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Weekend Family Camp

Thanks to Allison and Craig and especially Allison's Mom and Dad for allowing us to stay on their land! Had fun catching up and holding babies! Here's just a sampling of some pics mostly taken at Glennifer Lake on the Saturday. Some taken around the land.

Good to be home...but so much to do! Will write more later in the week!

Thoughts for Friday

Been home for three days and we're off for a weekend of camping with the Alberta family on Russyl's side. It's always fun to gather and catch up...though I really wish it was in some cozy cabin. Someone look into that for me... ;) We have some fun gifts for the neices and nephews and I always look forward to seeing Kia playing with her cousins. In preparation I'm doing laundry, watering the garden, planning what food to bring and what clothes to pack. Really looking forward to Monday when I can just put things away for good. The stuff piling up on the main floor is contributing to a feeling of a life in limbo, but it's all good. I see light at the end of the tunnel and know it's worth it.

My days lately have been going so quickly. Getting lost in photos, job searching, playing with Kia, feeding us, digging through vehicles, visiting new babies, playing in the garden, catching up with neighbours and friends...all things I love and a feeling of contentment…


KL 2, originally uploaded by Sabren. We've all been waiting for Nate to make his appearance. Well, it was quite an entrance into this world. Especially the part about him being a GIRL! No one is more shocked than Kari Lynn and Richard I'm sure. Two ultrasounds, both being advised they were having a boy. The saying: good help is hard to find, seems to apply to the medical field as well.

Regardless of the gender, a brand new baby has come into the world and I can't wait to meet her!

Congrats to the happy family!


Rested. Rejuvenated. Really happy my flowers and veggie garden are still thriving in my absence...Thought I'd give a brief overview of the vacation. Note the pictures will not be amazing, as I have no time to edit or fancifiy them up. Deal. :)

Day One.

Photo: Kia and her set up in the back seat of the SUV. Gosh, remember when we traveled as kids? She doesn't know how sweet she has it! Arrived in Nelson around 8:00pm. So beautiful.
Temp: 28'C
Annoying: The sentence, "Are we getting closer?" Which we heard so many times I had to suggest a manditory vow of silence as a consequence of that phrase being uttered one more time! Even in jest!

Day Two.

Photo: Kia piling sand on the shore of the Kootenay Lake. A very cold lake due to the glacier run off water it possess. Brrr...but so beautiful and crystal clear.
Temp: 29'C
Loving: The way Nelson meanders up the lush forested valley.

Day Three.

Photo: Our home for the next week.
Temp: 32'C
Working: Setting up camp is hard work…


...but I will return with lots of boring vacation pictures and hopefully not so boring's hoping I don't miss any deliveries... ;)

Photos Photos Photos

It's a busy week. I am busily editing photos, taking photos, thinking about photos, preparing for get the idea. On the flip side...I'm also trying to pack and clean the house in preparation for our vacation. Nothing like burning out right before a vacation! :)

P.S. this photo is totally sized wrong for my blog...but I don't have time to fix it - so it will just have to bother the perfectionist in me...
I WANT: a personal shopper
I HAVE: to pack and do laundry
I WISH: I was already on vacation
I HATE: the phrase, "I'm bored."
I MISS: my childhood
I HEAR: birds
I WONDER: how many spiders live on our property
I REGRET: not saying a few things when I had the chance
I AM NOT: a doctor
I DANCE: with reserve
I SING: with abandon
I CRY: with gusto
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: messy bits all over my space
I WRITE: even when I don't have a keyboard or a pen
I CONFUSE: even myself sometimes
I NEED: to drink more water
I SHOULD: be packing, cleaning, organizing, vacuuming, or some other task that needs to be done.
I START: each day slightly groggy and in pain
I FINISH: nothing on purpose


I'm turning 33 today! I miss my Dad's morning phone call or wake up telling me about the day I was born, and how (bleepin') hot it was. Have a great day!

More Snapshots...

Just having fun around the yard today...

Russ has been practising his golf swing in the backyard. Couldn't resist snapping a few...

I had also set up a make shift studio in the garage for the many photo shoots that are happening in my world this coming week...Kia couldn't help but be my very dramatic model.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Canada Day Photos

Canada Day Photos, originally uploaded by Sabren. Thought I'd share a few snapshots from Canada Day...


I've been craving a splash of color on my main floor. I have had a long corridor wall that has been white and grimy with fingerprints since we moved in. Last night my two friends, Kari Lynn (37 weeks pregnant) and Heather (23 weeks pregnant) came and helped me paint it Ancient Copper as my birthday gift. I LOVE it and I sure love them for doing hard labour in high heat, and pregnant with the only the promise of peach cobbler as compensation. Thanks girls, I have to pinch myself this morning that it's mine, it was the perfect gift! Will have to upload some photos soon.

Canada Weekend in Review

The was slightly boring again. Parades always seem like really long commercials. Though the horses and Star Wars characters made it tolerable.
Festival Place was hopping again. Kia partyed with Lunar Jim and Holly from kids CBC. She was so into it. Right up front dancing and hollering out answers with the rest of the mob. There were so many inflatable play things. Huge bouncy rooms, slides, laser tag tunnels, gaint animals to crawl up inside, she went on every one!Kia ate so much on Canada Day. It is for sure a peronal best for food consumption by my scrawny kid. The running log goes something like this: 4 pieces of toast, one chocolate chip granola bar, 2 glasses of chocolate milk, sour peach candies, 12 mini donuts, Wendy's chicken nugget kids meal, fudgicle, animal crackers, lots of water, rice krispy square, carrots, raisins, milk, lollipop, carrot cake, YOP, two hot dogs and I know I'm forgetting at least three things. Seriously!
Our search for a new swi…

Darth wishes you a Happy Canada Day

Darth wishes you a Happy Canada Day, originally uploaded by Sabren. You may be wondering, as was I, WTH? I guess Darth Vader and his storm trooper pals like to celebrate Canadian syle, eh?