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Day 1: Home for the summer

So far so good. And if I had the opposite to report, we'll we'd deal and try harder tomorrow, but it's really all good - so yeah! Slept in a bit. Lounged alot. Did some reading, picked up pictures from Costco, went to the library, played at the park, filled up the pool, worked in the yard, watched a movie, scrapbooked...the secret is staying busy and active. Tomorrow, we're off to the pool and after that...who knows? The beauty of summer vacation is the wonderful carefree freedom of it all!

It's the last day of Grade One.

And yesterday I cried about it.

Looking through Kia's books and seeing how much she accomplished. Seeing the notes from the various teachers who supported her throughout the year. Reading her journal entries. It just all adds up and it pulls so much emotion to the surface. Thoughts about how big she's getting. The way time moves so quickly and my girl is growing up and away from me. How I don't have another one to watch grow up right now, so it's all on Kia's little shoulders.

So the tears started falling and instead of owning up to it, Kia asked what was wrong and I said, "I think I'm allergic to your school books."

Good Mom that I am.


BUGGED OUT, originally uploaded by Sabren. We went to Strathcona Wilderness Center yesterday. There were many bugs. This photo of Kia was taken over my shoulder as we hiked through the very buggy trails. We were eaten alive and this picture captures a very icked out kid trying to not complain, ere a bug fly in her mouth.

10 Signs of Summer

The smell of sunscreen and coconut in the air.The constant buzz of a fan somewhere in the house.
Barefeet, inside and outside.Bikes laying out on the driveway.Sleeping with the windows open.Day trips to the beach.
A healthy supply of ice cream treats and popsicles in the freezer.Impromtu firepits and weiner roasts.Counting mosquito bites.10 pm sunsets.

Worth it

Kia seems to have just got the concept of a good mess. Her playroom is covered in "Princess Puke" as we lovingly call it. Barbies, dress up clothes, fairies, horses and princesses are everywhere. Kia's response this morning: Boy, what a mess! We had so much fun last night and I learnt that I can even make this mess all by myself if I want to!
Which is truly a concept she hasn't every really had. She is very tidy in her play usually. Currently she is happily cleaning up. Remembering the fun ideas that caused the mess she now organizes. I find this totally cool. We talked about how sometimes I make messes when I create things in my scraproom. How they are happy messes that bring about fun things.

I feel so close to her right now. ;)

And the Green Grass Grew all around all around..

Often, when I am out running errands I see something very odd. Ladies crawling around their lawn. Not at just one particular house, I have numerous cases and addresses I can reference. These woman are usually over 50, have a pail, a small digger and are intent to see to the task at hand, no matter who is watching.

The first thing you may wonder, as do I, is what the heck are they doing? Possibly suffering from some oil pollution related dementia illness that causes them to graze on their own lawn? Doubtful, but kinda funny. I'm thinking they are digging up tiny, weeds that are infesting their otherwise perfectly manicured lawns. These women mean business and aren't afraid to be material for my blog to achieve their weed removal goals.

The second thought I have is I can honestly say this never happened in my world growing up. Nobody ever really cared about lawns in my house. I don't ever remember a perfectly lush lawn, nor do I remember any ladies that I've been related t…

On the Street Where we Live...

I love living on our street.

From kids running around dressed up as ghosts under bedsheets on a hot June night, to impromptu garage sales on a Monday afternoon; the people on this street are never boring.

I'm so happy I sent Kia to the school near us. I had considered sending her to a different one because you can choose a school outside your specific district in Sherwood Park. I love that she knows these kids. That they look out for one another. I love that I now get to know them. That they come running to help me weed my garden and are thrilled with blowing bubbles as their reward. I love that they are so inclusive and will knock on every door to make sure no one is stuck inside watching Treehouse reruns.

I was watching a girl a few years older than Kia carefully guiding (okay pushing and running) Kia down the road on an office chair with wheels (don't ask) and it just made me smile. To look out the window, onto our tree lined street, seeing kids being kids, neighbours visiti…

Daddy's Steps

Daddy's Steps, originally uploaded by Sabren. Happy Father's Day!

Almost Father's Day

It's almost Father's Day and Russ is out for the day, roofing a garage with a friend and co-worker. I should be working on his Father's Day gift, which is a DVD of photos, video and music that focus's on his role as father and husband. It really needs some finishing touches. Kia and I also want to make some of his favorite cookies and plan a special supper for him tomorrow. What are you doing for the Dad(s) in your life?

Me. Today.

Me. Today., originally uploaded by Sabren. The rain is still falling. I feel frozen by it. Stuck behind glass. I suddenly yearn to capture this peculiar feeling. So I hold the camera toward myself.
I take only one picture.
I'm critical and interested by it. I see so much age in this photo. It's around my eyes and the softness in my jaw. My mouth seems to be both turned up and down at the very same moment.
My eyes are always seeking.
They have conversations with old memories, admire beauty, question motivations of others and self. Sometimes they are exhausted after all my expectation. Sometimes they mist over at the beauty of it all. I'm looking forward; working forward but I'm standing still.
There's the slightest feeling of a blur, of movement.
Where am I going?


Saturday at WEM = good times! Kia loves going on spinny rides and rollercoasters. Russ and her went on the midrange rollercoaster and she LOVED it. Next time, I'm buying them both a day pass for sure!
We also saw Over the Hedge. It really is hilarious and kind of makes you think about how much junk we consume (in a much funnier and less disgusting way than Supersize Me). Now me and Kia keep saying meekly "but I like the cookie" and not so meekly "I'm a crazy rabid squirrel, I want my cookies!". Note how much talk is about cookies, note how much junk my family consumes, namely in the cookie category.
We saw Rachel Hunter in the mall also. Apparantley in town to watch her boyfriend Oilers player. Russ saw a supermodel. All he said was: "she looks her face." LOL.
Housing prices are insane. Calgary's housing market increased 44% in one year! Here in Sherwood Park our house has gone up $70,000 in one year, 12 little months. …

The Village

Russ and I finally watched The Village by M. Night Shyamalan. I loved it, especially this exchange:

Ivy Walker: When we are married, will you dance with me? (he has never even taken her out on a date, let alone proposed to her) I find dancing very agreeable. Why can you not say what is in your head?

Lucius Hunt: Why can you not stop saying what is in yours? Why must you lead, when I want to lead? If I want to dance I will ask you to dance. If I want to speak I will open my mouth and speak. Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further. Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time I wake? What good can come from my saying that I sometimes cannot think clearly or do my work properly? What gain can rise of my telling you the only time I feel fear as others do is when I think of you in harm? That is why I am on this porch, Ivy Walker. I fear for your safety before all others. And yes, I will dance with you on our wedding night.

I'd be sold.

Mom's losing it

Today was not a good Mommy day. Today Mommy had little patience and even less energy.

We have a really good weekday rhythm...a routine that works and keeps us all on task. Saturday is always filled with fun, exploration and endless oppurtunities to be entertained. Sunday is where it fizzles. If we don't have plans and our homebound the days drag and Happy Go Lucky Kia becomes High Maintenance Kia. Me and High Maintenance Kia don't really get along.

Don't get me wrong, I think my kid is pretty darn fantastic..but after about 20 attempts to entertain and engage her, I'm ready to lock myself in the bathroom for the rest of the day. She has the commitment level of hollywood starlet, losing interest in every introduced activity after a mere 5 minutes. Which makes one hour seem like a drive to Calgary without a DVD player.

Today, especially it burnt me out. Russ isn't feeling well and thus it was mostly me and HM Kia. It was HM Kia that needed help reading story…

Photo Editing

Kia - Bday shoot 1 = small, originally uploaded by Sabren. I've been spending the morning, editing and uploading pictures to Costco to print. Happy happy. Rediscovered this photo of Kia taken back on October 27, 2005. Love those eyes!

Rainy Days

I love me a rainy day. There is something romantic and mystical about them. The earth is so rich, the grass and trees become vibrant and lush and earth just vibrates with life and possibility. I find myself wanting to create things, inspired by the world around me. I have no guilt about not working in my garden, for God is taking care of it for me. I have no guilt about the house, because I've chosen art over dishes, and who cares? Clothes are comfortable, warm from the dryer and there is no need to match them or dress to impress. You can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and supper and feel completely nourished.

Feeling like you're in a funk? I highly recommend you take full advantage of the next rainy day.

Summer and the Plight of the Bony Fish

Personal revelation: I can really over think summer.Summer hasn’t even started yet and it feels like it’s over and time to start thinking about back to school.It was early dismissal today.Last one of the school year and I didn’t forget (thanks to many helpful reminders from Keeks and my guilt over forgetting in May). We headed to the library afterwards so Kia could pick up her Grade One library kit, which basically gets the kids excited about reading through the summer.Mission accomplished: she’s excited about it. We also found a book on building kids play spaces that has two of the greatest looking sandboxes I’ve ever seen.We’ll both be working on Russ tonight to deliver at least one of them for the backyard.I mean we’re building one anyway, so it might as well be cool!Some of the other goodies in this book are just so far out crazy and whimsical, that you would have to charge admission to your own backyard (a part of me finds this very appealing and I’ve even taken the idea farther …

Post No. 500

For real. At least that is what my dashboard gauge tells me when I signed in (499 + this one).

It's been a good weekend. Very productive. Planted my vegetable garden, which might not sound huge but it's a HUGE accomplishment for me. I can't tell you the happiness I feel when the vegetables start sprouting. It borders on giddyness. I've given this alot of thought and realize that I should really plant a spring flower garden, because come July it's all about the vegetable garden. A spring flower garden would give me something to obsess over for May and June and then I could pamper my veggies with no guilt to what I was neglecting elswhere for the summer months. It's a theory!

Thanks Heather for hosting a wonderful dinner tonight. I really appreciate the effort you put into it! Kari-Lynn has officially popped. Perfectly pregnant, and the anticipation started for me tonight. Excited to meet this little dude with the hiccups.

I actually did laundry this weekend but now…

Cybercrop and more...

If you haven't scrapbooked for awhile, head on over to scrapbooker online for the weekend cybercrop crop. Lots of challenges to get you going and fun prizes will be handed out to participants! I'm hosting two challenges:

Renovation Challenge
SBO's Great Photo Hunt

Other happenings:

Russ rototilled the garden on Thursday night. Russ rented a rototiller from Home Depot. Costs $16.00 for a 4 business hours (M-Th is half the price of the weekend rate), so if you rent it at 5:45pm you have it till 9:45am the next day. Russ got straight to work and finished by 8:00pm. He took it back to Home Depot and didn't have to pay a thing. Their records showed that he had already returned it and paid in full. The guy working in the rentals and Russ both knew he hadn't paid for it yet and was just now returning it, none the less, he rented it for free. Which totally appeals to his cheapness, okay, and mine too.

Russ is off to help his friend Gary frame his garage today, and I ho…

Pictures to share

Well, I did it! I finished the slip cover for our ottoman, though I haven't ironed it yet (naughty me). Here are some pictures:

There are two awesome Farmer's Markets that run from May to October in Sherwood Park. One is at Festival Place, which is a park near our home. While we were waiting for the market to open we walked along the neighbouring pond. What a beautiful day.


Five things in my fridge:
Low Acid Orange JuiceTurkey slicesCarrotsChocolate MilkMore salad dressing than I need
Five things in my closet:
Suitcases5 baskets of clothes and linen that we don't wear or use3 photo albumsClothes I rarely wear, if I wear it it's probablyd dirty or not foldedA tie rack that likes to slide open and bean me in the head
Five things in my purse:
Notebook for scribbling ideas intoBlack SharpieSprite lip balm (yup, like the pop)My tiny digital cameraPaint and fabric swatch of our living room colors (for shopping purposes)
Five things in my car:
GumStorybooksMagazinesEmpty ice tea bottles (my bad warm weather addiction)Many CD's stored in incorrect cases Five things on my TiVo or Five shows you watch regularly: (On DVR...)
The Lost Season FinaleMichael Buble Live in ConcertColor ConfidentialCBS Sunday MorningIt's a Big Big World Thanks to Patty...and if your out in bloggerland and reading this...consider yourself tagged!