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Well, why not

Kia: Mom, do you know what I wish bananas taste like?

Mom: Nope, what?

Kia: Cheese.

100 Random Things...

Seriously had to try...took a week...
Till the age of 6 - I truly believed that bald people lost their hair by sticking their head out the window of a moving vehicle. A motorbike didn't work the same way, but a car or truck were deadly for hair. This concept was shattered when I observed our dog, tongue flapping in the wind, happily ride with his head out the window and not lose one hair.
My Uncle Star convinced me that toothpaste came out of belly buttons. I can't tell you the number of times I stuck my toothbrush under my belly button and tried to produce toothpaste. Sadly it was a very unfulfilling process as I never produced any.I'm double jointed.
I've never broken a bone in my body.
I can't stand the smell of popcorn. A manager at the bank used to always say how her dog's feet smelt like popcorn. I also don't like the smell of dog. And while we're at it, I don't like the smell of newborn poop either. Ick.
I'm not a baby person. Never have been.…

Music Day

Today has been all about downloading songs and trying to find the charging cord for my MP3 player, because seriously, I need some tunes at the gym.

Latest songs I love:
Arms of a Woman by Amos LeeFive for Fighting - I Just Love You & The RiddleJohn Lithgow's The Hippopotamus Song (mud mud glorious mud...)
Greg Laswell - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Cindy Lauper - Body Acoustic
Alison Krauss - Baby MineBeyonce - just got on the Beyonce IrreplaceableDreamgirls Soundtrack So, ya, that about sums up my afternoon. Cleaned the kitchen and then we headed out to the pond to ice skate for FHE. Brrr...-15'C is a tad chilly for skating, on a pond in the dark. We didn't last long. I didn't even put my skates on cuz my hands couldn't handle being outside my mitts that long. Hot chocolate and popcorn and snuggles under the blankets upon our arrival home. Have a good one!

Nike Ad Wisdom


Bookish Stuff

Contemporary, Historical, or Paranormal? I usually read Historical, as I love immersing myself in history. I didn't pay close attention in school, so I find I am clueless to many stories. The Shining was my first and last introduction into the world of Paranormal books. Not my thing.
Hardback or Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback? Hardback out of desperation, though trade paperback is my favorite, especially if I really love the series...paperback will suffice when the budget demands.
Heyer or Austen? Seriously? Austen all the way!
Amazon or Brick and Mortar? Brick and Mortar. With a Chapters bookstore a 5 minute walk from my house, I tend to meander around the bookstore at least once a week.
Alphabetize by author Alphabetize by title or random? Currently I organize by color. LOL. In the front room anyway, it's much more of a hodge podge in the Den. Keep, Throw Away or Sell? Keep if I love it, if I don't love it but it's a beautiful looking book I'll be har…

Favorite Day

I love Friday's. My favorite day of the week. Both weekday and weekend in one. It was a quiet day, with hardly any interaction outside my own tasks. Exercise, visiting parents at Kia's school and a few various errands is about all socialization I've had today.

Spent a great deal of time working on two scrapbooking projects. One that translates into what I hope will be a really fun project for SBO's online crop in February. Here is a sneak peek at the process: Other than that, Russ just arrived home early and the weekend has officially I'm off!

I like it thick

The title is an inside joke and when taken out of context makes the most perverted title ever used on my blog, which is three years old this week. Whoop whoop! Happy Birthday to me and my wordiness...Happy birthday to me...feel free to send festive cash donations via pay pal. ;)

Last evening was spent in a spontaneous organization of our linen closet. Sorting the linens and tossing out the hopeless cases (pillow cases that is, har har). Felt good to dejunk and organize and looks 100% better. My pillowcase count is truly astronomical, I won't admit to a number but I'll give you a hint: More than the age of Brad Pitt but not so many as Sean Connery.

I'm gonna have to add the pillow case thing to my compilation list of personal weirdities. Amy knocked that one out of the park. If you don't know what I'm talking about hit the link on the side, if you do, all I can say is Amy is currently, hands down, the weirdest person I know. ;) Good grief girl my list comes to a screa…

Question of the day:

Can you have it all?

This is where the comment, "perfect is not a word like red." makes perfect sense. The question assumes that we all have an agreed upon outcome that defines the word "ALL". If we do, I didn't get the memo. The word "ALL", what does that mean? Does it mean the same for me as it does for you? I doubt it. My husband's idea of having it all and my idea of having it all are vastly different and yet we are striving for similiar things in life. I bet a gal battling terminal cancer has a very different and probably wiser defination of what her "ALL" means.

I think it can be a silly concept that undermines challenge and sacrifice. When someone tells me they have it all, I honestly have a sense of hallow happiness. It's a quick answer like fine, or nice, or good. It's superficial and almost more a self betterment statement than an actual state of being.

This was discussed on Oprah under the context of woman staying at home…


Kia is in charge of FHE tonight, so that means we are going bowling. Good ole' 5 pin at the local alley and we have to squeeze our time in before the leagues we'll be bowling at 5:30. It's all good...Loved talking to my SIL today who is in the throws of a move across the country. Wishing them a safe journey to their new destination: Spokane Washington!!!Amy, is it true you are driving all the way to CHA in the smart car? If it is, more wishes for a safe journey coming your way...Making appointments today, Doctor and Dentist for both Kia and myself. Joy...The house needs some major TLC. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning and washing, cause enough is enough! A new Hero's is on tonight. YAY. It's getting me primed and ready for February when LOST finally begins again!That's about all I can think to report. Enjoy your Mmmmmonday!

What the H?

So, we are out and about today. Kia got into the SUV and then suddenly she was on her head upside down, her head in the snow, her body stretched up into the SUV. Don't ask me how she fell backwards out of the vehicle before she could shut the door, but she most certainly did. Russ and I shared a look and then he headed over to assist her back into the vehicle. She was upset, pride wounded and began to cry. Russ and I tried to be worried and concerned for her safety, but our uncontrollable laughter wasn't really sending the message of protective parental distress that would have been a balm to her pride and snow wet head. It was hysterical and I managed to choke down my mirth better than Russ, if his shoulder shaking was any indication while I gave her a hug, though sadly she watched me closer because I sat in her sight line. Why are things that aren't supposed to be funny, always the most hilarious moments?

In other news, Russ finished putting the pot lights in the D…

Perfect isn't a word like red

Rick, over at Our Thoughts, has designed a T'shirt at my suggestion. I can't wait to order one, or two... ;) Thanks Rick! We're trying to convince him to cafepress it...
Check out those chompers. Kia's teeth make me smile, with her wife-of-bath gap and their gigantic proportions. Lately, there is an occasional whistle sound that attends the letter [S]. Kia has a good natured, yet somewhat horrified reaction whenever the whistle forces itself into her conversation.

"Why do I do that?" she bellowed the other day as we were madly trying to get out the door and get her to school.

She had just inquired, "are we going to be late for school?" but it sounded like, "are we going to be late for {HIGH PITCHED WHISTLE} followed by the 'ool sound.

"It's the gap in your teeth, kiddo, it makes you good at whistling." I quickly explained as I tried to find my mittens.

"What's a gap?" She asked, shoving her agenda in her backpack.

"It's the space between your two front teeth." I said thinking I had everything I needed for a two minute car drive to school.

We race out to the car and I'm scr…
Havin' bloggers block.

Life just seems really mellow lately and not much to tell. As my fridge shows, we enjoyed the Magic show. I could puzzle and puzzle till my puzzler gets sore trying to figure out how the heck those illusions work. Kia watched a great deal of the show with her jaw on the floor. The other parts she spent trying to figure out what was happening. Some of it was a bit beyond the 7 year old realm.

Been exercising lots; at least 60 minutes everyday this week. I'm really looking into some new weight training and toning regimens. I love this new workout called Fluidity. It combines principles of pilates and ballet into a sequence of toning moves...though it costs more than I'll spend. I still do yoga a few times a month and pilates, mostly on days when I don't feel up for the gym, but need to be active. And mostly when the playroom is clean enough for me to find space to workout. Sure, blame it on the kid...

Like, I said, not much to share...j…

Tee Hee



I thought this was a very interesting quote. I think we all know somebody who has just lost their drive, who seems like they are just going through the motions, who you may have described as "broken". I think it is easy to slip into inactivity, into routines that produce endless days of dullness. It takes effort to make life sparkle.

One of my family goals for 2007 was to have great family experiences. For me, this really means experiencing the fantastic world of the arts. Getting out there and experiencing live theatre and music, so that we are inspired by it. So tonight we are off to see David Copperfield. You must watch the cool flash introduction on his site.

Last night at supper Kia said, "Jami doesn't believe in magic." I found that such a silly statement. It's like when people say, "they don't believe in chiropractors." It's not a religion folks. It's a skill, a trade. It will exist whether you believe or not. Magic is an artform…

The Basics.

Name. Nikki Workman
Ambition. Daily improvement
Camera. Pentax MV, Pentax Optio S5i (dreaming of Digital SLR - Pentax K10d)
Music. Love me a good slow song
Color. Reds, Orange, green, think autumn
Childhood Dream. Evil Knievel wannabe
Fondest Memory. being home from the NICU with Kia
Retreat. Mountains
Wildest Dream. Spend an entire summer in Europe
Biggest Challenge. Myself
Alarm Clock. Russ turning the bathroom light on at 7:30ish
Perfect Day. Sunshine and sandy beaches
Indulgence. Clothes shopping
Last purchase. Groceries
Favorite Movie. Emma
Inspired By. Simplicity

Weight loss milestone

As of Saturday, January 13th, I've officially lost 60 pounds. I'm pretty giddy about it. I knew when I started this journey back in July of 2005 that I needed to lose about 100 pounds. Big scary number. So I broke it down. I realized that everyday I would have to make choices that earned a 100 pound loss. So I drank water when I wanted pop. I walked when I could have drove. I ate alot of carrots. I still eat alot of carrots. And currently I'm chosing to exercise 6 days a week. I would really really love to reach my goal weight by my birthday in July. And now instead of saying I have to lose 100 lbs I can simply say I have to lose 40. Feels dang good.

Note to self...

These photo books are the coolest! I want to make 2 or 20. Addictive potential is very high.

Your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Right Reverend Nikki the Mad of Yockenthwait Walden
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Friday Describbles

I don't think Aaron Sorkin realizes the trauma he has put me through these past 4 weeks. I want a new eposide of Studio 60. What has been going on with Matt and Harriet? Danny's coming for Jordon and I want to see it happen. Please, oh please let there be a new eposide this week. I needs it! I needs it bad...I have been updating my sidebar. I really wish family blogs weren't such a secret and I could link, as it would make my websurfing a fraction of second faster and more Nikki friendly.
An online pal, Patty, has the greatest blinkie - it says: Housework is for people who do not have an internet connection. I relate to this in ways that are downright embarrassing.
I heard the term Micro/Macro white space today in relation to upscale advertising, I'm guilty of buying into this theory.
I have a house fetish. I love houses. I love looking at MLS listings even when I have no desire to buy. I love listings with pictures. Why on earth did they paint the wall blue …

Life in a Northern Town. Example no. 3

The results of yesterday's blizzard - piled up onto our flowerbed. Oh, and it's -30'C.

A quote for Thursday


This one's a doozy...

I rarely remember my dreams. When I do they are fairly mainstream. Last night I had a dream that made me wonder if the bran muffin I ate before bed was laced with LSD.

In my dream my Mother In Law's Raspberry Jam acted as a portal for body snatching. You might want to read that sentence again. I'll wait.

You would spread this wonderfully delectable jam (and by the way the bottle's half gone Mom...send more jam) on toast, muffins...whatever and it would transport you into the food. I was snatched right into my piece of toast. It was very warm. There was somebody else in there with me. I think the raspberry seeds were really the homes of pod people. I don't remember seeing their face but I remember there was a great deal of talk about apricots, which is bizarre because the conduit for travel was very clearly raspberries.

Anyway that's about all I can verbalize of this jaunt into condiments...thought I'd share this one before I forget it. This may also prove helpful …

On the street where you live

What does life look like on the street where you live today?


Okay, i'm going to be a copycat. My MIL, SIL, and dear friend Heather have all been making picasa collages. It's the only thing I can think of adding, so I'll sneak one in, because it's always fun to have some pictures with a post, even when they have nothing to do with the topic.

I went through my photos trying to find a photograph that depicts each season in a simple way. This exercise taught me that I'm not really a spring photographer...gonna have to remedy that this year. So for spring you got dirt. Sorry! I can't help looking at this pic and of these things is not like the others...Having computer problems today. Firefox is being a menace for me. I'm constantly getting stuck and so I'm currently using Explorer for the first time in at least a year. Nothing that I want to look at is bookmarked and I have to sign in everywhere I i'm feeling like my computer time is coming to a rapid close (along with my patience). It…

this is your LIFE.

Back into a routine and that makes me so happy. It's noon and I've done more this morning than I did all last week! Pretty bad.

Kia could barely get out of bed. I went in twice, Russ went in and finally I hollered that breakfast was waiting, which worked as her hunger must have been stronger than her sleepyness. Things moved at a faster clip after that and soon she was waiting for me by the front door, eager to get to school.

Went back to the gym today. That was hard as I felt no real desire to do it, other than crossing it off my list and getting on with the rest of my day. The equipment felt foreign (since I haven't worked out for two weeks) and the gym was very busy with all the new years resolution do gooders. Is it bad that I'm looking forward to February? As I know many will have given up by then and the gym will be back to it's usual level of activity.

I also sent in 120 photos to be printed and one mystery roll of film. I can't remember the last time I had…

Sunday Morning Blogging...

Oh, how I've missed Sunday morning blogging. Gotta love afternoon church, well at least I do! Woke up to swirling snow flurries today, have no idea what the temperature is, but the scene of white snow misting through the air makes me want to lug out a thick blanket and curl up on the couch to watch movies all day long.We found Kia some skates yesterday at Play It Again Sports. Brought in Kia's old size 10 figure skates as a trade. We orginally bought them at Play It Again Sports in Calgary about 4 years ago for $10 and they traded in at $7.50. The difference is cheaper than a rental. Kia tried on a few pairs of skates and finally decided on some Bauer hockey skates. She loves the look of figure skates but they were killing her feet, so she wisely chose the hockey skates. We were advised that it is best for kids to learn on hockey skates anyway. It eliminates the (a la Cutting Edge) toe pick factor. Plus, bonus for us, the skates were still pretty sharp so no 3 hour wait, haha,…

Websites and blogs I visit

Some of my favorite websites...thought it was time I shared.
43 things is a site that was introduced to me by an online friend, Sharon. It's a cool place that lists peoples goals for 2007. Fun sewing projects abound here. The placemat purse, fun ribbon projects and great fabrics to drool over. I love this place!Creativity for life is the ultimate online magazine chalk full of fun articles that get your creativity and brain in hyper-overdrive. A weekly one hour stop for me!Creativity portal lives up to it's name. Links to online fun, writing prompts and more!Portrait locations in the Edmonton area thanks to New Light Photography. Taking photos in the Edmonton area? Finally someone shares some great location ideas...Kari Lynn and Heather, you can thank me later.
Scrapscene is my favorite, what's happening in scrapbooking blog. It is kept very current and provides lots of ideas and links to great blogs and websites.
I think this my favorite digital kit that I've seen ye…


I'm so excited about the things that are gonna happen this year! My head is spinning with ideas. I'm not even letting reality slow me down, I'll downsize my plans next week. This is a week for big dreams and grand plans. Do you ever let yourself dream seemingly impossible outcomes? It's fantastic! I love letting my imagination stretch me, push me and inspire me (The trick is to embrace the moment without guile or entitlement. I truly believe that an attitude of entitlement is a dream killer).

In 2007 I'm striving for effort, performance, activity, doing, vitality, spirit, sparkle, consequence, bustle, function and result. Reading Ali's blog today and she had a great little article called one little word, where she invites you to discover a simple word that announces your personal theme for the upcoming year. I new instantly what my word was: ACTION. What's yours?

Lesson Learned: Even a broken castle is fun

Clearly, she is having no fun. We arrived to find the castles ice turrets and shimmery facade broken. Happily kicked to icy shreds. I was so disappointed because I had big photography needs to fill. The princess, dragon and chess pieces were also broken, apparantley by some bored youth the previous nights. Curse that darn teenagr angst! Though looking at this photo, and the others on my SD card, I'm pretty sure it was not a big deal to this kid.

Now, how do I convince Russ to build one of these babies in the backyard?

Shifting focus

It wasn't a crazy busy year for photo shoots but there were definitely some busy months (like 6 in a two week period back in July). Thank you to the Henderson family, Jim and Donna Manser, the Meckler family, Olivia Chammers, the Dietrick kids, the O'Reilly family, Jonathan Hadfield, Bailey Newman,Jesse Fontaine and the Bezooyen Family. You're support and willingness to try new things pushed and tempered my vision, and I am so incredibly grateful.

For 2007 I'm shifting my focus away from photography and instead focusing on my writing. If someone would have told me back in the 90's when I was freelancing magazine articles that I wouldn't be pursuing a career in writing with every fibre of my being, I know I wouldn't have been able to comprehend the possibility, as I was so focused on my goal.

I've struggled with my writing over the past 8 years. It's been dark and wounded and rather pathetic; becoming more of a burden than a talent. I have chos…

What you need is a goal...

Why is goal setting akin to electro convulsive therapy in our home?Nothing like a little goal setting session to remind one of the profoundly different needs of a woman vs. a man.Let me plead my case to my blogging audience (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m still on a tangent and he quit listening about 4 hours ago)…I have wanted to change our laundry room around for a while.Why?Cuz it just doesn’t work the way it currently is.It’s dingy, there is no storage, a dozen paint cans line the wall where the laundry soap should live…you get the idea.I ventured the topic with Russ after we discussed some “other” projects.Admittedly the timing was bad, because he was already on overload, but miraculously reason and sense ruled the conversation and we agreed it would be better and we even came up with a layout that would make it that way.Fast forward to tonight.Goal setting night; things like personal goals, events and camping trips are being discussed.Then we start planning ou…