kia does show signs of superior genetics (thanks Verna) in the cleaning department, and thus I could always assign such tasks to her.

What areas are holding you back from domestic greatness?

Nothing but blue sky

The sky's almost completely clear today, it's the kind of sky they use on postcards to lure tourists in, and wouldn't you know I won't be able to go out and enjoy it. It will be enjoyed behind glass, as I have a sick little firecracker home from school, coughing and buried under blankets as she has a movie-thon in her bedroom. The joy of spring melts and all the colds that come with it...

Ding Ding Ding...we have a winner!

If this picture looks like 7 pounds of chocolate on our're wrong! It's 10 pounds. Wonder why we have a 10 pound chocolate bar in our possession? It was a gift for Russyl, and here's how you can get your own 10 pound Toblerone bar: Build a warehouse in an industrial park, and then have it burn down (through no fault of your own), 5 weeks before completion. Ya, you thought your week sucked.

To tease or not to tease...

***Updated in comments***

My eyes are sore, my sinuses are stuffed and a major melt is making life very soggy up here in Northern Canada and awakening some allergins to the world methinks. Russ and I have been remiss about snow removal on the sidewalk to the backyard and patio. This was a bad idea, as water is now pooling along the side of the house and seeping into the garage. I've been beating ice with a shovel and loading it with crazy quantities of salt to melt the ice blockade that is stopping it's happy trickle down to the street. I volunteer Russ for the next shift when he gets home from work, cause I'm feeling kind of done.

I've been going through all my sewing notions and patterns today. I managed to get 6 boxes of sewing stuff down to 2, so I'm pretty happy about that. I found a business book we have been looking for, the lid to our blender and more rolls of ribbon than I'm willing to admit to. I've filled up 2 garbage bags and surely have at least …

Green Links

Some eco greeny sites that I enjoy...and an easy blog, as I need to go clean my house!
ecoFABULOUS - great little design based eco blog
Building Green - Something Russ and I are very interested inSustainable Style Foundation - look fabulous, live well, do goodTreeHugger - my current favouriteFabulously Green - Eco-modern design idea source blogGirlawhirl - a fun female driven site about living greenGreen Desires and Intentions - shout out to my BIL green D

Happy Sarcastic Wednesday Eve

Have you done something sarcastic today? Or are you waiting for Wednesday?

I like to move it move it...

I've been going through our clutter. Okay, MY craft crap. I'm ready to toss it all and start over. I have moments when I'm elbow deep in it all, when this thought seems completely perfect: Bag all this junk up and start fresh. Then reason and finances cloud my moment of clarity and I continue questioning every pink brad, dusty book cover and unlabled CD-Rom.

Going through and dealing with stuff teaches me so many things. It shows areas of my life that are filled with waste. It shows unfulfilled dreams, and unrealistic expectations I've invested in. It shows me areas that I'm overmedicating my life with stuff, which makes me look deeper and find out what the reason behind all that is. Or at the very least makes me scratch my head and wonder what I ever planned on doing with 37 gift bags.

For me this process, this time, is all about making room for blessings. If my world is crammed at every corner with junk there is no room for blessings to enter my life. So I'm c…

Car and Truck Show 2007

Russ and I never remember what we liked at these things, so in an effort to have some reference source I'm recording vehicles we really liked, well vehicles we really liked the 'feel' of as we didn't drive them - that's another kettle of fish. I always find attending these shows so enlightening. Vehicles you thought you'd love, once you sit in them? Nah...not so much. I wanted to love the Honda Civic Hyrbid...I'm kinda switzerland on it - sorry green D! Why are the big honkin' gas gusslers so darn loveable? Stop already!

Nissan 350ZBMW 335i Russ will be dreaming of this one. For a long time.
Acura TLMini Cooper - K - I have a soft spot for these babies
Nissan Quest - makes me almost want a mini van
Honda Odyssey - makes Russ almost want a mini van
Subaru Tribeca - Hands down my favorite vehicle de jour
Ford Bronco (concept) COOLNESSChevy Avalanche - Russ' fav crossover truckHonda Ridgeline - Nikki's fav truckJeep W…

Share Worthy

An online friend shared this link and I must share it with all of you: MIT Self Study Programs. You can download complete course lectures and assignments on tons of interesting topics for free. How cool is that! Happy learning...

Some "ings"

Watching: Global Edmonton at 6 tonight to see a certain kidlet make her TV debut.
Cooking: Chicken Casserole, sauteed mushrooms, bread sticks and salad for supper with fruit and cream puffs for dessert. Mmmm, can you tell we have company?
Grounding: Kia is grounded this week. First time ever. Was caught in a lie, and might I add she is really quite terrible at it.
Restraining: We have some big financial goals currently and I've been avoiding stores so I don't spend money. I went to HomeSense today and I had an imaginary shopping spree. My imaginary shopping spree was all about reoutfitting my entire kitchen. The dream will have to do...(PS. Didn't spend any money - yay me)
Changing: The name of the scraproom to studio. Why? Because I do a heck of alot more than scrap in there!
Organizing: My studio...I have a basket full of a dozen idea books and many many magazines. Feels good to lighten up in this space!