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My Missed Opportunity

Had a much needed girls night yesterday. Was feeling a tad stir crazy, so getting out was a welcomed break from my little dungeon of ribbon. We had all planned to pick up Dairy Queen treats and then go to Heathers. I didn't really feel like having ice cream but I did want candy, so I stopped at 7-11.

I had to park in this odd place by a pizza parlour and walk over to the 7-11. As I did, a lady opened her car door and 3 little dogs burst forth. She called them repeatedly but they were oblivious to her and instead all their focus was on making friends with me. So they all start running up, tongues out, tails wagging, jumping and yipping hello to me. By this time I was at the door to 7-11. I gave a little pull, but the door didn't budge. Again I's locked. I notice a sign - but don't read it as the dogs have reached me in earnest and are happily pawing me to death. I lean down to pick up two of the dogs and wait for the indulgent owner to get them, she does, we exc…


The daily request after school almost every day is, "can {insert name here} come over and play?" or, "can I go over to {blank's} house?" I've tried to be more flexible on this. The control freak in me likes a days notice, but I've embraced the fun of a spontaneous play date and will usually give in a couple times a week.

I've mentioned that she is "pals" with a young man. I must say that Kia truly has great taste in men. Red is a sweetheart (and no, his name isn't really Red, but since I don't have his Mama's permission to splash his picture or his name on the web - Red it is), he is one of those kids that you find completely captivating. He can hold an adult conversation and seems completely at ease in his own skin. She really does have fantastic friends, and I can't help noticing it has alot to do with her great capacity to be a friend. My kid is awesome.

Some Ribbon Projects

This one is pretty self explanitory...Just put strips of ribbon onto cardstock and frame. I really like this idea as a fairly inexpensive way of making art for a child's room.

These are soooo easy to make. At your local craft store you can find packs of ribbon ends and split rings (key chain rings). Simply put your ribbon in the jaws of the ribbon end and close with pliers. Then put on a split ring and your key chain is done.

A fun little project to do with the kids. It's like making little friendship bracelets. Cut ribbon to fit the wrist plus add enough ribbon to fold over each end. I sealed the ends ironing steam a seam onto the end...then added sticky back velcro to either end.

This is my favorite project. Works great with the hefter grosgrain ribbon in your stash. A great way to use up the misc. bits we have left over, but a rather expensive project if you're buying it new - cuz this ribbon is not cheap! Directions for making Ribbon Fringe is Here. You could …

Working on:

I'm doing an idea workshop on Ribbon for the Anniversary Crop at SBO this weekend. There will be an open call for fun ribbon projects from 8:00am - 8:oopm on Saturday. Anything goes! It can be a floral arrangment that showcases ribbon, a scrapbook page, a sewing project, ribbon curtains, dress up clothes...ANYTHING. So upload an image and maybe you will be a winner! There will be 3 ribbon prize packs to the top three and a little something extra to the winner from me...

The rest of the DT has some really great challenges all associated with their favorite things. I've seen some sneak peeks of their challenges and projects and they are outrageous! So if you have some time, and some projects to work on, stop by!

Oh where oh where...

Have I gone you ask? 5 emails asking me where I've been after a three day hiatus...I must blog too often or something. But thank you, I feel loved.
Church was interesting on Sunday. An older gentleman had a health emergency during sacrament and 911 was called. We all sat patiently in the chapel as 5 EMT's showed up to help. Lucky that there were nurses and a doctor in the congregation. The gentleman is the father to a famly we know in Bearspaw ward, and it looks like he's doing well. I think it's safe to say he will have many prayers coming his way!The topic that cannot be discussed is moving along at a rapid and interesting clip.
Where are the Websters? I have tried the cell phone, and nothing...seriously curious about what's happening, so anyone that can offer an update, please do!Project Organize and Clean this shack is right on track (ha). I feel confident that by the end of March, this place will be a (said as Toulouse-Lautrec) sparkling diamond.Family dance is …

Patterned Wands

I uploaded some pics of the patterned wands to my ribbon wands blog and I'm just about to add a few to the store. I am in love with these wands. You know when you imagine how something will look, and then it turns out even better than you imagined? That's how these babies work for me! Any feedback is appreciated!

Cupid Infused Living

Life from our corner of the world this past week...
Even though Russ is a card carrying member of the Valentine Day Scam Party he still bought me a bouquet of pretty flowers. Yup, he likes me.
Kia put a heart on all the boys valentines but no hearts on the girls...hmmm....The amount of snow in the backyard is crazy...that grass is gonna be some kind of green this spring, or our basement is gonna be some kind of wet...
Had a primary toboganning party yesterday. Perfect mild weather day for it!
Russ grabbed a flying saucer sled, ran towards the edge of the hill, leaped into the air and onto his kness on the little purple flying saucer and whirled down the hill. Big mistake. I've heard alot of muttering about how his shins are killing him.Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. Kia is starting this slightly needy tweener stage. Seeking reassurance, worried about friends, perceptions, style...she's growing up, out, in, sideways, through, you name it! I find great reassurance in the fact …

Ribbon Wands

I closed my typepad account for ribbon wands today. I didn't "love" the typepad format as much as I would have hoped, so I figured I should get out before I started my 2007 packaging order! All my customers will be receiving an email from me, updating on how to purchase ribbon wands in the future. I'm going the Etsy way. Love this place and can't wait to be a part of it. A link to my new store front is on the side bar of my blog. There's not much there right now...but I'll be updating my store over the next week, so please keep checking back!

While wondering around cyberspace today...

...just window shopping and exploring and have the cutest things to share...
Betz White is a talented artist recently showcased on Martha. She has a great little blog and this fantastic tutorial on making felt flowers...possibily something fun for scrapbooking or just for the heck of it.
Ikea Hacker for all of us who are trying to reinvent our Ikea furniture this site may have some fun ideas.
I just realized that people are putting babies in cardboard cribs. For real! WTH? Even crazier...they are flame retardant and meets the EU's safety and performance for cribs and cradles.These blocks are crazy pretty and crazy pricey ($100 for the set)...Who doesn't have a cafepress shop nowadays...but this one is cool. It's called Green Army and has some eco designs for the tree hugger in all of us.Darlybird is the cutest online store, every single thing seems bright and colorful and fresh. Found this fun 'girls night out' box of questions that I think I need.Susan Cyrus is …

Dictionary Impossible

A silly challenge from the Paperback Writer Blog:

Writers, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take out your dictionary and flip through it, then stop on any page at random. Write down the first word you see. Repeat until you have a list of ten words.

Level 1: Create at least three novel titles using only the words on your list (a, an, the, and other simple words can be added for style.) You have five minutes to complete this level.

Hymns of ExcessDistressed voltDistressed Kitty
Unaware [French] EyewitnessExcess of french hymns
Level 2: Create a story premise for the titles you've created from your list. If you get caught on this level, PBW will disavow any knowledge of you.

Hymns of Excess - Rap Artist D Piddly, realizes that money isn't everything, and leaves it all for life as a monk. Gregorian hilarity and hi-jinx ensue.
Distressed volt - electromotive force has never been so melancholy in this sci…

My New Job

No, I didn't get the job at the library. The very nice lady from the library phoned me up and said that they really liked me and it was between me and the gal they did hire. Turns out her references were all easy to reach and mine...not so much. References, people...very important. Though tell me how a SAHM comes up with current references, that's quite the hat trick. I keep imagining putting down my friends as references. Mrs. Hill, tell us how Mrs. Workman works in stressful situations?Well...she swears like a sailer and whines to me on the phone for 20 minutes and then she's good to go...Oh I forgot, full and honest disclosure is frowned upon when job seeking.

So, I'm taking it all as an invitation to work on some of my own projects a bit more. Writing and Ribbon Wands especially, and I'm so motivated to get my house organized and cleaned up. There are some big projects that need to be tackled and I'm ready to get it done! So my self imposed job for the next …

Bedtime Stories

One of the perks and pleasures of parenthood is the oppurtunity to read to and with your child. One of our favorite books to read together is the fun series: You read to me, I'll read to you. In Kia's last book order through school we purchased the fairytale version and read Cinderella together tonight:

Me: (reading as the wicked step sisters, with over dramatic wailing)
It's just not fair!
It's just not right!
You should have stayed
At home last night.

Kia: (as a giggling Cinderella)
Now don't be selfish.
Don't be mean.
You're talking to
The furniture queen.

Me: Furniture queen?

Kia: That's what it says Mom.

Me: It really says "furniture" queen?I'm proding because I can quite clearly read that it say: future queen...but Kia is absolutely certain she read it correctly as her next comment illustrates.

Kia: I don't write this stuff Mom, I'm just the reader.


Happy B'day Scott!


A Hole Is To Dig

I woke up completely congested. Barely able to breath but incredibly happy to have my hubby home. I hate sleeping alone, spending long days without seeing him or having the ability to talk whenever the mood strikes us. This love thing has ruined me for a life alone.

This photo reminds me of the children's book: A Hole Is To Dig. Kia had a blast digging tunnels in the snowpiles beside the driveway. She is now hollowing out the centre so she can have one big room. It is about 5.5 feet long and 2 feet wide with the interior room currently at 3 feet. Good times.

I taped the Grammy's in HD last night on the PVR. I'm really looking forward to watching some of the musical numbers...rumour has it that it was an incredible night of music, in a new concert like format that was really effective. Speaking of music, my latest downloaded song that I listen to waaaay too much is Candy Man by Christina Aguilera. With Russ away, we know have so many hours of taped television to watch…

Just us girls...

With Russ down in Calgary checking in on Mom and seeing Dad in the hospital, it's just us girls. Which also means, I had to take Kia to skating class. We got there early and were lucky enough to watch the Oilers practising in the arena. Kia was pretty thrilled that she was skating right next to the Oilers. Big time excited, I got tired of hearing about it, kind of excited. Her "coach" took me aside during class and asked if we would stay after class to check her skate size as he was concerned her skates were too big. Turns out she has weak ankles and needs more ankle support. Scrawny kid.

We're trying to find some trouble to get into while Dad's away...though our pickings are fairly slim. Here's to hoping!

Be Obscure Clearly Lesson 1

I'm not sure I like February 9th, or the 8th for that matter, in fact let's just call February a do over...shall we? I have a bunch of stuff to share but my blog has become bigger than I ever intended and so I must remain quiet on some topics of our life, but c'est la vie.

Long story short and more obscure: the Workman's are confused. Lots of ideas swirling around our heads these days. Though all of them are exciting.

Prayers for Gordon (Russyl's dad) who had a mild stroke today. Prayers for the Websters as life throws curve balls. Prayers for dreams to come true and life to be rich and full of purpose.

P.S...I had a job interview today at the Library for a position in the Child Services Department. Way cool position...lots of graphics to generate, things like making cool props for storytime. Keyword is FUN. I'm 99.9% positive I'm not getting the job. They kept saying things like, "wow, you're really confident" and "I can't remember e…

Converting Color Pics to Black and White

This is the best technique I've found for converting color photos to black and white in Photoshop and thought I'd share. Desaturation usually just leaves the image flat. First pick your photo. Then do the following: Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map > OK New Layer > Click on the Gradient Black and White > Then adjust as desired. Though color balance is a great place to play to bring out hidden textures and depth...don't know why it works so well but it does.

Looking for a few good Sista's...

I have been on the Design Team for the website Scrapbooker Online for almost two years. What a great little blessing this gig has been in my life. It's a great community of "sista's" who all love their families, embrace art and want to remember that they really lived. If you love scrapbooking or know someone who does, I really hope you drop by and check it out. There are also great forums for chatting, swaps, and learning more about photography.

Maryfrances and Gregg Fabbri are the owners of the site and they are such great people, I just want to spread the word! I also can't wait to tell you more about the class I'm teaching at SBO-U in the spring, it's an online writing course under the guise of a scrapbooking project. It's gonna rock! More on that as the time approaches!

What to do, what to do...

This is my current plight. Do I go back into the work force? I have projects I'm currently working on, areas I dabble in: I write, I make ribbon wands, I take photos. Yet, I still feel a pull to work outside of the home and have something that provides an outlet for me to interact with like minded individuals.

My family is not supportive of this idea. The whole concept is riddled with guilt on my end and Russyl's misunderstanding brick wall on the other. Too honest? In the end, I hope my family knows that they come first, and that I won't take on more than is necessary. I know what will fit into my schedule. I know the time I can blow at home, accomplishing NOTHING. Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be better if I was doing something productive for those 4 hours? Exercise is still my major priorty and I must be able to dedicate 90 minutes to this daily, no matter what. Maybe the 'dream job' doesn't exist. But I've got to start looking because t…

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