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Onward - New Years Eve 2006

I have always loved New Years Eve…I have so many great memories of this night.It was my Dad’s birthday (he would have turned 72 this year) and a day that was always celebrated in big ways due to the double whammy factor.Due to New Years Eve falling on a Sunday, it takes on a different hue this year.Sunday is a holy day, a day of worship and contemplation.In our little world, there will be no big party, no shimmering dance shoes to herald in 2007.It will be greeted on a day sanctioned to Jesus Christ and what a fitting way to welcome renewal, birth and hopeful opportunity.Self-reflection seems to the special of the day, so I may as well ladle myself a big helping and delve into some personal psychosis.
Last year I took the time to focus on who I was currently; the person that 2005 had helped form.When I think of the person I have become in 2006…I realize I need to make some adjustments.I have big dreams and big goals and lazy days will not bring them to light.If I’m not actively doing t…

Perfect winter day

Blue skies, mild temperatures...the perfect invitation to get outside and get some fresh air, and maybe eat a few marshmallows. Love doing fun new things, really must do more of that in 2007!

Monthly Moments

Did this last year and thought it was fun.You go back through your blog and pull a sentence, title or paragraph from each month of the year…JanuarySnippets from Kia’s Health Class: I am good at dancing like Cinderella.I feel happy about bears.FebruaryI hate rounded corners in houses. They always use it as such a selling feature, "Rounded corners are a standard feature." But what if I don't like rounded corners? What if I like the old fashion 90' corners? What if I need the transition that a corner provides...a rounded corner is merely a suggestion of space, not a definition of space.MarchSweet dreams are made of cheese.AprilKia had The Wiggles on today and I was reminded of a song I had made up to go with one of their craft songs (okay, it's more of a ditty). I will share it with you in closing. Kinda goes to the tune of I am stuck on band-aids, cuz bandaids stuck on me...Wiggles sweat shop, where babies work for free.MayIt was bound to happen. Yesterday it actua…

Favourite Scrapbook Page of 2006

Looking back over the pages I've completed in the past year this one stands out as a favourite. It perfectly represents my greatest joy in a way that sparkles. Still love it like the day I made it.

2006 in Photos

Nothing fancy about the photos but they remind me of the things that happened, the places we went and the life we lived in 2006. Thanks for looking!

January = Frost, chill, quiet days at home.

February = Weekend outings, scraproom, debt reduction.

March = Surprise snowstorms, spring break and hockey games.

April = Missionary Bob, purging and road trips.

May = Weekend visits from family, L O S T, shedding.

June: Warm days, growing up and gardening.

July: Camping, swimming and suntanning.

August: backyard labour, amusement parks, PVRs.

September = Grade two, ribbon wands, gym time.

October = Family, birthday parties, Medicine Hat.

November: Creative outlets, messy rooms, 5.

December = pajamas, Jasper, backpain.

Christmas time is here

So much for a super early Christmas morning; Russ had to wake Kia and me up around 8 am. We all loved our gifts and enjoyed them throughout the morning. Kia's favorites were her new scooter from Santa and her pink gameboy from Mom and Dad. Kia was easy to please as she had asked for nothing, instead having complete trust in our abilities to find something she would like. Russ loved all the clothes I got him, which included 4 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, a tie, belt and over a dozen socks. I have lots of new goodies for my kitchen and was a wonderful Christmas.

We had a huge brunch of freshly made muffins, eggs, bacon, fruit and breads. I loved having our big meal on Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day brunch...that could definately become a tradition. Kia rode her scooter around the main floor all day long. When she wasn't doing that she was playing her Gameboy. I honestly don't know where the time went. We didn't turn the TV on till late late afternoon. …

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, we headed down to Calgary on Friday for a Surprise Christmas gathering for Gordon and Verna. Due to the crazy snowfall in Denver Christmas flights were all jumbled up and their particular Christmas flight to St.George was effected. They now fly out on Christmas Day and are home New Years and that created a problem for our planned Dec 29th/30th gathering. So Amy headed up the planning of a makeshift gathering prior to Christmas so we could all see eachother. So a big thank you to Craig and Allison for hosting our sleepover on Friday night and Darren and Amy for planning the day, plus I really must thank my girlfriends Heather and Kari Lynn for being so accomodating to this last minute change that effected our Christmas gathering.

We had an uneventful drive home, light traffic and clear roads - gotta love that! Today we attended church and currently I'm working on our big Christmas dinner that we decided to have today instead of on Christmas (we're having a big Christ…

Swear words a la Kia

It's a long story, but we got on the topic of swear words. I asked Kia if she had heard kids say bad words at school.

"Oh ya, all the time," she easily confided.

"What kind of words do they say?" I asked, curious to know what the playground slang was these days.

"Mom, I can't say bad words around you!" she said mortified.

"How about you write them down?" I suggested. Below is the list of curse words in Kia's repetoire.
I can deal with this list. I almost gave Russ a high five in the kitchen after showing it to him. Another year of innocence...sweet!

Shopping, cookies and concerts

The Christmas concert on Tuesday was really cute. We could actually see her the entire time, which was a step up from last year as we were standing along the same wall she had her back to. She was very focused and participated in all the songs.

Last night we all headed out to Kingsway Garden Mall so Russ and Kia could do some Christmas shopping for me, as they have not even started. They found NOTHING, while I ended up buying three more things (Russ only knows about two). That night in her prayers, Kia said, "and it's okay Mommy won't get anything for Christmas, she has us and we love her very much." I couldn't stop laughing. While Russ sputtered, "we'll get her something Kia." Ahh, Christmas traditions run strong in this family.

Afterschool yesterday me and Kiki made sugar cookies. She picked pink and blue for the icing colors and a white gel tube which ended up looking like squirts of bird poop, but I kept that observation to myself and now the read…

Feeling Ready

Yup, I am. I'm feeling ready for Christmas. I have to stop myself now, because I keep seeing cute things that I know my family would love. But I don't want stuff for stuff's sake, I don't have that kind of storage capacity folks!

Last night we played a new Cranium card game that is kinda like Uno, but not really like Uno. It's called Zigity. It encorporates the Cranium whole brain philosophy so you can spell words, match pictures, complete a puzzle or add up to the number 11. Jury's still out on this far I want to like it, more than I actually do like it.

We got Kia's school Christmas recording CD yesterday and listened to it throughout the evening. She is so pleased with herself that she is on an actual real live, people pay money for it, CD. It's very cute. The younger kids (grades 1-3) sing orginal songs written and composed by staff at the school and the older grades (4,5,6) perform pieces from Handel's Messiah. Ya, impressive.


Jasper a la Russ

Russ has a blog. For real. But he's shy and doesn't want me to share it. Here is his version of our weekend in Jasper and no, he didn't fall through the ice...

Saturday was the company Christmas party and we went to Jasper again. We had such a great time last year that we had to do it again. Things were a little different this time. We went straight to the hotel and checked in, instead of waiting until the designated check in time. This was so we could do more with the time we had when we were there; like skating and enjoying the hot pools.

We checked in at 2:00 and went straight for the pond so I could skate (Nikki has a skating impediment). The weather was on the plus side and it rained the day before (lets just say that ice conditions were less than favorable). Guys were out having a hockey tournament and I started getting my confidence and took a risk with a piece of ice that I shouldn't have and my skates flew over my head, my hands and arms were no where to be f…

Saturday Ho Ho's

Ho: Gotta love when Santa comes to the ward party, which means you don't have to fork out for the mall Santa. The fact that I had my camera in my purse helps (oh the joy of a little camera).
Ho: Russ scraped more snow off the driveway. Our three trees in the front yard are almost completely covered in snow and they are at least 6 feet tall.
Ho: Ward Party was a brunch, I like the idea and found it provided most everyone the opportunity to attend.
Ho: Kia went and played at the Young's house for a few hours afterwards while Russ and I completed some Christmas shopping and looked at showhomes.
Ho: You can build a pretty 1800 square foot house in the Park for $435,000. Gee, what a deal $242 a square foot. Eek!
Ho: Watched Barnyard this afternoon. Very disappointing, seemed to be trying to be funny rather than actually being funny.
Ho: Did anyone watch The Office Christmas eposide this week. I laughed so hard I almost cried, when he marked his new girlfriend with a jiffy marker I fel…

Beta Blocker

And this time not for my blood pressure. Blogger finally invited me to join the Blogging Beta program and then when I tried to sign up for it, blogger promtly told me I was too big. Well, my blog was anyway, as it has more than 1000 posts + comments. So I must wait for tech support to talk me through the process and I don't think I care that much.

I had the worst fountain drink of my life last night. Keeks and me did the McD drive-thru thing, as Russ was at the Hockey game. The best way to describe was as if they had dribbled a dot of dishsoap in the cup, gave a quick blast of root beer and then topped it up with ice tea. Yucko, not pleasant but I'm the dummy who drank it all. Apparently,I had nasty thirst so don't judge me!

Christmas music is blasting through the house and here are my top 3 Christmas Albums this year:
Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration - Ding Dong Merrily on High and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas are my faves, but the enti…


Finally a sunny day, so sunny in fact that Kia told me it was almost spring. Poor calendar challenged kid, does she ever have a rude awakening. My helpful comment about it not even being winter may have fallen on unlistening ears, time will have to be her teacher.

Russ has been seeing a chiropractor for his back. He happily tells his Chiropractor and our friend Curtis Wolfe (SPELT WRONG - helpfully pointed out by my husband in the comments), that he is not a real doctor, so Russ doesn't mind seeing him. I'm sure he really appreciates helpful comments like that. He had x-rays of his back yesterday, so it should be interesting to hear how very bad his alignment is. He goes again tonight for an adjustment and then he's off to an Oilers game with some guys from work.

We've finished Christmas shopping for Kia. A fun family outing gift has been purchased - Tickets to David Copperfield on January 16th. The teacher gift is wrapped, my girlfriends presents are wrapped. Then there…

Who's counting?


Duty and love

My thoughts have been sidetracked lately. I find myself thinking about what I don't have, rather than focusing on what I do. I want to shift my focus onto the blessings I enjoy. For I have many.

I grew up with sickness. Multiple Schlerosis lived with me in my tweens as I watched my Mom battle the disease. She was not like other Moms. My friends had Mom's who golfed and shopped and volunteered at the school. I had a Mom who lived with such intense pain that she lived her last years on this planet from her bed.

I would wake everyday with a feeling of worry and fear. But when I walked into her room I would do everthing in my power to make her ease the burden I didn't comprehend but sensed and knew existed. She wasn't like other Mom's. She was my Mom, and through her own worries and inner demons she taught me tenacity, unconditional acceptance and finding joy in the journey even when unplanned and treacherous.

I no longer wake up with a feeling of worry and fea…

Is it just us?

Why is it that when the towels are all clean we go through them like sweaty rock stars, but when the linen closet is bare we can make that last one go for days?


You know you slept on a good pillow when you rip the pillowcases off and look for some brand name so you can go home and order yourself half a dozen. But seriously if you are looking for some incredibly awesome new pillows...these would be the place to start ( firm pillow). Russ and I usually bring our own pillows because hotels offer such disaster pillows. Not the Jasper Lodge Fairmont. They are divine.

Weekend in Jasper

Image was very nice. Last year I seemed more focused on the social aspect of the weekend as it was a work party. This year it was about us getting away; me and Russ. I must say I like the latter much more, though it does make me a tad anti social. ;) Don't really have time to write, but I thought I'd share a photo (I only took 14 the entire trip!). There is a pic of Russ and me but it is really blurry...what can you say...our photographer was a tad tipsy.

Probably shouldn't have been skating...the ice was soft...but we'll tell that story later. Hope you had a great weekend!

Toxic People

What is up with folks that give nothing but toxic sludge? Who offer indifference, blame, and accusation rather than substance. Who throw out innuendo that causes you to second guess your own worth?

If someone is doing this to you or someone you love. Don't tolerate it. Rise above it, boolster your self against it. Talk about it. Reason what you can, but realize it's not about you being wrong. It's about them being toxic. They are out of control and lash and scratch and spew their frustration in an effort to have it leave their own bodies.

I've had nasty people in my life. I think of the words in the song "Caledonia," where it says:
I have moved and I’ve kept on moving proved the points that I needed proving
Lost the friends that I needed losing found others on the way Lost the friends that I needed losing...because the good ones stick. You know there are lessons in these cruddy relationships. Sometimes it may be as simple as learning to…

Family Gifts

I've been thinking about meaningful gifts. Not the kind of gift that you can purchase or wrap...but non-tangible gifts that make a positive impact on those around us. Choices. Choosing to listen instead of tuning out. Overlooking the negitivity of a family member and responding with sincerity while overlooking the rest. I like the idea of refining my character...seeking to be better in some way and offering it to the season, to our Saviour, as a gift. Hoping it not only enriches my life but the lives of those with whom I associate.

O Christmas Tree

Should have used a tripod but I'm impatient. I will get a less blurry one over the Christmas holidays. Kia and I decorated the tree last night while Russ watched from afar. Kia is CRAZY excited about Christmas. You can feel the excitement humming and pulsing through her entire little body. She doesn't talk about it, she squeals about it.

"Oh I just can't wait til it's Christmas," begins like a normal sentence but hearing her say it is an experience. "Oh I" starts out normal enough, "just can't wait" speeds up and by the time "till it's Christmas," is said her voice is a high pitched frequency heard only by dogs and North Pole elves. Gotta love it. Her enthusiasm is fueling my own which I need because Russ is a complete crabby write off this don't even go there.

3 more weeks!

Everyone is reminding me of this today. Three more weeks. Guess what? Three more weeks till Christmas? Have you bought bought bought enough stuff yet? Cuz there are only 3 more weeks folks! What are you waiting for? The stores have what you need and then some. Get off your buts and empty out those bank accounts at any number of businesses, preferably mine!

Admittedly I'm slightly jaded...not in a Bah Humbug kind of way...but in a slightly annoyed kind of way. I should just keep the radio off in the car, the tv off in the house and the flyers off to recycling. Christmas without advertising. Mmmmm, sounds good to me!

The tree I swore I would never use again is up and the lights have begun to be strung around it. I'm trying to be grateful for my little 6 foot tree that I've had for 11 years and paid $29.99 for. It's actually not that hard to do, because it's a sweet little tree and it compliments the size of our home. When it is laiden with all our ornam…

Two more times

Russ and I teach the Sunbeam class at church. These are the children that turn 4 in 2006. We only have two more Sundays left as their teachers. Next week we are at the Jasper Fairmont Lodge for the weekend and we are en route home from Calgary on New Years Eve. It's been a challenge and an absolute joy to work with these little ones. I especially love working with Russ and team teaching with him. We don't know where they plan on putting us in 2007, whatever comes our way - this has been a good run! And it's helped us know a few families better, because Sunbeams are chatty! I know stuff about these families that I'm sure they would not have me know. ;)

Can I just call every blog "stuff" and get away with it?

We went to Magrath Heights today and looked at two different showhomes that are about $1.8 million dollars each. Sure were purty! The Burke Perry one had the best guest room EVER. It had an adorable mini kitchen, sweet closet and a beautiful maple murphy bed with built-ins. Any friends and family that may feel like recreating this in your homes...I'll happily be the indulgent and pampered houseguest! And by the way, it was way downstairs away from where you live so you can still walk around in your underwear...which is always a plus for your lifestyle and the mental health of your relations.

A few things bugged me as we went through these high end homes. The showers for one. Why do people need mammoth shower heads the size of a frisbee? Or those 14 body jets that sand blast the crud off you...who gets that dirty? Where is the water conservation? It looks cool but if I think about it for more than 10 seconds it annoys me, and I can't help but imagine small children and skinny wo…

Snowforts and stuff

The signs of activity in the backyard are sure sign of milder weather. Our pristine white, snow covered yard showed no signs of a child dwelling here until last night. We ventured out after supper and started digging, sliding, and building things with the 2 feet of snow that lay on the ground. Fun times, if not forgetful ones, as we completely forgot it was Thursday and Kia had swim bad!

Yesterday was a fairly brutal reality kind of day. Where your bubble is nicely burst and you must wonder around life bubbless. Vehicles: our vehicles that we've been blissfully driving for two years with no major repairs. That bubble. New steering column on my car, spark plugs and coils on the Escape, good times. But oh well...what's a couple thousand dollars between us and perfect strangers who fix vehicles? I've gotta find the silver lining and this is it: I can think back to 4 years prior and this would have financially ruined I gotta be grateful for small blessings. E…