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No warm fuzzies around here

My quote for the day:

Don't criticize my mess unless you'd like to become part of it.

Feeling slightly 'pro-nuclear' today.


*I think in a past life I must have been Asian. If my look a like thing has anything to say about it. Seriously makes me laugh out loud.
* Kia had a mini Christmas Concert in a greenhouse on Monday night. I'd show you pictures but a dark green house at night is not a photo friendly environment. The children look like dark little red eyed rats singing in the distance. 15% of every purchase made during the evening went to the school. We did our part by going, if not spending any money...our bad!
*Russ is took the rest of the week off, as he had vacation time owing. So we're hanging out during the days.

Celebrity Look Alike


The Den

I don't think I've ever shared photos of our Den. We adore this room. It is small and cozy and intimate and because of all those things; does not photograph particularly well. When we first moved into the house this room, and the hallway, were a cheap brown and shiny wood-like wall panelling. It was horrid.

It originally was my office/scrap space. Russ always envisioned it as a TV room. I soon realized that I could be more productive if I was open to Kia and her play, so we went about turning the office into a TV room/Den. Our quick fix remedy was painting out the panelling and it was hard labour to see it done. Sanding, two coats of priming, meticulous attention to each and every grove on the wall. But worth it as it now feels fresh and bright.

The leather sectional was purchased and 'just' made it down the tight staircase. It is now our little retreat. The hottest (temperature wise) room in the house, the easiest room to keep clean and where we lounge our evenings away…

A few pics

Rearranged the front room in preparation of the Christmas tree's arrival this weekend...will of course share some photos of that.

Just a photo depicting what life is like in Sherwood Park right now. Lots of blowing snow, still falling steadily, less than stellar driving conditions (though this is one of the better roads).

This is what the world looks like. White. The tree in the backyard - the giant popular still hasn't even dropped it's leaves. It's gonna be a big messy disaster back there when it does...frozen leaves falling over fields of white. Um...ugly!

Life in a Northern Town

I really need to blog, if for no other reason, than to push those nasty awful photos down a bit. :)
We headed out to dinner on Thursday. Sorrentino's is a wonderfully intimate and expensive little italian restaurant. Great food and a warm setting. Russ was insistent on eating there as he new he could toast himself next to the fireplace.
I WANT a fireplace. We need a fireplace. How many more years till we renovate the main floor? I can deal. I can be patient.
Russ and I watched a TV program on Warren Buffett. It was really quite interesting. He commented that North American's as a whole, live better than the Rockefellers did.
I'm sick, I'm burning up, my sinuses are making me feel like my head is 400 pounds.
Kia had her hip hop dance recital on Saturday and she did so great. She was the lead dancer and did a good job of remembering the groups marks on the stage. They did their routine to the song, "Go Daddy-O"Russ and Kia attented the church family "soc…

5 Really Bad/Scary Photos I Never Had Any Intention of Showing Anyone. Ever.

But why not. They are untouched, unattractive and I hope you still like me when you've finished laughing...
The above photo begs the question, "why?" Why did I look through my viewfinder...see this and go..SNAP! Your guess is as good as mine!
I'd like to sum this one up, by saying: I don't have special needs. I may look like I do...but I'm good. Really. And look how Russ is glancing my doubt thinking, Did she have her meds today?
Another outtake shot from the family photo shoot. I really do like my kid, HONEST. But this picture makes it look as though she's gonna give me the pox as opposed to a little smooch.
Ever wonder what Kia would look like with a beard? Think on it no more. You have your answer. This is, hands down, the worst picture I have ever seen of myself. It's maybe-it's-time-for-that-procedure bad. It was taken by Kari Lynn and I seem to remember her saying something like, "wow, not flattering" after she …

5 photos that tell a story

They aren't current - but it's a blizzard up here so I'm using artistic license!

Photo 1
This photos shows how uninhibated my seemingly shy kid can be when she is with her best buddy Aubryn. The two of them were outside the gates of Calaway Park this summer, heard some tunes blasting from inside the park and just started dancing like divas. I love the fun and spontenaity I can see in her smile.

Photo 2
A moment from the family campout and our Saturday outing at Glennifer Lake. This picture warms my heart. It's not about their cuteness or about the setting, it's about their relationship. It's seeing them huddled together at the waters edge. Ava's excitement about the assigned task she's been given...and the teamwork of the project they are undertaking. I have no idea what they were up to...but I'm pretty sure it was fun!

Photo 3This photo shows how Kia watches movies. She acts them out as she's watching them. Can you guess what movie this one is? Yup.…

5 books

They might not be in the best condition, nor are they BEST books I've ever read but it was an easy stack of 5 to make. Simply because I enjoyed each of these books and have or will read them more than once (as the top 3 can attest).

5 colours

So the challenge I issued to myself today was to take a picture that captures 5 colors found throughout my home. I feel like I almost cheated for this one because this pillow is a perfect representation of the main floor colors. * Red * Orange * Green * Brown * Beige* . Oh my.

5 days. 5 photographs.

Trying to find a way to add some spice to blogging and so I'm issuing a blogging photo challenge. Over the next 5 days I'm gonna post some pictures that depict 5 things in my world. Favorites, things, places...whatever! Feel like playing? Join in!

In other news...I now have orange curtains in my front room. For real. You know they say that your color scheme in home design should be 60/30/10. Well, it would seem that my 10% will be orange. I just can't help myself! Don't worry...I still don't like shag carpet so my life is not a complete 70's flashback!

Comments (and 600th post)

I spend alot of time, chatting and visiting with my sista's at Scrapbooker Online and it occured to me that sometimes they get to see glimpses of me that my family and friends never do. So I've gone back through some of comments in an effort to share some stories and insights with you (and this is a total cheat blog post because of it - YAY)

When asked if you have any songs you've made up for your kids: We sing to the tune of "cliffhanger" on between the lions: And that's why she's called Slow-pokey! to our dd whenever she is taking forever to get out the door, finish her get the idea. She on the other hand sings: And that's why he's called pick his nosey - with great flourish and vibrato should anyone pick their nose in her presence. Man, I love this kid.

Regarding a Provo Craft product recall...I realized I had given this exact product away to a friend and must contact her and say what? How about this...So sorry Jennifer...but those c…

Dice Block

Since I have so many wooden blocks still hanging around the house, Kia and I used one for a fun craft this morning. It just worked out perfectly that the Workman side of the family's cousin count works wonderfully for a dice block. With us being 1, Craig's kids being 2, Darren's kids being 3, Leanne's kids being 4 and Shelly's kids being 5. We used Grandma and Grandpa on the bottom as the number 6. Though the block tends to favor the Websters when was a fun craft for Kia because it reminded her of all her cousins.

November INGS

Blessing: The blessing it is to meet ones own needs. It has not always been so in my life, so I may have an overlarge sense of gratitude in my heart when the basics (food, shelter, financial agreements with others) are moderate and we are able to live within our means.

Reading: Okay...I'm knee deep in books and nothing is getting done. Have read 3 books, cover to cover this week alone. Something about the snow...makes me crave hours of reading. Discovered that Sara Donati's new book Queen of Swords is out in hardcover and now I must wait for a library copy or paperback...whichever comes first.

Writing: When I read more, I write head sinks into stories and dialogue and I'm lost to everything else. Hmmm...this does not bode well for the laundry situation.

Shopping: I love drug stores. London Drugs has always been my place of worship, until recently. Now I have a new love. Shoppers Drug Mart. Really. Don't knock it. They have a Supersize Shoppers that…

Cuz Amy told me too...


Quick check in

Lots to do today. Kia is back in school after her 5 days that kid, and yet she was quite impressively killin' me with her constant 7 year old chatter. Oh the silence of today...mmmm...

Russ is sick so that is an invitation for me to scrub and disinfect. Cleaning the house in an effort to make it a healthier place is something I honestly enjoy doing. Go figure. Anyways, his sniffles woke me up at 4:00 this morning and when I reached over to feel his forehead he had on a toque. But being Russ, he was up and off to work in the morning. I think he's taken one sick day of work in the 9 years we've been together.

My ribbon arrived, so there is a heady aroma of wood stain is in the air as I prepare for Christmas. I'm having so much fun playing and photographing these wands!
What is not so fun: it's snowing again. Snowflakes the size of horse turds are lazy falling from the blasted sky...

Woe, is me

I am not prepared for this, as I still want that.

You sunk my roasting pan..

Who doesn't love battleship?

Oh, I don't know, maybe the Mom and Daughter duo staring wistfully from their kitchen, elbow deep in dishes, while Dad and Jimmy have a fun game of Battleship?

Nothing like a little 1967 reality.

True Confessions

My house is a sty. No, it's bad. There is a laundry "situation" in the very room two of my friends will be using to create Christmas masterpieces in, in approximately 3 hours. How many loads of laundry can I get done in 3 hours...7? Ya, didn't think so. Every, and I mean every pot, pan, wok and cake pan I own is dirty and sitting on my counter (basically things that don't fit in the dishwasher). There are no shoes in the closet or coats for that matter, but there are shoes and coats tossed haphazardly around the front door and vying for room to live and hang in Kia's coat area. The bathroom. Oh the bathroom. Is it too much to hope that they won't have to use the bathroom for 7 hours? Why am I still writing here...I have stuff to do!

Why I shouldn't share my dreams...

Dreams with my Mom. Her long fingers, her perfect nails, the way her hand felt as it trailed through my hair. My Dad...and...(seriously can't even write it down) tender...Dreams of my grandpa and his bull legged walk, the turn of his head in a laugh.

I wake up believing the dreams are real..if only for an instant. Then I have this moment of self care dialogue. "Nikki its just a dream. Breathe. Relax. You can do this. You can live, even though they are gone..." But the emptiness seems full again. Feelings bubble and ebb and must be pushed aside, in an effort to function.

This happens more than I care to admit. The moments of being fine far outweight these...but the point is they exist at all. The point is that sometimes, even years since their passing, the grief stonewalls me, the sadness blindsides me and becomes a part of my day; so far away from the actual occurance.

I can identify my Grandpa's funeral as a catalyst for this. His long full life was a balm to me. …

3 more sleeps...

till the crafting Saturday with the girls. We have such cool projects we are gonna be working on. I'm gonna share, cause I have serious doubts I can keep it a secret.
These fun CD magnets This one's on a ribbon - but we're just putting magnets on ours.
Placemat Purse
Photo CubesClipboardsMagic Keys for Santa - bought old fashioned keys at Lee Valley and will add ribbon and a tag with the poem.
The shopping has been done, I still have some photos to get developed and a few sale items to pick up from M's during their big Thur, Fri and Sat sale.

Any plans of homemade Christmas gifts in your world? I'd love to hear about them...


The pleasure of waking Kia usually is mine. Sometimes she beats me to it, but often I walk into her room at 7:30 and wake her with a very cheerful, "good morning Kia!". And wonder of wonders she usually cheerfully, if not sleepily, responds in turn, "good morning Mommy!" and crawls to her stairs, takes two steps down and leaps into my arms. This morning it went something like this:

Me: Good morning Kia!

Kia: [voice all warbly and slurred] Is it a school day?

Me: Yup, it's Tuesday.

Kia: Tuesday! Oh no!

Me: Oh yes...wakey wakey!

Kia: You woke me before the best part of my dream!

Me: And what part would that be?

Kia: I was just about to eat a bun with butter on it.

Ifs Ands or Buts

Russ turned a very long cedar beam into 4 x 4 square blocks today. My girlfriends and I are going to be turning them into very cool home decor items. Just wait and see...We wanted something other than Cedar but will just have to deal (and sniff and sniff some more....they smell heavenly).
If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the centre of the earth?
We bought a new vacuum today. Early on in my blog I posted about my "new" and very LOUD vacuum. It died. Well, a simple rubber band thingy broke and instead of spending $5.00 to replace that we bought a new one. Who us? Part of a disposable society...never. Our new vacuum is SOOO much better. It hums, it doesn't sound like your under a jet engine. It is glowy and I don't have to mess with hooking attachments up, cause that really held me back from vacuum cleaning greatness. LOL. Don't worry Maryfrances, your title is secure.
If they have angel food cake on earth, do they have people cake in heav…

I hope you dance...

This is one of the projects that I completed yesterday. It was supposed to be a card, but things happened and it became a canvas. It is inspired by this fun book I bought for Kia at the school book fair, "How to draw Fairies and Mermaids" If I can do can too!

Julie Ann has been a Design Team Member at SBO since the design team was born. She is off to pursue some of her own goals and I wish her all the success in the world. Here are some links to her websites...

Inspiration for Generation C
Everyday Digitial Scrapbooking Idea Blog

If you are interested in digital scrapbooking, photoshop brushes, project ideas...she is a wealth of knowledge and support. Kari Lynn I'm talking to you!

Personal Best

I did 9 scrapbooking pages today. That is far and away my personal best...not to mention the two mini albums I began working on as well. Fun creative day!

The Day of the Dead

Or as we like to call it, our anniversary. LOL. Happy Anniversary to us! 9 years! We are gonna have a lunch date to celebrate. It's a big milestone, and to greet it happily and still in love is the greatest blessing of all. Love ya babe!

Last night was Halloween. Russ took Kia and Annie out to trick or treat. They were so bundled up...layers and more layers. It allowed them to hit the streets for almost two hours.

She was a princess for school and a witch for trick or treating. She's already talking about what she wants to be for next year...Pippi Longstocking. I doubt she'll remember and just pick a princess or a witch...but ya never know! Oh and someone at SBO asked what your favorite part of halloween was. This year I loved the busyness of the street. Looking out the window and seeing monsters, witches, ladybugs and little bears running up to houses and shouting, TRICK OR TREAT! Chatting with neighbours, laughing at had such a great feeling of community an…