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Eve of Halloween (post 585)

This is usually the night of pumpkin carving. I just brought a big pumpkin in from outside and the poor thing is frozen solid. So I'm thinking we may not be carving pumpkins till tomorrow afterschool.

Costume: Kia always has a pluthora of costume choices. This year it seems (her comments about 5 minute agos attest to this) that for school she is going to be a princess (with an actual hoop dress) and for trick or treating she is going to be a witch. The Workman house will be handing out full size boxes of Nerds and full size rolls of Rolo's. Though if the weather is freaking cold...I doubt we'll see too many trick or treaters. Which means we'll have oodles of junk food to consume...eek. Bring on the trick or treaters to clean out the reserves! Last year we had close to triple digits from the ghouls and goblins cuz the weather was so mild.

Have a Happy Halloween!

The last 48 hours

Kia turned 7! Six friends arrived in PJ's to celebrate. It was madness and giggles and sillyness and eye rolls and indoors and loud and long. Can't say it was the best mix of personalities but when all was said and done we survived and the girls had fun. Kia woke to her Pixie Hollow Playset and spent the entire day playing with it. Her friends supplied her with dress up goodies, an iDog, a sleepover Brat, My Scene Fab Expressions Barbie (whose face changes expression by pushing various buttons - we're calling her face lift barbie) and a cool new school outfit with jeans that sparkle!

We woke up at 5:30 on Saturday and hit the road for Medicine Hat by 6:15am. The weather in Sherwood Park was miserable. Snowing...slushy and icy roads. But as soon as we got to Viking the roads cleared and the weather was beautiful. Made it to Medicine Hat in well under 5 hours...I didn't even go over 130 km/hr ;) [Inside joke]. I hadn't been in the hat for 17 years. Yet I…


Born May 19th, 1914 and passed away yesterday October 24th, 2006.

Too many feelings to articulate...he lived a good life...there's alot of love waiting for him on the other side of the viel...feelings of my own on the topic of love and loss are rubbed raw...tender...

B'day Prep

Yes. They are laminated. I couldn't find envelopes the right size and have quite alot of laminating I went for it. Some would say this was a tad over-the-top. But would they say it to my face? LOL...and zip it!

This week is filled with lots of various errands. I must be completely ready and done by Thursday as Kia is doesn't have school on Friday and I don't want to be frazzled on her actual birthday. We bought Kia a Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Playhouse for her b'day. She's been wanting something like this for what the heck! Only a couple more years of we're gonna go out with a bang! Plus I know of a couple gals that bought this for their 8+ year olds and they LOVE it. We also got her a unicorn to add to her horse collection.

The actual birthday party is the longest we've done. From 4:30 - 8:00pm. Because of it's Pajama Party theme...I wanted it to go as close to bedtime as I could muster it. Her past part…

Sweet Sunday

Or so the handout from church declared and it's upstairs in my church that's all I can tell ya about that.

I had to talk in church today. It was a talk on service. It went well, and I'm glad it's done! I asked Russ for advice while I was preparing my talk. He said that I should make it personal. I did...infusing it with my own journal entries and thoughts. No word of a lie...on our way home he was like, "Holy cow Nik, that was so personal (translation:TOO personal)!" LOL, what can I say...I take direction from my husband well!

We've been practising for the primary presentation next week. Russ and I are with the Sunbeams (who are kids that turn 4 this year). They have not been enjoying the practise sessions and I can't help but feel like it's a just a series of shuffling, standing, sitting and a microphone shoved in your face for them. We've got the moneymakers. Everyone loves watching the sunbeams be 4. So I'm embracing t…

Mouse burgers

Due to my sewing extravaganza today, supper time arrived and there was nobody interested in making it so we very wisely headed out to find a restaurant. We ended up at this little restaurant called Clarks. It seemed to be a cross between Chinese and Western food.

When I was a kid, I hated chinese food. My family LOVED it. We would frequent The Pink Lantern in Medicine Hat (which my family lovingly called the Pink Chink - we were not PC at the time - okay, EVER) and in Penticton it was the Golden Pheonix. Mom would order wonton soup, almond chicken, beef and broccoli and lots of other yummy things that I now love. I would order hamburger and fries.

The hamburgers always tasted "off"but I was unwilling to brave the chinese food so I put my game face on and choked them down with sheer stubborness. Scott, however, was wise to my dilemna. He soon planted the seed in my mind that chinese restaurants didn't serve the regular type of "cow" hamburger but used mo…


With Ribbon Wands growing and expanding at a lovely pace, I made my first BIG ribbon order today and it freaked me out! Exciting kind of freak out but a freak out none the less. Starting slow has been great...and I appreciate the feedback from my customers so much! I really feel like they have given me direction and that has allowed me to provide a better product.

I'm working on specific wands becoming available in November.
Classic Boy - Red/Black and Beige comboFlower Girl - Deep cherry wand with swedish white satin ribbonSassy Pink - All pink ribbon wand - wand and ribbonParis Wand - French Pink satin and mahogony stained wandBeach Bum - Ocean blue ribbon and natural wooden wand There will also be a special Christmas Wand for stocking stuffers and a special RainbowRibbon with a special wand. I am having a blast making these and seeing the joy they are bringing to other families! Life rocks in my little ribbon world.


One of those busy sequence of days. Thus a point form blog post is born.
Bought Kia a new winter jacket and snowpants. For those with kids entering school...just plan on having to buy a new set for Kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2. Word to the people: they grow.
Kia is having a Pajama phase. No longer interested in nightgowns. It MUST be pajamas.
Bumped into a mom from Kia's school in Generations (church bookstore) she's helping her son with a geneology project for school. It's interesting that me and her have been bumping into eachother in very strange and unlikely places. I'm thinking I'm supposed to be her friend.
Kari Lynn and Richard have a brand new mini van! Cool beans!I love the self serve option at Home Depot.Making wands today and trying a new finish. I should call it Happy varnish cuz Nikki was one spinny chick after using it for prolonged periods of time.
Cleaned my scraproom and I'm purging mass amounts of stuff. Oh how I love to purge. If your inte…

Autumn - around the yard

Snapped some photos around the yard on Saturday. Life is very orange back there. I love that.

My pumpkin vines...though long and invasive, did not produce any usable pumpkins. I have many of these little hairy orbs though.

My little Simpson...Jessica Simpson

You know how Jessica Simpson said that famous line, "This is really good chicken" while eating Tuna. Kia had a Jessica moment today.

Me: Kia you are eating chicken and potatoes for lunch.

Kia: No I'm not.

Me: Ya. Your fries are potatoes and under all that crunchy stuff on your nugget is chicken.

Kia: Oh ya. (pauses) Mom, chicken nuggets is my favorite kind of fish.

Me: How do you figure?

Kia: Well, I usually don't like fish.

Me: But ya do when it's a CHICKEN (emphasizing the word chicken) nugget?

Kia: Ya, isn't that weird?

Me: is chicken. That's why it's called a chicken nugget. If it were would be called fish nuggets.

Kia: Well that was embarrassing.

Me: ROFL and giggling about it ever since.

Ings for October

Eating: Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Chewy Peanut Bars - YUMMO!
Listening, Dancing, Singing: The Scissor Sisters song - Don't Feel Like Dancing (LOVE IT)
Smelling: My reed diffuser from Pier 1 - Clove scent.
Watching: My new favorite show, Studio 60. I know I love a show when I wish it were on every single day.
Doing: Crazy about scrapbooking again. I know many of you may be thinking..."Duh?" but I really went through a dry spell trying to manage my arthritis and still feel creative and it is back baby!
Exciting: Ribbon wands baby! So many inquiries...I'm so thrilled and eager to get my hands on some new stylish ribbons...
Playing: Killer Bunnies tomorrow. Goal: To take down Russ, who has won every single game every played out of this game box.

ABC Favorites

Scrapbooker online has been running an ABC challenge throughout the year. One of the reasons why I haven't taken part is the fact I keep losing and rewriting my list of items A through Z. In an effort to eliminate the paper trail that really doesn't exsist anyway, I thought I'd record it here for myself to refer to as I'm creating this 6 x 6 book.

The topic of my mini book is My Favourites Right Now (SEPT OCT NOV DEC 2006)

A - Avocados
B - Beach
C - Cookbooks
D - Decorating
E - Exploring
F - Fall
G - Girlfriends
H - Halloween
I - Ice Tea
J - Journaling
K- Kia
L - L O S T
M- Marriage
N- November
O - Organization
P - Pride and Prejudice
Q - Quiet Days
R - Ribbon Wands
S - Sushi
T - Theatre
U - Unique
V - Vacations
W - Water
X - XX's and OO's
Y - Yard
Z - ?? Any suggestions ??

Thanksgiving Weekend 2006


After school Kia and I headed to the backyard to do some work in the garden. Kia helped by raking leaves...

I decided we should cook dinner over the firepit. It worked out great and made for a fun hour of stoking flames and curious neighbours.


Got four new tires on the SUV (much to Russyl's dismay, as he only wanted two). Tidied the house and packed for a weekend away. We drove down to Calgary in the evening.


We headed to Amy and Darren's new store, The Scrapbook Shoppe, in Strathmore. Had lots of fun shopping and picking up new goodies...Junitz Box Bookz, Basic Grey Chipboard Mini Mono's, Crop-A-Dile, Maya Road Chipboard blossoms, and lots and lots of patterned papers (Chloe's Closet, Bohemia, Ki Memories, and Gin-X to name a few).

We then headed to the downtown core to do some clothes shopping and exploring.

Later that night, Russ and I had a date. We saw the movie The Illusionist and then headed over to the Keg for dinner. It had been 8 years sinc…

What's your style?

Just got Nate Berkus' book Home Rules out of the library...he poses 10 questions in the beginning of the book that I found interesting:
What kind of surroundings make you happy? A simple airy space that feels like the beach, or a cozy room filled with books and a comfortable chair?
Do you respond to neat and organized or chockfull of accessories?Which is your favorite room in the house? Which is your least favorite?Where do you feel most at home? Are you city sleek or country casual?
How much time, energy, and money are you willing to spend right now? Next month? In a year?If you could change on thing about your home today, what would it be?
Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or art or collectible onject that could be a starting point?Where would you take a dream vacation? Could you translate that feeling to your home?
Which people inspire you? How do they live?Do your decorating dreams correspond to the way you acutally live? Does a formal living room really fit in with your …

Tag - You're it!

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? I would certainly like a little vacation home to escape too on the weekends...nestled in some trees with a river running through the property. Mmm...sounds like heaven.
2. What's your favorite article of clothing? Currently it is a pair of jeans in a size I have not worn since before Kia was born.
3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? An impeccible and sophisticated sense of style.
4. What's the last CD that you bought? This will make me sound like a prude...but so be it: Then Sings My Soul by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Perfect Sunday music.
5. Where's your favorite place to be? At the beach.
6. Where is your least favorite place to be? In a long line at the grocery store.
7. What's your favorite place to be massaged? I love a good hand massage.
8. Strong in mind or strong in body? Working on both.
9. What time do you wake up in the morning? 7:30
10. What is your favorite…

Photo Shoot Attempt

We tried to take some family photos in between conference sessions today...ya...not sure we achieved our goal. Here is one that is okay...we can do better...but will we find another window? This may be it folks...With me barely seated from running to my designated spot.

Here are a few more (click on them to see it bigger):

Gonna share some photos of me and Kia on Wicked Awesome Thursday at Scrapbooker Online. The photos were taken in our backyard on the camera's self timer mode...or one of us given it a whirl...