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Killer Bunnies

Russ and I have invited two couples over to play Killer Bunnies with us tonight. It's our new favorite game and we had to introduce it to our it's a great reason for us to be social. The game is you attempt to starve, maim and otherwise destroy other players bunnies.

I knew I would love the game when I read this in the instructions: The following practices are highly encouraged during a game of Killer Bunnies: wheeling, dealing, bribery, whining, begging, threatening, extortion, blackmail, groveling and non-violent demonstrations of physical prowess. The game is all about human interactions and responses, so feel free to express yourself and manipulate others (if you can).

Have a good Friday night!


One of my favorite daytime shows on TV is Canadian House and Home. Especially with their new format of asking compelling design questions and seeking answers to that question throughout the episode (I seriously tape every eposide onto our PVR).

Do you want to live like your parents? Was a recent eposide that I found completely compelling. This push for modernism and clean lines seems to blow a giant raspberry into the faces of our parents traditional style. The show explored a few designer digs of "youngfogeys" who have embraced traditional and attempted to give it a modern sensibility. I don't know if it's because I'm in my thirties, being out of my parents house for some 15 years...but I don't recall my house being very traditional. As a child of the 80's I didn't grow up in the chicest of era's and had a mother that embraced a more taylored sensibility...ultrasuede and teak, come to mind. But I thought it a very interesting question...Do y…

Hold the Phone...

Kia is playing at a friends house afterschool today. A friend who is a boy. A little redheaded cutie. She hasn't had a playdate with a boy since the good ole' Carson and Kia days of 2004. This is big.



The site still needs some work and I have lots of images that still need to be uploaded in the next week, but here is a sneak peek at what I've been up to!

Monday Monday

It's one of the those days where everything I wanted to do...didn't get done. Wanted to weed the front flower garden - it was raining - so I did't. Wanted to get groceries - had no idea what to buy. Wanted to finish my new website and share with you all - but I still can't make the right hand column work. Grrr...

Excited about scrapbooking again after this weekend. Needed a something new, something that would provide fresh eyes and enthusiasm...Ali's class delivered! Maybe there is something I can finish afterall...And for anyone interested, you can see some of my Today You album at Scrapbooker Online. Just click on the link under the clock and it will take you right to my gallery.


Just checkin' in with some photos from scrapfest....took Ali Edwards, Today You class. WOW. So great and I adore my album. Will share later in the week!

Here is a pick of me and my friends from Ali's class:

Here are two of me with Nicola and Amy - hammin' it up, and might I add that we are all much more attractive in real life. Seriously! But I'm sure we are all self assured enough to allow you a brief glimpse at us when the lighting is bad and when we've been glossy eyed from the shops and hot and sweaty from the lights...


Kia had an audiologist appointment today. Time for new hearing aid molds to be made.

It always surprises me at how much an ear can change in 6 months. I was comparing her current mold to the new impression they made and they were drastically different. Deeper and fuller grooves. It made me think of all the growing that goes on daily. Almost impossible to notice while it happens. These trail markers and events cause me to pause and compare, marvel at how a shoe that has not been worn for a few months can suddenly be so tiny, or pants that once fit, hover over the ankle.

She's growin' up, out, inward and sideways. It's a marvel to behold.


I am fascinated by eulogies. By the way words can be used to sum up our existence. I seek them out, reading the transcripts of the funerals for great men and great women. A few have recently really stood out and I find myself searching them out for the wisdom that is there to be had...

At the funeral for Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King her youngest daughter Bernice King said the following:

...See what God is saying to us today through the transition of Coretta Scott King is that we, here in this world right now, are suffering from complications, of cancer from materialism and greed and selfishness and arrogance, and elitism, and poverty, and racism, and perversion, and obscenity, and misogyny, and idolatry, and militarism, and violence, and it is a cancer that's eating away at the very essence and nation of what God created of human kind to be-- for he created us! To have ruler ship and dominion in the Earth and not allow the Earth to dictate to us. But now what h…

6 Pack

Schedule. Life feels like it is back on track. Getting used to the daily rituals again, even welcoming them. The morning madness, followed by a crisp stroll to school where we breath deep the fresh morning air, exercise, housekeeping, less and less time on the computer (to some a good thing, to others a bad), it just all adds up and contributes to a greater sense of focus and at the end of the day that's very satisifying.
Christmas Shopping. I want to be completely done by the end of October, minus the big purchase we make for us in lieu of a gift (2004 it was the TV, 2005 it was the computer...). I looked at the little stash of goodies I've already collected and it gave me a giddy rush of excitement...I might actually do it this year. I might actually finish by the end of October.
The surprise "business" is almost ready...I'm waiting for a few more good weather days to do some final photos for my website. Come on, almost Autumn...give me some sunshine alrea…

Laughing about nothing

All kids tell really bad jokes, but sometimes they somehow are really funny. Kia always botches the punchline of her jokes but she continues to try...(highlight for the punchline)

What did the chicken say to the road?
* Nothing, chickens can't talk *

Why did the cantaloupe get into the lunchbox?
* he cantahelpit *

Another favorite kid joke, not told by my kid...

What did the watermelon say to the giraffe?
* Bob, I'm going to jail *

Feel free to comment and share the bad kid jokes you are submitted too on a regular or not so regular basis...


The last few days have been a reality check. Get ready for what could be a long, cold, dark and house bound winter. But considering how very much I like my house, it shouldn't be too bad. :)

My list of projects keeps growing, I keep finding more places to declutter and organize, more spots on my carpet that need cleaning and I couldn't be happier. My friend Jan dropped me off from visiting teaching today and commented that we could sell our house for double what we paid for it just over a year ago. But why? Where would we go? We chose this house and it chose us. I don't need a mansion on a hill coz' I'm too busy blooming where I'm planted.

My companion Jan (also the RS pres) and I visit teach two older women. One in her late 70's and one in her late 80's. Both farm women who rise early, feed chickens, still work the land. We are always given a warm welcome, we sit around old wooden kitchen tables surrounded by well scrubbed counters...something…

Cha Cha

This post has nothing to do with the cha cha. Just thought I'd clear up that misconception before it is confused with intention. I'm abstract random, so I get to flit and float where I please.

I actually made money today. Worked for a measley 60 minutes and made $150 bucks cash. Sweet! Gotta love some easy money here and there in life...keeps the dream alive. LOL. It was a focus group on chocolate and candy. How great is that? Since I've gotten home everyone has been inspecting the $100 and $50 dollar bill that I got as payment. In our world of debit and bank machines that only hand out $20 dollar bills - it's rare for us to see 5o's and 100's. So we're inspecting the latest design, art, all that good stuff.

So if Kia ever brags to anyone that she's rich...just remember that she's 6 and thinks we can buy the world with $100. I just don't have the heart to tell her ya can't.

Maybe when she's 7. Or 8. Ya, 8 for sure. A better a…

Amos and Asthma Attacks

Kia has had her first week back to school. Madison is in her grade 1 class, so she is pretty darn happy about that. She also kept to tradition and got her back to school cold on Thursday. She spent the afternoon at home, sneezing and stuffy and then sometime during Saturday it hit her lungs and life has been one coughing fit or asthma attack after another. Saturday night was miserable, with one asthma attack turning her greenish gray and panting for air. Very scary. Sunday she rested, and today she will be doing the same. Hoping she'll be back to normal by tomorrow...

It was Maigan's baby blessing yesterday. Her blessing dress was so lovely...Kari Lynn's Mom is truly an artist. It was nice to be in Bearspaw Ward again, but I missed having Russ and Kia with me. Though one of the best parts of visiting was to be able to attend Cathy Landreth's Sunday School lesson. Seriously didn't know how in withdrawl I had been till I had the oppurtunity to attend again. It was…

Campfire Breakfast

Campfire Breakfast, originally uploaded by Sabren. I can't believe it's taken us this long to have a campfire style breakfast using our firepit. Our neighbours probably thought we were crazy and then when the wonderful scents started wafting through the neighbourhood, they were probably miffed they didn't get an invite. It was very much more a brunch than a breakfast - but I'm thinking this is going to have to become a September tradition for sure!

New Do Be Do Be Do

New Do, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia had her hair done at the salon yesterday. I didn't ask for anything specific, Kia didn't ask for anything specific...but we knew Danette would do an awesome job and she did. So stylish and adorable.

In other Kia news...remember her quest to read 24 books this summer? Well the library called to let her know she won the final draw which is a prize from the library and the storyteller visit to her classroom. Kia is sooo excited. Looks like she's a lucky one like her Mamma! :)

Happy Corners

Apples, originally uploaded by Sabren. Everyone should have some little corners of their home that make them smile. I have many. This is one of them. Just a corner in my kitchen that every single time I see...I feel happy.

Back to school

Back to school, originally uploaded by Sabren. Look at my grade two'er.

We are so excited and a bit nervous about it all...but we'll just have to deal. Okay...I'm totally hating this. Waaaaa...

Labour Day 2006

Well, it wasn't as exciting as the Labour Day of 1999 - when I sat on the bench at McMann Stadium in Calgary watching the Labour Day Classic with Kia flipping out in my stomach with every cheer the crowd would raise. But it was still good. :)

Woke up with a headache. Nice.

Medicated quickly and effectively by a hardy dose of Advil.

We ventured out for some Subway for lunch and then went exploring some of the communities being built along the rivervalley in South Edmonton. It was yet another example and reminder of how insane housing prices are.

One lonely and talkative salesman (what an exhausting combination) went on and on (and on) about how the current boom is pricing local residents right out of the market. How on earth can a market sustain itself when the very people it depends on are not being given options to sustain themselves and meet their simple goal of homeownership? Only so many Calgarians are going to relocate. get richer, poor get screwed scenerio.

It was…

Go Russ Go

See Russ.
See Russ work.
Work Russ work!
See Nikki.
See Russ work.
Smile Nikki smile!

It's September!


Know what I'm thinking about? Christmas, that's what.

Trying to be uber organized this year and not only plan, but think and act ahead of the madness. Though, Costco already has it's Christmas stuff up and out so am I really that far ahead of the curve? 114 days to go...

So Workman family - what's the plan this year? I think we finished our cycle last year - so do we just repeat? Or do something new? Personally all I want this year is a family photo from everyone. I'm not sure if I want a 8 x 10 or a 5 x 7 as wallspace in our art loving house is at a premium. But I know I want one! We're getting professional photos done in a couple weeks, so I can deliver. As for Christmas gathering...I'm with Amy, I'd prefer another day around the holidays to gather. Like the Sunday before or after Christmas...something like that - that doesn't change. Let's talk about it, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Kari Lynn and I have t…